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Chapter 183 – Warning

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 958 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“All Demons are born from a human soul?” Seletina gulped at Younashi’s claim, finding it hard to believe out of the blue. She’d been cutting down Demons for as long as she could remember. Due to this, she knew just how cruel and abnormal they were.

In this world created by God, the demons were just so different, an existence close to an abomination. And yet, Younashi had just told her that these beings were the end goal of the souls of the innocent people here.

The cobblestone pavement on which Seletina stood easily bent. Something broke inside Seletina, allowing something new to sprout, and her vision took on an ethereal color.

Seletina uttered a few words. “And you expect me to believe that?”

Younashi released a thin puff of smoke and gently shook her head. “I never asked you to believe me. I arrived at this conclusion based on my research. Thus, it is merely a theory of mine. I have never actually witnessed a witch giving birth to a Demon. Though…”

Younashi went silent for a moment before continuing, “If that is indeed the case, that would make witches beings capable of directly modifying the structure and logic of this world. They’d be akin to god. Everyone can acknowledge the significance of being able to govern souls.”

(If they can control others’ souls… If the witches really have such power then…)


Seletina pondered while looking at her hand.

(This body that houses my souls… Could it all be…)

Both Seletina and Imitia, standing behind her, seemed to be pondering the same question.

Younashi paid them no heed as she turned her gaze back to the sky. The image of Lichter being consumed by the sphere of darkness lingered in her gaze.

“I believe you can understand what that thing is. It’s neither a spell nor a curse. It’s the pure essence of a Demon. I don’t understand how it works, but it won’t be wrong to say that the boy is now closer to a Demon than a human. You understand where I’m going with this, no?”

Seletina was left speechless.

Younashi continued nonchalantly, “He’s either dead, or he has his soul seized by a witch. He’s nothing more than a monster, a witch’s toy. There’s no way to save him.”

“I refuse to give up just yet.” Seletina replied with solemn determination. The essence of her heroism lay in her unwavering commitment to saving others.

Younashi met Seletina’s uncertain gaze and chuckled.

“I see… You are free to struggle if you’d like, Lady Seletina. I’ll be on my way.”
“Won’t you help us save hi… Save Ulbdor?” Seletina asked as Younashi had turned around and was about to leave.
“Hmm…” Younashi replied but then continued walking while waving her hand, “I’m nothing but a writer. I don’t feel like being taken advantage of. Besides, I’m just here to collect a pawn that I’d loaned. I have no intention of helping you. And the core has already shown itself. I’ll be pretty busy from now on.”
“Pawn?” Seletina muttered.

Suddenly two figures emerged from behind her. Turning around, she spotted two shadows clad in black – Eupho and Yopha, with their backs leaning against a wall in the distance.

“Eupho,” Seletina uttered his name softly, but he simply met her gaze from a distance without responding. Eupho remained motionless, only returning Seletina’s stare.


For some reason, that word appeared in Seletina’s mind upon seeing Eupho’s reaction. She realized that he and his companions weren’t initially allies. They were nothing more than pawns given to her by Younashi.

Observing the lifeless gleam in Eupho’s eyes, it appeared as though he truly was a puppet devoid of will.

“Thank you. Take care.” Seletina said, refusing to let the truth consume her.

After all, they had traveled together for some time. Even if this marked the end of their association, Seletina felt compelled to express her gratitude, if only with a few words.

She had worried about their whereabouts, but it was now that she finally understood that they too had their reasons. Seletina was truly glad that they had shown themselves at the end.

Eupho and Yopha shrugged their shoulders, their lifeless eyes were devoid of genuine emotion as they received Seletina’s words. This small, yet cheeky gesture, which was just like them, showed a part of their humanity.

“Farewell, Seletina. I can’t wait for you to show me how a young hero such as yourself will struggle and endure amidst this despair.” With those words, a red flame erupted from Younashi’s feet.

The flames engulfed Younashi’s body in a sphere, and in the next moment, she melted into the sky, leaving only a flickering shimmer behind.


Seletina looked back, only to find that Eupho and Yopha had also disappeared. Making it seem as if they’d never even been there.

“They’re gone.” Imitia, who had remained silent due to not being familiar with Younashi, quietly remarked.

Seletina nodded, studying her old friend’s face.

“Let’s go, Imitia. There’s a ton of things we need to discuss, but for now, we should do what we can.”
“You’re right. Let’s start by stopping that.” Imitia said, and they both looked up with determination.

Darkness had enveloped the sky. A destructive force capable of bringing Ulbdor to ruin in an instant – and their friend who was in the center of it.

Seletina exhaled heavily, trying to shake off Younashi’s words. Nothing was over just yet. They had yet to try anything. She pondered that a stern scolding might just do the job and wake Lichter up.

Seletina and Imitia exchanged nods before sprinting toward the clock tower. It was the tallest place in Ulbdor and the one that was closest to Lichter.


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