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Chapter 184 – Sacred

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 999 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

A haunting silence blanketed the entirety of Ulbdor. A dark strange object loomed ominously in the sky. In the blink of an eye, it tore through the ranks of humans and Demons, obliterating the southern gate, the city’s sole open passage.

With the southern gate collapsed, the Demons’ invasion was temporarily halted, bringing a brief respite to the battlefield. Yet, amidst this temporary calm, there was no time for relief. Another, even greater threat was already beginning to brew once more.

“It’s coming!” The soldiers cried out in terror. Their voices were tinged with immense fear, a hue of despair coloring their words.

The dark sphere moved into position, readying itself for the devastating onslaught they had witnessed moments before.

A barrage of spears of darkness, capable of consuming men and demons alike, dragging all life into the depths of the underworld. The sphere began to crack open with an ear-splitting screech once more.

“I won’t let you!” Seletina’s voice rang out. Deploying her wings of light once more, she launched herself like an arrow from the top of the clock tower.

The angel, with her tail of light blazing, flew straight and unwaveringly into the abyss of darkness, like an image from a fairytale. The soldiers on the ground shouted, begging for salvation as Seletina soared through the sky.

The darkness cried out in response. Like a mother in agony from giving birth, it began to spew forth death itself through the cracks in its form.

Once more, spears of darkness thrust forward, hurtling toward the western gate where volunteer soldiers had gathered. But standing before them was Seletina, her wings of light shining brilliantly. She spread her arms wide, blocking the path of the dark spears, refusing to let them advance any further.

However, against such power, Seletina’s frail body was as vulnerable as paper. Thus, she cried out, calling upon the name of the mage she trusted the most.


On the roof of the clock tower, closest to the sky, Imitia knelt on one knee like a devout believer, folding her hands and chanting the spell’s name as if in prayer.

“Holy Light’s Protection!”

A shimmering light emanated from Imitia’s pale cherry-red lips. It was as if the spell name she chanted had materialized into visible form. The light, warm and soft yet imbued with a sense of sanctity, surged forth towards Seletina high in the sky, wrapping around her slender limbs.

Seletina’s body began to glow with a dazzling radiance. The angel began to evolve. It was then that the spear of darkness struck, dealing a direct blow.

Darkness and light, the conflicting entities became locked in a fierce struggle. The darkness intensified, seeking to engulf the light, while the light shone brighter, resisting its consumption.

A scene akin to a crusade unfolded.


Imitia’s gaze eventually fell upon Seletina. The Seletina she knew, Orthus, was not a person to die in a place such as this.

“Repel it!” Imitia howled at the sky.

In response, the light intensified, changing the trajectory of the spear of darkness. The spear was deflected, altering its course upwards before detonating in the distant sky.

On the ground, a vibrant display unfolded. The white light surrounding Seletina gradually dimmed, revealing her silhouette. From within the light emerged a figure clad in a pinking color. It was Seletina herself.

The faintly flickering mass of light, and the miasma of darkness emanating from the grand shield held in her right hand, bore testament that she’d repelled the spear’s assault. The light surrounding Elyutinias in her left hand made it seem like a formidable great sword. The pinkish light enveloping Seletina formed a splendid full-body armor, shielding her from harm.

The great shield, great sword, and full-body armor all bore a faintly translucent quality, flickering with pinkish hues to display their sacred majesty. Two pairs of light wings extended from her waist, spreading out to the left and right. A perfect face peered out from beneath the helmet.

Angel, Holy Knight, Goddess, numerous analogies could be drawn, but none fully captured this sight.

The soldiers gazing up from the ground would never forget the dazzling spectacle, seemingly plucked from the pages of a myth. They were witnessing a new chapter in the angel myths of the empire. A tale to be passed down from generation to generation.

Seletina’s resolute figure, boldly confronting the darkness, embodied integrity itself. Gorgeous yet fierce. Lovely yet relentless. One couldn’t help but wonder how much experience it took to convey such expressions on a face that still appeared so youthful.

Draped in a soft pinkish light, Seletina stared sternly into the darkness. She wasn’t merely gazing at the darkness. Her focus was fixed on the entity within it. On Lichter Willgame who was ensnared within the sphere of darkness, like a figure on a crucifix.

Seletina’s face showed no sign of taking this easy. The protective magic enveloping her was the product of Imitia’s remaining Mana and had a limited duration. At most, it would last another 60 seconds.

Nonetheless, casting a spell of such a caliber was no small feat. The spell’s duration went to show how powerful Imitia was.

Seletina steadied her resolve and spread her wings, soaring into the dark sphere and diving straight into its heart. The light pinkish hue, followed by the trailing white light of her wings, streaked across the empire’s sky like a meteor.

“Lichter!” Seletina’s voice rang out as she accelerated rapidly.

She continued to fly quickly. The massive sphere of darkness rumbled in apparent rejection as the angel closed in. It devoured the surrounding light, emitting a cacophony of screeches, casting darkness across the sky. The reaction was remarkable, akin to a young girl recoiling from the approach of insects.

It was only natural that the next action to follow would be a counter-attack. The darkness honed hundreds of spears and aimed them all at Seletina. And thus, the battle that would later be dubbed the Crusade commenced.1



  1. Robinxen: Yes this chapter had 999 words by pure chance, yes I made sure that I kept it at that number whenever I adjusted a sentence.
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