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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 138

I had to get the bus today, and it was really amusing because each time the bus arrived at its destination they’d have like a cleaning crew come in and wipe down every part. Every handrail, every button, every handle.
Was really amusing to watch a pair of guys having to run over a bus.

Well if I die then I can blame them for failing me.
Please send your donations to Silva so he can forward them to me, thank you very much.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 41 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 45

Well, the Fate Grand Order event rerun is ongoing, so I’ve been farming that, slowly, painfully and arduously.
Seriously this event was really poorly balanced the first time they ran it but it hasn’t improved at all.
I guess that should be expected a bit from the first event the game ever had though. I actually quit the game at first because of this event, only returning to play when the Garden of Order event released (which ironically had its own rerun just a few weeks ago!)

Now, I’m actually scheduling these chapters a mere 1 hour before they go public! So I need to hurry up or else Silva will notice!
Oh and I’ve got to get up early tomorrow, so I should schedule Demon Sword Maiden a little earlier too so I can get some sleep properly tonight.

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» Chapter 45 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 44

I’ve been binge reading to catch up on How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom (I still find myself preferring the other title of A Realist Hero’s Kingdom Restoration Chronicles).
I’ve almost finished all the currently translated novels but I’ve got two to finish, I surprised myself with how easy it was to find where I had left off about a year ago actually. Thankfully the last volume I read had a easy to remember event to use as a guidepost.

Anyway, I still haven’t watched the Babylonia episode so I should go do that!

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» Chapter 44 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 137

Story for the archives today!
I was fighting the Ether Drake in Stellaris, and when you defeat it you get a Dragonslayer leader trait for one of your Admirals. But it’s not actually scripted to give it to only Admirals.
So the science ship I had sent in first, then told to hide on the other side of the system, had technically initiated combat with the Ether Drake as my main fleet arrived to kill it.

Because the first fleet in combat was technically my science ship, which is technically occupied by a leader, the Dragonslayer trait went to my Scientist instead of the Admiral of the main fleet.
Yes that’s right, my empire had the glorious Scientist Monval ka Pinnate! Dragonslayer!

Too bad he died of old age, had he been one of my Synths then he’d be immortal – literally.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 40 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 136

Lately I’ve been listening to this song called Edelweiss on loop.
Edelweiss is actually a word I really like, it’s a type of flower apparently, but it means Noble White.
I use it a lot in my fiction as the names of flagships or prototype weapons. I might have mentioned this before.
But this song is quite nice, apparently the anime it’s from is really bland but I found it in an amazing Index novel MAD.

New topic: Have you ever wondered about what sort of anime world you would like to visit?
I always find the answers amusing because pretty much every anime world is either really not that interesting (Like K-On or whatever) or has some seriously seriously messed up realities (Like pretty much every action anime ever).
Even the seemingly good ones have some surprising flaws.
Of course this discussion is predicated on you getting transported over with just what you have on you.
Log Horizon’s setting is probably the safest bet.

Personally I would have liked to say “To Aru!” gimme that Raildex! I wanna become an esper!
But Academy City is seriously messed up! Plus you have to pay tuition to become an esper at Academy City! As an isekai person I can’t afford that!
Worst case scenario I become a Child Error and used for some horrific experiment!
And there’s an upper age limit on when Esper development can start! Even the oldest espers are only highschoolers! I’m in my 20’s!
I’d have to become a magician instead…but then I’d probably be hunted for violating the Magic-Science Treaty.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 39 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 134

I’ve been proofreading another novel today and it took me about 10 hours to do just the first pass.
I normally do three passes before I send off the corrected version as checked, but it’s the first time I’ve been burned out this hard.
The novel is done in a weird present tense too so it’s hard to work out the grammar for some sentences because it reads like past tense.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 37 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 43

So I had to clear my cache recently because wordpress was throwing a tantrum and now all my stuff has been logged out and all that jazz.
I hate it when that happens.

Nothing is going right for me, well my Ereshkigal figure is dispatched soon so I can just look forward to that and take my mind of things.

But /backspace that also means I have to worry about paying for shipping /return. I wonder if I can get some more editing work /escape. But /backspace that would mean less anime time /return. I would rather not lose out on anime time /return. If anyone can guess the reference then I will give them points /return. I wonder if anyone will be able to guess /escape.

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» Chapter 43 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 42

This chapter is about Life, The Universe and Everything.
I joke of course.

That sort-of-weekly anime roundup time!
To be honest I can’t remember much of what happened this week. Maple was Maple. Babylonia was Bab-ERESHIKGAL IS SO FRILLING CUTE! Dendrogram was a let down. (Novels are better! Go read them!) Oh and some other anime I happened to watch yadayada.

