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Chapter 44 – Departure

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3091 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1821 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

With a simple gesture from the Queen, the seven paintings in the cave were gathered together.

“Your Majesty, what are you doing?” Lily inquired, puzzled.

“These seven paintings are our celestial inheritance. When Commander Chiya and I are not here, there will be no one to protect them. Despite the ancient protections in place, it’s safer to take them with us. Lynne, should you wish to study them further, you are welcome to borrow them anytime.”

Lily felt moved by this gesture. Although the Queen cited safety as her reason, Lily wondered if she was also considering her needs in this decision.

“Now that we’ve decided, I will start making the arrangements immediately,” Chiya declared.

“It’s best to act swiftly. You have three days,” the Queen responded.


“Lynne, you should also begin your preparations. Additionally, all your treasures and items that were temporarily confiscated will be returned. Expect that, though we’ll be with you, our journey will likely involve numerous battles,” the Queen explained.

“Understood, Your Majesty.”

“Please proceed; we will notify you in advance before we depart.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Lily excused herself for now. Over the recent days, she had remained largely stationary, focusing on practicing the Lunar Blossom secret manual within the mirror dimension.

She was actively preparing to advance to the Big Dipper Stage, though her progress was slower than anticipated.

“I hadn’t anticipated the difficulty of advancing to the Big Dipper Stage using the Lunar Blossom secret manual. It always feels as if something is lacking, yet there’s no one available to resolve my doubts…”

Consequently, Lily had to navigate her training alone, which was time-consuming.

That day, Rie paid her a visit.

“Lynne, have you heard any recent news?”

“Is something happening? Can you share with me?” Lily countered with a question.

“I’m merely a dancer, rehearsing all day and seldom called by the Queen. My knowledge is merely hearsay from palace staff, mentioning increased security around the city and palace. Unsure of the reasons, I thought to ask you, Lynne, since you’re frequently with Her Majesty. Have you heard anything?”

“I haven’t heard anything specific. Could it not be due to the recent surge in demonic activity outside, posing threats to the Female Queendom and prompting increased defensive measures?” Lily suggested.

“Ah, that explanation seems reasonable. I’ll relay this back to the Rakshasa Dojo.”

Rie departed, accepting Lily’s explanation without suspicion. Nonetheless, Lily was aware that her departure with the Queen and the commander to the ancient battlefield would eventually reveal her activities. Her plan was to proceed cautiously, one step at a time. For now, her focus was to honor Tsukuyomi no Mikoto and perhaps uncover some clues of her whereabouts. As she had previously declared, she was prepared to face any dangers without fear.

Far from the Female Queendom, tens of thousands of kilometers away in an expansive wilderness, stood a colossal mountain resembling an eggshell. The cracks on its surface looked like fierce fangs. Encircling this immense ‘eggshell’ were fiery rivers of lava.

A mosquito-like vagrant samurai, endowed with lengthy wings, ventured into the massive eggshell, measuring at least a million meters across.

Inside the eggshell’s walls lay lava lakes and enormous castles. While these fortresses bore a resemblance to those of the Heian Dynasty, they were far more intricate. Some stretched dozens of stories tall, their walls punctuated with windows that mimicked the appearance of gigantic eyes—some of which even blinked, creating a rather eerie effect.

The winged mosquito-like samurai entered through one of these immense, eye-like windows situated on the highest castle tower. En route, he barely escaped the clutches of a tongue protruding from a strangely shaped archer’s tower resembling a gaping mouth.

This encounter left the flying mosquito-like samurai deeply unnerved. Upon entering the tower, he encountered a majestic old man seated in the great hall. He was lavishly attired, with a dark purple-brown complexion, a bald head, a large gray tusk mimicking a beard, and four scarlet eyes. Beneath him, several scantily clad young women attended to him, their pale skin prominently displayed.

Remarkably, these women possessed strength at least equivalent to the quintuple-soul Big Dipper Stage. Yet, in the presence of this old man, they exhibited nothing but obedience, trembling in silent despair, utterly powerless. Formerly celestial beauties, their fall into Yomi stripped them of all they had, relegating them to mere slaves under this aged overlord.

“Your Highness, I bring news from the Female Queendom,” announced the mosquito-like samurai, producing a letter. The old man extended his rough, robust hand and snatched the letter from mid-air.

Upon opening the letter, the old man found it contained the portrait of a strikingly beautiful woman.

“Bring me the latest wanted notice from Takamagahara.”

Shortly thereafter, a slender, hunchbacked purple spirit entered, clutching a wanted notice, its large eyes gleaming.

The old man compared the two documents, and his four blood-red eyes gleamed with recognition.

“It truly is her… They say this woman, Kagami Lily, once stirred a storm in Yomi, eluding even Wakarai’s capture. I hadn’t anticipated her fleeing to the Female Queendom. Hehehe, this portrait alone reveals her rarity among Yomi’s women. If Wakarai himself desires her, she must indeed be exceptional. Hahahaha! Wakarai, I’m set to claim your would-be lover; I trust you’ll forgive this old man!”

“I, Lord Umashi, am eager to experience what makes a woman desired by Wakarai so special! Mosquito Maru, tell the Council to alter our initial plan. Since Kagami Lily has complicated our dealings with the Queen and the Female Queendom, we’ll capture her first! She outshines all others in charm and beauty! Hahahaha!”

