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Chapter 93: Events in the Elf District

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1039 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The training grounds on the south side of the district were open to the adventurers of the guild as well.
At the time they were there, the training grounds were filled with adventurers and elves who lived there, supposedly preparing for some event that would happen shortly.

“All strong people! Our weekly tournament is about to begin. If you feel confident about your own skills, feel free to join!”

An elf was standing on a podium while loudly announcing the opening of the event.
The rules were to face each other off, one on one, inside of a ring and using wooden swords.
The conditions to win were to get the opponent to surrender, or to knock them out of the ring.
The winner would earn fifty gold coins and the second place would get thirty.

“How do you feel about joining, Schenna?”
“I’d rather not. If I get injured it could get in the way of my job later on.”

Then again, if she were to get injured, Grana could always heal her rather quickly with his magic. But Luthors was unable to join, and they wanted to spend that day leisurely in the first place.

“Do you want to watch the event then? Or would you prefer to go to another area?”
“This is a chance to see other peoples’ swordsmanship and skills, we should go take a look and see if we learn something.”

Luthors wanted to watch the event, so they took a seat between the audience and observed the ring.
The seats were quickly filled with people and a young dark elf girl made rounds selling snacks and ale.
Schenna bought two cups of orange juice and gave one to Luthors.

“I thought you would want to order an ale, but I guess I would cause you a lot of trouble if I got drunk. Are you sure you don’t want ale for yourself though?”
“I’m not as good with alcohol as Kishana, orange juice is good enough for me.”

They softly let their glasses hit each other before they began drinking, then the competitors appeared from the waiting room and headed to the ring.
There was a total of twenty participants.
They were all robust adventurers, except for one person who they recognized.

“What is that…goddess thinking?”

Schenna had spotted Petra between the participants.
She was supposed to be in the west side of the district, but for some reason, she was in the tournament now.
Her behavior was clearly suspicious and looked completely out of place as the order of the matches was decided.

“I don’t get why she would be taking part in that, but let’s just use this as an opportunity to see her sword skills.”
“I hope she’ll be fine…”

Any sort of magic was banned from the tournament, so it was purely to test sword and close quarter combat skills.
Magic would provide an increase in strength, but it could produce more dubious results.

As the list with the matches was filled, Petra’s bad luck would have her placed on the first match.
Her opponent was an experienced adventurer who was part of the Goddess’ Sword guild.
Before the match began, the referee gave both of them a wooden sword.
As soon as Petra held the wooden sword in her hand, her appearance and strength seemed to suddenly shift to that of a warrior, making her look like almost a different person.

“That goddess…seems to be the type of person who acts much more strongly as soon as they hold a sword.”
“She does give off a powerful presence now. It looks like there isn’t anyone among the participants who could beat her. I probably would feel wary of going against here even if I was in perfect shape.”

Together with Schenna’s and Luthors’ assessment of Petra, the first match started.
Her opponent had also noticed the sudden change in her appearance and looked lost as to how to proceed, a single wrong step could spell defeat.

“The match has already started if you didn’t notice. If you aren’t feeling like fighting then go away, you’re in the way!”

A single swing of her wooden sword to the torso carried enough strength to blow away her opponent completely out of the ring.
The whole place turned completely silent for a few seconds but soon erupted with countless cheers.
The referee went to check her opponent. He had fainted, but there was no danger to his life.

“Taking care of the rest of them one after another sounds too much of a hassle! Everyone else can try to come at me all at once.”

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What had gotten in the goddess’ head?
Schenna almost had a headache from all the questions flooding her mind as she turned to look around the place.
Incited by Petra’s loud and boasting declaration, all the remaining participants formed a circle around her.

“Hmm! All the warriors and knights from this era are nothing but weaklings.”

Petra was more worked up than the tournament required as she defeated all her opponents in an instant.
If she continued like that, things could get nasty.
Schenna took Luthors hand and attempted to pull her away from that place.
After all, she would have to be the one stepping in to fix things after Petra ran berserk in that place.

“Ah… She defeated everyone.”

Luthors pointed to the ring, there, all the participants had been blown out of the ring or were lying on the ground.
Petra was the only one standing, tilting her head with a bored look on her face.

“I don’t really appreciate her running crazy on a stage like this.”

A familiar voice rang from somewhere inside the audience, signaling the feared situation had materialized.
Reesha had noticed the disturbance and stepped into the ring to face Petra.

“Hoh… Seems there was someone fun to fight after all.”
“You’ll still have to pay for the repairs of this place afterward though.”

With Reesha’s unexpected participation in the tournament, the cheers from the audience increased even more.
And at the same time, Schenna felt like her head was swelling up and about to explode from the whole situation.


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