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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 472

Today was exhausting on so many levels.
I stayed up until like 8am to watch an artist work on my art commission.
Naturally that meant little sleep.

Then my Aunt came to visit, and I was already running late so had to scram shower among other things.
I barely had over an hour until dinner was ready by the time I was done waking up!

Then immediately after that I had to go and play Cyberpunk on twitch with my roleplay group.

What a day.

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 76 «

Blue Sky Chapter 125

So today I learned there’s a special H.G. Wells celebration coin you can get.
There’s only one problem.

They gave the martian tripod, FOUR legs!

How on Earth do you give a TRIPOD, of all things, FOUR legs!

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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» Chapter 125 «

Blue Sky Chapter 124

My latest commissions are underway!
Correct, commissions plural!

This time I have some really exciting pieces in the works.
The first is a diagram of the experimental submarine from my fantasy novel!
This submarine is the only and first submarine in the setting, and to give it a fantasy edge I gave it some really unique traits, look forward to it!
The boat is called the Prydwen, aptly named given the Arthurian setting. Annoyingly though everyones going to think it’s a Fallout reference despite me having never owned those games.

You’ll all care about the second more though.
This one is spicy! It’s the heroine of the novel bathing while travelling.
Indeed. It has some nice service.

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» Chapter 124 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 471

The official translation of Ideal Sponger Life has caught up with where I stopped reading the fan translation as of today I believe.
That means that I should start rereading it to refresh myself and follow on from here.

At the same time I should reread my print copies of Trapped In A Dating Sim soon, they’re only a couple of volumes away from where I left off.
That’ll be like… next year?
Seven Seas isn’t fast but they’re not slow at least. Thankfully.

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 75 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 470

I’m listening to pointlessly dramatic music while editing today.
It’s 3am and I’m trying to distract myself from stressful events.
Also I got my money today but it was less than last month. I think starting from now I won’t be able to afford as much hobby stuff.

Will need to begin rebalancing my expenses and tempering my expectations.
Such a pain.

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 74 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 468

You know for some reason I’ve found myself diving into the wikis for Blazblue and Elsword today.
I don’t even like or care about these games.
I’ve literally just been looking at them for pose, outfit and general art inspiration.

Yeah it’s that time of the month again! Time to make another art commission!
What do you guys think?
An action piece with lots of magic?
Or maybe a scifi style alternative outfit with lots of robotic parts?
Or maybe something more moe inspired with a tea party aesthetic?

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 72 «

Blue Sky Chapter 123

By the time you people are reading this the Genshin livestream should have ended.
I wonder if they finally announced any rewards for the anniversary that aren’t a complete joke?

Well I don’t have high hopes.
A free four star would be nice though… and that’s setting my expectations in rough correlation with the Honkai first anniversary.

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» Chapter 123 «

Blue Sky Chapter 122

This anime season is ending!
Does anyone have any favourites?

I think there were a few sleeper hits and some strong starts that didn’t end too well.
It’s always a mixed bag with anime but that’s what keeps it exciting and fun to follow.

Personally I really liked Realist Hero, but it fell a bit short of my expectations from the source material.
Tsukimichi however completely 180’d my opinion of it, the comedic tone really grew on me.

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» Chapter 122 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 467

I meant to change my bedsheets today but apparently my autistic brain couldn’t take a hint from the fact I literally put my new bedsheets on top of the bed ready to be done.

Well guess I will have to try again tomorrow.

In other news, I have a bunch of new light novels to read! Time to charge up my kindle and kick back!
What, do my sheets now? It’s like 1am, my parents would get mad if I started moving my mattress around and bumping my wall. My bed isn’t user friendly.

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 71 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 466

I’m doing the editing and scheduling for these chapters while listening to the Watatsumi Island themes.
It’s only natural of course.

The Divine High Priestess of Watatsumi will soon be gracing my gacha.

Look I have about 30,000 primogems so I think I’ve got it covered.

I do also kind of want the five star catalyst for her but I don’t know if I want to gamble on that when I could just craft something else maybe.
I have a lot of catalyst billets so we’ll see.

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 70 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 464

My multiplayer Stellaris campaign has gotten interesting.
So first someone opened the L-Gates and it was pandemonium. Nobody, I mean nobody, had the power to stand up to the nanite onslaught that followed.
There was one AI empire hanging in there because it spawned from an event and thus had some advantages.

But right when I was dealing with the goo on my own… the Khanate appeared!
What a nightmare!
I managed to solo the khanate with my juggernaut while using my other fleets to hold the goo back. Before they rendezvoused and completed the final push.
Barely, barely managed to clear the cluster with my juggernaut surviving at the last second due to the factory being destroyed.

Then after that we had another mid-game crisis event appear which left a huge gap in the galaxy creating a new manifest destiny gold rush for systems.
Luckily the aftermath earned me the position of Custodian in recognition for my efforts in all of them.

And now we have a war in heaven happening right on my borders! And I own the cluster so it’s a logsitical nightmare to manage who’s attacking where!

And then the final crisis should be in little over 40 years of game time!

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 68 «