“Yes, Your Highness!” With the command received, the mosquito-like samurai swiftly took flight. As he exited, he narrowly avoided being engulfed once more by the tongue of the archer tower.

Three days swiftly came and went. Early in the morning, Lily was instructed to depart.

Upon reaching a secluded area within the palace courtyard, Lily encountered an ancient carriage made of wood and rattan, drawn by a large white dog. The dog, adorned with red stripes and a mane of cotton-like fur and feathers that appeared aflame, exhibited no detectable soul fluctuations. However, Lily could sense its formidable physical presence.

Beside the dog stood the Queen and Chiya, positioned on a nearby platform.

“This is Inu Hachifusa,” the Queen introduced, “or Hachiwan, as some call it. This divine dog of Takamagahara once wielded boundless power, nearly rivaling the celestial maiden commanders in its prime. Tragically, it lost its soul in an ancient battle. Though now it merely pulls carriages and follows basic commands from celestial maidens, its swiftness remains unparalleled.”

Lily gazed at the large dog with reverence, remarking, “It must have sacrificed its soul in battle to protect its celestial maiden master.”

“Lynne, are you ready?” inquired the Queen.

“Yes,” Lily affirmed.

“Board the carriage,” commanded the Queen.

The Queen, Commander Chiya, and Lily entered the carriage, where a celestial battle maiden, serving as the driver and attendant, was already seated. Silently, the small group of four women and the large dog commenced their journey.

With a bark, Hachiwan took to the skies, trailing fire and smoke. They sped across the expansive skies of Yomi, surpassing the speed of an earth dragon multiple times over.

Despite her preparations, Lily had hoped to advance to the Big Dipper Stage before their departure. Despite diligent practice, her progress was minimal and far from achieving the breakthrough she desired.

Lily was feeling noticeably fatigued at this point.

“Sis Queen… um, how long until we reach the ancient battlefield?” Lily inquired.

“The exact location remains uncertain,” the Queen explained, “We’re heading to a tumultuous land millions of kilometers distant. Given Hachiwan’s speed, the challenging conditions, and potential unforeseen events, our journey might span many continuous days.”

“Lynne, why address Her Majesty as ‘Sis’ Queen? Don’t presume informality simply because we’re few in number! Would you like to be disciplined?” Chiya reproached.

“How would you sisters punish me then? Strike me again?” Lily asked, as she slumped gently to the ground. Her cheeks were flushed, and her body twisted subtly.

Had they been alone in the carriage, the Queen might have indeed stripped Lily of her garments and administered a real punishment.

However, the presence of the commander complicated matters.

“Lynne, what’s the matter with you?” Chiya assisted Lily to her feet, with Lily leaning weakly on her shoulder.

Perhaps Lily’s exhaustion was genuine, or her failure to progress in her training had left her deeply disheartened. Yet, unbeknownst to them, the curse afflicting Lily’s body continued to wreak its havoc…

As they journeyed onward, Hachiwan pulled the carriage swiftly across the expansive landscapes of the Land of Yomi.

The Queen invited Lily to rest her head on her lap. Despite both being women, Lily found herself intoxicated by the Queen’s mature, feminine scent.

“Lynne, we cannot travel directly to the potential site of the ancient battlefield. It lies within a chaotic region, and two uncrossable chasms block the way. We must pass through a specific gate, guarded by the forces of Yomi. Access through one gate requires clearance from the Book of Life and Death, while the other demands a substantial toll. We’ve made preparations for these obstacles,” the Queen explained. “This will be a prolonged journey. Are you feeling alright?”

“I’m fine, Your Majesty… just a bit dizzy…” Lily responded, breathing out gently.

“Perhaps the perils of Yomi are overwhelming. If you’re weary, you may rest here in my lap for a bit,” the Queen suggested, softly stroking Lily’s hair.

“Hm…” Lily murmured, her cheeks coloring with a blush.

Three or four days had passed since they had departed the palace in the Hachiwan-drawn carriage.

“What?! Kagami Lily disappeared?!” Renka exclaimed in disbelief, rising from her seat in a newly rented stronghold of the Rakshasa Dojo within the Female Queendom.

Kneeling before her was Hyozuhi. At the behest of Renka and Rie, the Rakshasa Dojo had assigned Hyozuhi as a handmaid responsible for acquiring feminine supplies for the palace, facilitating her role in conveying information.

Hyozuhi was aware of Lily’s departure with the Queen but was uncertain how to express it.

“I’m not sure. It’s been a while since I last saw my master. Miss Rie mentioned that my master vanished a few days ago, and around the same time, neither Her Majesty the Queen nor the commander has been seen,” Hyozuhi responded.

“Where have they gone? Why hasn’t Kagami Lily reported back?” Renka demanded, stamping her foot in frustration.

“I… I don’t know. Miss Rie relayed all this to me. I’m not permitted to see my master directly; she’s always with the Queen,” Hyozuhi explained quickly and meekly.

“Ugh!” Renka’s anger flared at Hyozuhi’s timid demeanor, though she realized it was futile to direct her frustration at her. What could such an insignificant figure possibly know?

“Kagami Lily… what games are you playing, woman?”


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