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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 708

So Yen Press announced an omnibus edition of A Certain Magical Index.
That’s 24 books in total, so it’ll probably come to around 250ish in price.
That’s quite a lot for someone like me who is poor and jobless!
Thus I now have a mission.

Find any job before its release that I can tolerate, and build up some savings so I can buy the special edition.
Mission start!

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 41 «

Automata Maid Chapter 49 Part 2

J-Novel Club just announced a plethora of audiobooks for their light novels.
I personally don’t actually listen to audiobooks so it’s not for me, as cool as it is.
But I think it’s a good thing, I look forward to seeing how well they perform and if they’re well read.
I mean, light novels read very different to normal novels, so I wonder if they adapt well.

I’d like to think so.

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» Chapter 49 Part 2 «

Automata Maid Chapter 49 Part 1

I was going to do ask a question about something earlier today, but got distracted reading news on the topic and forgot what my question was.
Now I’m going to be cursing myself for the rest of the day trying to remember my train of thought that led to me having a question on that topic so I can ask it again.
It’s annoying, I just wanted to check if someone already knew what I wanted to ask and then I forgot my question while looking at other questions.
Not a great set of things to happen, I hope I can remember it.

Anyway ramble over, here’s your chapter.

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» Chapter 49 Part 1 «

Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 118

My payment statement came through today for the month… and it’s less than 50.
So, yeah, there’s been a mixup somewhere.
I think I know the cause but this is going to be an absolute nightmare to explain.
When I left work I did so in the middle of a month, so I still had half a months pay waiting for me in a months time. However there was a very large and annoying mixup delay on that final payment, so it was essentially an entire month late. Presumably the calculation has taken this into account as something I got during work this month, despite the fact I am unemployed right now, and so they have deducted my payment.

It’s going to be a nightmare ironing this out.

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» Chapter 118 «

Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 117

Looks like the new pokemon game has been well received.
Honestly the writing was on the wall for this franchise after they released a rectangle version of the UK in that state before.
Apparently disposing of half of all pokemon still wasn’t enough to free manpower for making a game that actually runs.

Peoples first ever open world pokemon game dreams have been mercilessly crushed by corporate overlords.
Oh woe to humanity.

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» Chapter 117 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 706

Okay I have to confess I literally forgot to schedule these until the second I was about to power off my computer.
Then my brain suddenly kicked into gear and reminded me.
The editing might be a bit hodgepodge because I’m really tired, this is my fault. I take full blame.

Also side note, after giving Nikke some playtime I’ve concluded that it’s a good game in core functionality, but so insanely pay to win.
Definitely won’t be spending any money on this game, don’t want to reinforce the feedback loop they’re trying to set up.
I mean it’s ridiculous how the gacha works on that game.

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 39 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 705

One of my favourite gaming article trends is all of them having titles like:
“Steam game…. does X” or “New Steam game…” but not actually saying the title.
It’s very strange to me.
Like steam doesn’t own these games, and usually they’re available elsewhere too.
I guess it’s to lure in general gamers? If they mention the name and genre then people not interested will look away?

Anyway it’s just something I’ve noticed lately.

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 38 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 704

Right let’s hurry this along, I’ve got a busy day ahead of me today so I’m not really going to do much but the minimum today.
It’s a shame really, I haven’t had any time to really sit down and play any games.
Even the genshin event right now is piling up on me beyond the dailies.

Why is job hunting so hard anyway?
Not had a single response so far. The world should just end.
At least in some potential theoretical afterlife something interesting might happen.

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 37 «

Automata Maid Chapter 48

So I’ve been looking into Nikke and I was thinking it seems to be a relatively user friendly game but then… then I saw the fine print.
The current event has a limited number of battles you can run per day, without buying more, and you need to gacha for characters in order to have a CHANCE of getting the event currency to drop for the event store.

In order to max out an SSR character you need ELEVEN copies of them, ELEVEN!
Even for a rateup character that’s 2% chance per roll with no pity system.

If they add PvP the whales are going to absolutely dominate this game, there’s no chance for a free to play to catch up.

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» Chapter 48 «

Automata Maid Chapter 47

I got really distracted doing some research and forgot I had this open to schedule.
This seems to be a problem I am encountering a lot recently.
Hopefully I can find a way to resolve it, well at least I was job searching so I have an excuse.

Yup, let’s go with that!
Anyway, here are your maid chapters! Enjoy!

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» Chapter 47 «

Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 116

I’ve been trying to catch up on reading 86 but I fell behind again because of other stuff to read on my kindle.
I still haven’t read all of Kokoro Connect either, well I probably never will to be honest. For some reason I just couldn’t get into the written form of it, despite loving the manga and anime.
In fact Kokoro Connect was the first manga I ever bought.
The second was Arpeggio of Blue Steel.
After that I stopped buying physical manga and transitioned to light novels.

I still of course get the latest volumes of Arpeggio though. Looking forward to 20’s release soon.

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» Chapter 116 «

Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 115

Today I went to watch some fireworks with my aunt and youngest brother.
Honestly, it achieved very little other than giving me a stiff neck.
But the other two seemed to enjoy it, so I guess it all works out.

The day overall was pretty amusing though, I misheard my mum when preparing dinner and made something completely wrong.
And I learned some fun things about some games I play that I didn’t know before.
I think it went well overall.

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» Chapter 115 «