Chapter 86: Choices

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 622 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Schenna lay sprawled on the ground with her limbs stretched out as she watched the azure sky, Luthors did the same and lay down too.

“It feels nice here, like I could forget anything that ever bothered me.”
“Like what for example?”
“…Like the fact I’m a girl. Or what would be the best path to take to live as Schenna Urablatt.”

As she spoke, she placed her hands to her cheeks, moving them down to her chest as a pained expression covered her face.

After some time, she had grown accustomed to seeing a beautiful girl reflected on any mirror she laid eyes on. There was also a time when she wondered if that girl was really her, but after meeting Kishana and Luthors, those worries crumbled down and were much easier to carry.
Luthors turned to look at Schenna and began speaking.

“Life is just a series of different choices, and not even god knows which might be the best ones.”
“That’s true…”
“Whether you’re a girl or a man doesn’t matter to my feelings, my choice to be with you like this won’t change, ever. Even if you turn the whole world against you, I’ll always choose to stay by your side!”

Saying that, she spread her arms out as if trying to cover Schenna with them, at the same time, tears began falling from Schenna’s eyes.
Schenna was honestly happy that there was someone so attached to her as Luthors was.

“If you speak like that… I’ll really fall for you at this rate.”
“You can accept my feelings. I really like you…Schenna.”

Luthors closed her eyes and kissed Schenna’s lips, Schenna accepted her feelings and gently place her hands on top of Luthors.


A peddler had opened a store a distance away from the main street leading to the center of the village. Schenna and Luthors held hands as they walked towards the store, stopping to look at the different ornaments put on display.

“This necklace would fit you nicely Luthors. Should I buy two so we have matching ones?”
1 “Would it really fit me? Though, I guess if you say it does…”

They tried the griffon-shaped necklaces, its appearance fitting for Luthors and Schenna’s resolute personalities.
She paid for them, then the two of them continued strolling around the village while wearing their new necklaces. Though the weather took a turn for the worse and soon it was more than just drizzling.
They began to run in search of shelter from the rain, finding a cowshed and hiding in it.
After they wrung their clothes, Luthors looked at the sky and spoke with a voice full of resignation.

“It doesn’t look like it’ll stop anytime soon. Our holiday is ruined.”
“That’s a shame considering how nice the weather looked this morning. And I also wanted to go shopping a bit more.”

Their sighs mixed with the sound of the rain and the mooing from the cows.
Schenna turned to look at Luthors, noticing something they had overlooked while they ran earlier. Both of their wet clothes had turned semi-transparent and their underwear was visible.
Immediately after she squeezed herself into a ball from embarrassment, and Luthors spoke in a worried tone.

“Schenna, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?”
“No…my clothes are showing through. It’s the same for you, but I promise I’m not thinking anything bad.”
“We even kissed earlier, you shouldn’t be getting so embarrassed by something like this by now. Though well…that’s how you are I guess, and also something I like.”
“Don’t laugh about it. And don’t tease me like Kishana would.”

Luthors let an exhausted laugh hearing Schenna trying to excuse herself so much.


  1. Silva’s Silver Silvester-style Note: Ueeh… the author should really just change the novel title to Holy Knight and Dark Knight… Though I suppose the author DID change the title already… what is it called now?

    In a Different World, There Exists an Abundance of People With Special Circumstances Spread Across the Warring States

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