Chapter 96: Elf District, The Fourth One

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1088 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Since Luthors and Petra would not stop looking at Grana with disgust, Schenna searched for something that would distract them from that, finding a group of people who were lining up for something.

“I’ll divine your fortune. If you’re worried about your health, work, or romantic life, I’ll dispel any doubts you might have!”

Schenna read the exaggerated sign placed nearby and noticed that most of the people lining up were females.
Fortune telling was really popular between girls in her past life, and it seemed like this world was the same.

“If you want to know your fortune, I can always ask my colleague, the goddess of destiny, you know? And she can even arrange things so you can change any bad fortune you might have as well.”

Petra just blurted something troublesome, but she realized that and decided it was better to not go any deeper on it.
After all, even if that goddess did start telling fortunes, if she divined a frustrating future for someone, that person would feel hopeless. And if she was asked to change that destiny, then she would probably also request some sort of compensation to make up for it.

“Let’s still go here just for the occasion. And since there’s this huge line, whoever is running this place probably gives accurate fortunes.”

Schenna pushed everyone to line up at the end of the line, and Petra had to reluctantly go with them. This was the first Luthors went to a fortune teller, so Schenna gave her a rough idea of what was going to happen, to which Luthors replied in surprise, wondering if something like that was really possible.

The results could vary wildly depending on the fortune teller, but their expectations were high, considering the success of this one.
Schenna nonchalantly started asking the rest what they wanted to ask the fortune teller about.

“I’m really looking forward to it. What are you all going to ask the fortune teller?”
“I’ve been worrying about a lot of things, but I guess I’ll ask about my job. I really hope I can continue helping you all in the kitchen.”
“I’ll ask about romance. My superiors and colleagues up there are all out of the question, but I want to know if I’ll eventually meet my prince charming.”
“I guess I’ll just ask how the weather will be tomorrow.”

Luthors wanted to know about her job, Petra was romance, and Grana did not seem to be too interested in it.

“Senpai, tomorrow will be sunny. I already confirmed it up there, so that’s good news.”
“…You don’t have to put on such a cold face to tell me that. And also, you’re just being delusional about love again, aren’t you? There’s no man who would be interested in a goddess who used to be a swordswoman.”
“I’ll never listen to the opinion of someone who tried to sandwich doujinshi between legit books.”

At some point, Petra had summoned her wand and used it to check the weather of the next day.
Schenna began to think, considering what happened during the tournament, whatever man got interested in Petra would face a lot of hardships, and Grana would have to face hardships of his own when dealing with women after his sandwiching attempt.

“Now now, try to calm down here. I’m sure Grana had no ulterior motives so try to treat him a bit better soon.”
“You approve of that sandwich?! Or is it because you also made a sandwich like that…”
“That’s…that’s impossible! I would never do that! All the manga I bought earlier are fantasy ones.”

Petra shot a questioning stare at Schenna, who spread out the books she had bought and shown her all the titles.
Trying to mediate between them, Schenna got caught in the fire as well.

“Don’t make too much of a mess now, it’s our turn.”

Luthors calmly let them know that it was already their turn to talk with the fortune-teller as they got closer to the building.
The inside of the building was dark, illuminated only by the light of candles. Moreover, all the curtains were closed even though it was still sunny outside. There was also something burning with a peculiar smell that increased the strong atmosphere inside.

“Welcome. It’s a pleasure to have four beautiful ladies like you. I’ll take turns to divine your fortunes.”

The fortune-teller came to meet them, a large pointy hat on her head and her body clad in a black robe which gave her the appearance of a witch. Her pointy ears and brown skin made it obvious she was a dark elf.

That reminded Schenna that Kishana was also working as a fortune teller when they met.
Schenna thought there must be something about fortune telling that made dark elves flock to it as a job while the fortune-teller decided she’d tell their fortunes starting with Schenna.
The fortune-teller stared straight at Schenna while she mumbled something resembling a chant.

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“You’re a really wise lady, I see. You attract the attention of both men and women, and in your workplace, you feel blessed about your colleagues and always try to manage your earnings so it’s fair for everyone. However, there is one thing that is bothering me. You are hiding a secret from everyone. And counting you…there’s four like that. An elf and a dark elf who shared a similar secret, but there’s a fourth one.”

“Huh?!” Schenna suddenly opened her eyes wide in shock.

The fortune-teller continued talking, “There’s a fourth person in similar circumstances as you, and you shall meet with that fourth soon.”

The secret she was referring to had to be the fact Schenna had reincarnated.
And Schenna, Kishana, and Sareenea were the three reincarnaters they had found until then.
If what the fortune teller said was true, there had to be one more reincarnated person like them.
Learning about that shocking truth in such an unexpected place, Schenna turned to look at Petra, but she seemed to be just as surprised.

“Do you know the name of that fourth person?”
“I don’t know her name, but I know that she’s a human lady just like you are.”

Schenna felt like she was about to fall forwards as she asked for the name of that fourth reincarnater, but the fortune-teller only knew the race and gender.

“That’s it for what I can tell you. May you have a good encounter in the future.”


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