What actually happened this weekend is I started playing Stellaris again after quitting because I didn’t like one of the updates. I still don’t like the updates. The ‘new’ planet mechanics are a nightmare and I don’t understand them at all, and the automated sector system drives me nuts because it, ironically, removed the one bit of automation I used the manual version of sectors for.
Like before you could plot out a sector and tell the AI to do its thing with it.
But now the AI plots out a sector and YOU have to do YOUR thing with it.
THAT’S BACKWARDS! I DON’T WANT THAT! Sure plotting was a bit time intensive especially in multiplayer but this half assed sort of removed-sort of kept design drags it down for me.
Also before I used to colonise random planets then release them as vassals, but if you do that with the new sector system then you don’t just release the planet but all the surrounding systems too! It takes a huge chunk out of your empire!
My main problem is still the ‘new’ planet mechanics. I just can’t wrap my head around district and building management with all the menus and submenus. The idea was that it was supposed to reduce the micromanaging but I feel like it’s done the opposite for me, because I don’t have any clue what’s going on with my planets I end up staring at the screen or building random junk I think is important. For this game after my expansion
stalled and I had to start building up instead of out I’ve been operating in the red for pretty much the entire time, because I just can’t figure out how resources synergise. The old planet style was nice for me since it was all very visual instead of text based, you could tell at a glance without reading like five dropdowns of population and district counts and blockers. Yeah dragging your pops around required time but way less time than this clustertruck! Argh.
I hate it, but I love the rest of the game, it’s just annoying that the planet mechanics are so integral you can’t overlook them.

Anyway rant over.

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» Chapter 42 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 133

See the problem with having six chapters a week to schedule is that I’m going to start running out of things to talk about.
Until now I’ve managed to get by through only scheduling the night before they upload. This lets me slip in the latest up to day news and musings.
But there’s only so much news one can obtain in a single day!
I might have to start thinking of some extra things.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 36 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 132

I finally managed to move beyond the Daihasei Festival in my Index fanfic plotting.
Now I’ve reached the 0930 Incident, also known as the Academy City Invasion Arc.
This arc is a big deal because up until now my protagonist has refrained from getting overly involved in the main plot out of fear of derailing the story and creating a bad end. But the small ripples of their involvement finally cascade into a wave that alters the course of events and they’re thrust into the spotlight in an attempt to create an alternative happy ending.

I intend to plot to the end of Old Testament (Season 3 for the anime only’s) then I will start writing the first chapter properly.
Which brings me to my next problem, I really really need to name the main character.
He’s supposed to be a British exchange student, but I don’t know what kind of name to give him.
Proper English name? Typical Index style psuedo-English name? An English-Japanese hybrid name? A Japanese name?

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 35 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 131

It’s the second chapter of the day! That’s right! If you thought a chapter two days a week wasn’t enough, well now you get two chapters two days a week! That’s four chapters a week! Blimey!

To top it off, this chapter is the first by translator that will be taking over for Silva!
According to my notes the new translator is Snoring Dragon.
I wonder if there’s some hidden meaning here?

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 34 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 41

All my new things got delivered, but my anime shelf has reached critical mass. It’s a bit of a problem.
You see the donation of the Fullmetal Alchemist mangas from my stepdad, in addition to the Invaders DVD and Railgun S collection, has meant my anime and manga shelf has no more room. On top of that my two figure shelves are starting to get cramped and I have more on the way.

The worst part for me though is that the collection editions of Railgun and Railgun S are distributed by different companies and as a result have different designs.
Railgun is by Animatsu and is a single bluray case with multiple discs inside for the full season.
Railgun S is by Manga Entertainment and is a combo pack of two DVD cases containing the full season in bluray and DVD format.

This means the Railgun S box is not only twice as thick as the Railgun box, but also an inch taller!

But my real crisis is working out where the hell I’m gonna fit my new figures and incoming books. Looks like I will have to do an overhaul of my random storage shelves.

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» Chapter 41 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 40

I’ve been making crazy progress on the outline for my Certain Magical Index fanfic.
Originally I was just exploring the premise of “what if you tried to change the outcome of an story only to accidentally make things worse” but it’s grown into a full what-if now.
I finally got to add in a couple of original arcs too, one even features the original main protagonist!
It’s a strange feeling to include multiple main characters because you don’t want to steal the spotlight from the other.

The problem is coming up with original esper abilities is really difficult. There’s a certain charm to the way they work, and it’s really hard to replicate.
I was quite pleased with myself today because I came up with an original villain who had an esper ability to manipulate density. By increasing somethings density he could decrease its size and vice versa.
Anyway if there are any To Aru fans in the readers for this, throw some original esper ability ideas at me!
(I’ve reached the Daihasei Fetsival and it’s really hard to write compelling sports competitions between espers when you’re super vague on what abilities the rivals have)

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