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Update on Project Gender Bender

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Editor for Another World Reincarnation and Demon Sword Maiden! Gentrified NEET and siscon. Currently looking for an imouto. Applicants must be under the age of 16, cute and with long hair. Optional traits are: Neko, princess and/or maid.

Important Announcement:
Update on Project Gender Bender

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 368

It seems only fitting that on the day I watch the first episode of the Combatants anime I will also stream my first episode of Evil Genius.
Just like the Kisaragi Corp took over the world, I too shall strive to conquer the world through advanced and haphazard technology!
Then eventually set my sites on conquering a fantasy world which is totally not the same!

Okay maybe not that last part I guess?

Maybe I can tie in the campaign with another game as a pseudo-continuation?

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 93 «

Blue Sky Chapter 72

In the week since we last spoke many things have happened.
Namely I started playing Final Fantasy XIV again, well for the first time properly technically.
I mean I played until Level 14 some years back but that hardly counts!

I think I managed to get into it way better this time. And for whatever reason I don’t dislike it as much.
Maybe improvements? Maybe picking a better class? Maybe having friends to urge me on?
Whatever the case, it’s not a bad game.

Now I just need to find a dragon girl waifu. And an imouto.

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» Chapter 72 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 137 Part 2

Only this chapter today.
The translator has run into a few delays with the final batch for this novel.
Yes that’s right, soon we’ll be reaching the latest chapters of the web novels raws. Then it’s up to the whims of the author when they’ll release new chapters.

If and when those chapters will get done will then be left up to the whims of whoever is involved on this side of things.
As you can expect, most people move on when a project becomes erratic in such a manner.

Since this will be the only post for the day I’ve decided to move forward Blue Sky’s release an hour too to fill in the slot.

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» Chapter 137 Part 2 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 366

I reached level 31 on Final Fantasy today, I also died for the first time upon reaching level 30!
I thought I would have a perfect no death streak for a long time but I ruined it…

In my defence it’s like double exp so my level was skyrocketing faster than anything else could keep up. So I had like Level 12 gear, and then I thought I’d do the new class quest before I went to bed. So I did a challenging solo quest with pathetic gear while falling asleep at the keyboard. Naturally it didn’t go well. Let’s just not count that failure okay.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 91 «

Blue Sky Chapter 71

I forgot I bought it months ago, but I noticed it on my kindle and started reading it.
World’s Strongest Rearguard isn’t actually that bad. It’s pretty well edited and written.
You can tell it’s adapted from a web novel directly rather than written for Light Novel but I’ve been enjoying it.

I should also read my Otome Games Is Tough For Mobs physical copy that arrived recently too.
So much to read and play and so little time.

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» Chapter 71 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 365

My friends finally got me to play Final Fantasy XIV.
I started playing.
I decided to follow my usual MO and make a blank self insert recreation of myself.

I went with Arcanist for my start. It seemed like a good choice. Magic, equal parts DPS and Healer. Means I can spec as I want later.
Ideally I wanted to go full DPS though but something about Arcanist spoke to me.
Probably because it’s the most sciency of the starter classes.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 90 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 364

So I ended up backing the Stellaris board game kickstarter with all the bonuses for like £200 despite having managed to resist up to this point.

Will I have anyone to play it with? No not really.
How many times will I play it? Probably once.
Will I make much effort to try and play it? Unlikely, social stuff is a pain.
Why did I bother backing it? I’m very easily swayed by own desires. Some of times. Look there’s really no pattern to when I ignore something I really want and when I end up buying something I only want in passing. I’m a strange person! I have games on my wishlist that are way cheaper that I haven’t got for years while waiting for a sale.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 89 «

Blue Sky Chapter 70

I’ve spent 80 hours the past week playing Stellaris so I’m out of the loop.

But what are all these memes about a boat?
Also why is there BL fanfic about it?!
Is this what KanColle and Azur Lane were building up to all along?!

Why am I in this timeline?! Someone let me off! I want to switch tracks!

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» Chapter 70 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 137 Part 1

We’re almost nearing the end of our journey together.
Yes, there’s only like….a bit left of this novel.
I can’t remember exact numbers. But it’s a small number.

I don’t know what I’m going to do after this.
This novel made me so much money. And it’s all going to evaporate.
Someone quickly find some other novel! Pronto! Also someone to translate it. So I can leech off them.

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» Chapter 137 Part 1 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 136 Part 2

Seven Seas is doing a complete overhaul of Jobless Reincarnations novel translations it seems.
I hope they start to learn from this.
The light novel translation industry is a bit out of touch with its consumer base for various reasons, mostly because of the outdated generalist tradition they use to translate. When you’re dealing with subculture material I think it’s much more appropriate to make sure that you’re resonating with your target audience.

But the publishing industry, especially in America, has always been a mess.
Conclusion, all light novel translations should move their HQ’s to Britain, the world capital of literature, and use the J-Novel Club business model.

Enough said.

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» Chapter 136 Part 2 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 363

I forgot to do some of my Princess Connect dailies today.
I did half and meant to go back to them but forgot.

It’s probably too late now anyway so I guess I’ll just have to live with it this time.
Actually I think an event has started hasn’t it? Good timing actually because I was starting to hit a roadblock and needed something to consume my time.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 88 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 362

I got a huge parcel delivery today with posters, calendars, prints and signatures and all sorts of fun stuff!
Which reminded me shortly after that I finally get the Invaders novels in a couple of months.
It’s been years since I backed that kickstarter!

I can’t wait to read the exclusive short story that got written for me based on my prompt to the author.
I have a dumb grin on my face just imagining it!

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 87 «