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Chapter 91: Elf District

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 576 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Hundred years ago entry to the elf district was forbidden for other races, but since a new elf leader took over, the forest was opened to other races.
The main reasons for the change were to make things simpler, as well as the change of times.
Nowadays the number of humans had increased a lot compared to before, and the wars waged recently involved many more people than the ones from centuries ago.
The elves also chose to protect other races, so they changed those customs to introduce cultures from humans and other races to their own.

When they crossed the forest, the happy voices from young elves reached their ears.

“Welcome to the elf district!”

The young elves stood at the entrance of the district and handed them something that resembled a map.
When they took a closer look at it, it turned out to be a guide book of the district.
Schenna had pictured it as a more calm place, but it’s surprisingly almost like an amusement park.

“Are you surprised? When I was young, this was just a small and calm district, but since they recently opened the forest for anyone, it’s almost like a festival every day.”
“Yes, it looks very bright and amusing. I’m glad we came to visit.”

Reesha looked over the whole district as she spoke to Schenna.
The district was currently populated by nine-tenths elves and dark elves, while the remaining tenth were all other races.
And with the change of time, there were recently a lot of talks about marriages between elves and humans, and the birth of half-elves.
Elves had historically been a race that refused to mix itself with others, but now that half-elves were starting to emerge, they might have to shoulder the many traditions from the other elves.

“I’ll go greet the leader, you can go look around anywhere you can and have fun.”

Reesha split off from the rest of them and disappeared somewhere inside the district.
Schenna spread the guide book and checked the different establishments in the district.

The district was divided into five big sections, central, north, south, east, and west areas.
The eastern side was mostly for sightseeing and filled with establishments to entertain visitors.
The western side had restaurants that used the produce from the fields of the district itself.
The southern side had the forest and barracks for the district’s defensive force, as well as training grounds.
The northern side housed the farms and fields, formed by many patches of cultivated earth.

The elf district also accepted young people from other races and taught them how to raise crops, Schenna had already noticed a similar pattern in the village she visited with Luthors before.
And lastly, the central part was the residential area for those living in the district.

“Where should we go look around then?”

Schenna turned to see what the others thought, but they all had different ideas.
Kishana wanted to go to the north, Petra to the west, Luthors to the south, and Grana to the east.

“We should go to whichever part we want then. Around noon we’ll meet again on the west side to have lunch.”

After Schenna gave her opinion, everyone split off and went where they wanted.
Schenna was going together with Luthors to check the southern side.

“Well, should we go then?”

Schenna held Luthors hand and they headed towards the southern side.


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