Chapter 97: Elf District, The Fourth One’s Identity

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 742 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

When everyone was done hearing their fortunes, they sat down at a table on a resting spot.

“Petra, I just want to confirm this, but there were four people who were reincarnated?”
“Yes…there were four.”

Petra clenched her teeth as she reluctantly replied.
That meant the fortune teller was right and that there was a fourth person who reincarnated as a human girl.

“Was everyone who got reincarnated people involved in that plane crash?”
“Yes, I’m certain of that. Everyone was a student who was on that plane just like you.”
“What’s the name of that fourth student then?”
“…Miss Fukuhara Shizue.”

Schenna was shocked when she heard the identity of that last student.
And she recalled that first night she spent with Kishana, drinking merrily until late in the night.
When they were talking about the girls they used to like, Kishana had spoken that name.
And she also recalled how her face had clouded over with sadness after mentioning her.

“Petra, do you know where in this world Fukuhara was reincarnated?”
“…I know where, but getting to meet her will prove to be difficult.”
“Why do you say that? Could it be that…she got really injured and can’t move or something!”

As Schenna thought what could make meeting her impossible, her imagination ran wild picturing her bed-bound while heavily injured or ill.
And if that was the case, then maybe Grana would be able to heal her back.

“Grana, I’m sorry I ask so much from you but could you…”
“That’s not it! She’s not injured or ill. You or Luthors probably heard of her name before since you used to be knights yourselves, but does the name Shelka Humlise sound familiar to you?”
“Eh…Wait, hold on a second! Are you telling me…”
“Shelka Humlise is the first queen of the kingdom of Humlise.”

Petra almost shouted with a bitter voice to give the actual reason.
And while Schenna hit the table with her fist, Luthors recalled that it was Shelka Humlise, the first queen of the kingdom of Humlise who had seized control of all the western continent.

“Ahh, I remember that ******* Dian mentioned her as well. And that once we had taken over Halcentius, we would move on to conquer Humlise.”
“And that’s where she is. I’m sorry about it…but you four probably won’t be able to get together.”

Back when Grana was still the Demon King and Luthors was Dian’s direct follower and successor, she had heard some news about Humlise from him.

“Has a god or goddess also gone to support her like you have done, Petra?”
“Yes, one of my juniors has been dispatched to her as well. And normally we keep in contact as well, though…”
“Was there some sort of problem?”

“I told you and Kishana-san that I had been dispatched to support you with your lives back when we met. And we have received permission to do everything we can as long as it doesn’t affect the balance of the upper realm, but she’s been using my junior to rule over the entire continent.”
“…Are you sure about that?”
“It pains me to say so, but yes, it’s all true. I had planned on staying quiet about the fourth reincarnater, and I never expected a fortune teller to know about it. I’m sorry I kept it secret!”

Petra once again bowed down to the ground in front of Schenna, though Schenna did not feel like she needed to be blamed for it.
Knowing that her junior was being used as nothing but a weapon must be hurting her really deeply.
She knew that if Schenna and Kishana found out that her past classmate was now the rampaging ruler of Humlise, they probably would be really shaken.

“No need to bow like that. I’m sorry you had to carry that burden as well. Is your junior okay though?”
“Our regular communications still work so everything’s fine.”
“Then I’m glad. And everyone, I’m sorry I have to ask this, but can you all keep the fact a fourth one exists a secret from Kishana?”

Schenna was aware that Kishana had been in love with Fukuhara Shizue in her past life, so knowing what had happened with her now would probably be unbearable.
And she did not want to see Kishana…her best friend, having to suffer more than she already had.


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