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Chapter 14 – The Witch’s Curse

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1121 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 744 words
Editor(s): Fire, Pat

“Oops, we’ve diverted from the main topic again. Actually, I invited you three to my mansion because I have something to request of you. If you’re Cristian’s successor, this should be very easy for you.”

As we listened to the handsome guy’s story, I had a feeling that we were getting a new quest.

And just now, did he say… this is his mansion?

Please, I also want a brother like this!

“As everyone is well aware of, Limia is my younger sister. The 7th princess of the Saint Nouveau Empire.”
“…The 7th? Since her succession right is so low, why send someone to assassinate her in the middle of the city?”
“Well… that’s a long story…”

Quest Updated.
Side Quest: Listen to Jack’s story regarding the Theotana family’s curse.

“Forty years ago, the late emperor enraged a witch while he was on an inspection tour. The witch didn’t do anything to the late emperor’s troops at the time, but she did cast a curse upon the royal family. The curse had prevented the imperial concubines of the Saint Nouveau Empire from bearing any male offspring for many generations. By the time the current emperor, in other words, my biological father, found out about the curse, he had already fathered seven princesses.”
“Wait wait wait… did you say… you were the emperor’s son? Didn’t you say only females can be born?”

…Could this guy actually be a girl? Seriously?!

“You three have misunderstood the effects of the curse. I am an illegitimate child, the curse is only effective against the ‘imperial concubines’, so it has no effect on my mother. Naturally, that means I also didn’t have the rights of inheritance. And since the first six princesses had been married off to foreign countries, Limia naturally became the first-in-line for the throne.”

I was a science student, not a humanitarian, so it took me a long time to finally understand what he meant.

To summarize:
This blondie is the emperor’s illegitimate child;
The royal family can only give birth to daughters due to the curse;
Limia is now the first-in-line of succession.

These three points alone seemed to have come straight out of a medieval European fantasy drama!

“Isn’t there… any Mage in this country capable of lifting the curse?” Muqing asked while she helplessly spread out her hands.

“There is, but she kept secluding herself in the magic tower and isn’t willing to come out. We have no way of entering the magic tower to invite her.”
“Her? It’s a female Mage?”

Why did Nangong get so excited whenever girls are involved? I understand that you are going through puberty and couldn’t hold back your desire, but keep it down a notch will ya?!

“More accurately speaking, she’s an elven Mage, Rosalind Alfrieda. She has secluded herself in a 100-floor magic tower located to the East of the imperial capital for the last three hundred years. We have no ways of opening the magic tower’s gate so we couldn’t get in touch with that Mage.”1

Wow… a female geek who has locked herself up for three hundred odd years? I wonder what she did to kill time all these years. My hands were already feeling itchy as I thought about going to her magic tower and flipping through all the books in her library.

“If you’re Cristian’s successor, I bet that Mage will permit you to enter.”

Quest Updated.
Side Quest: The Witch’s Curse
Find a way to enter the Rosalind Magic Tower (In Progress: 0 / 1)
Progress is shared among Party members.

Main Quest: Chapter 1
Rescue Lady Theotana from the assailant (Completed: 1 / 1)
Head to the city centre during the evening to meet up with Jack Theotana (Completed: 1 / 1)
[Secret Quest2] Meet up with the mysterious woman at the public square at 9 PM without getting discovered by the patrol. (In Progress: 0 / 1)

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Here comes the quest…

Since we can’t do anything regarding the side quest yet, I guess our only option for now is to carry out the secret quest at 9 PM later.

Whether it was Berserk, Creed, or Return to Castle Wolfenstein, I have cleared it before, so this is going to be a piece of cake~3

The rest of the talks were just incoherent ramblings, so I didn’t even remember what we were talking about. All I recalled was that we left after the blondie arranged an inn for us to stay the night.


  1. Silva: Hm…. magic tower…. East of the capital… didn’t they just receive a key from the shopkeeper a few chapters back?
    Fire: iirc, they did
  2. Silva: Infiltration sounds weird…
    When did they get this quest or promise to meet up with a mysterious woman anyway? I don’t seem to recall this event?
    Fire: I’m pretty sure this is new
    Silva: Do you think we should use Infiltration or change it to “Secret Mission”
    Fire: Secret Mission since Infiltration sounds like you’re breaking in somewhere
    Silva: True… or maybe Hidden Quest
    Fire: Secret Quest, combination of the two kek
  3. Silva: this sounds like a flag.
    Fire: Ofc

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