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Chapter 45 – Takamagahara

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3076 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1504 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The Hachiwan carriage pressed on through the barren terrains of Yomi.

Lily felt much improved, having harnessed the intense surges of seductive energy to fortify her physique. Although the vague dizziness and trance-like state had temporarily eased, her heightened sensitivity persisted, a byproduct of her ongoing physical refinement.

Despite these sensations, Lily’s mental clarity and rationality remained unimpaired.

Glancing at the Queen and Chiya, Lily remarked, “Your Majesty, you are aware of my capabilities. Yet in Yomi, there are many who far surpass me in strength. Here, I hardly stand out.”

The Queen looked at Lily and responded, “What brings this up, Lily? Are you feeling better now?”

“Your Majesty, I’m alright. It was just a brief spell of vertigo due to fatigue from recent training,” Lily explained, her cheeks reddening as she bowed her head.

“Lily, while I am not fully aware of your strength, I believe you are at the Big Dipper Stage. You’ve never fully demonstrated your capabilities in my presence, so it’s difficult to judge accurately.”

Indeed, Lily’s abilities were modest compared to the Queen’s, and her talents had been mainly displayed in dance rather than combat due to the lack of necessity or opportunity.

“Your Majesty, I currently hold the septuple-soul Big Dipper Stage of strength. There are few at this level who could challenge me,” Lily declared.

“That’s quite impressive. Your strength exceeds my expectations. You truly are a woman of profound depth. However, given your unique identity, surviving alone in Yomi is perilous. Many powerful beings covet you, aiming to capture you for their own. Thus, your current strength may still be insufficient for survival here,” the Queen warned.

“Your Majesty speaks the truth. I wished to inquire today about the more formidable beings in Yomi. What sorts of powerful entities exist here whose strength surpasses mine?”

“Ah, how is it possible for someone at the Big Dipper Stage to be unaware of such details?” The Queen looked at Lily with astonishment. She believed knowledge of the various strength tiers should be common among those in Yomi. It was so fundamental that it rarely needed mentioning. Even the lesser demons of Yomi, like those at the Throne Stage, were typically informed. It was highly unusual for someone at the Big Dipper Stage to be missing such essential knowledge.

“Your Majesty, Lily originates from the Heian Dynasty, where reaching the Big Dipper Stage is considered the ultimate achievement in strength. Historically, only a handful have achieved this stage, and even fewer have ascended to Takamagahara. It’s understandable that she might not be familiar with these details,” Chiya explained.

“I see, I had not considered that. Today, then, I will enlighten you,” said the Queen, her gaze turning thoughtful and luminous as she faced Lily.

“I humbly request Your Majesty’s guidance,” Lily said, bowing deeply and kneeling attentively.

“Lily, at the Big Dipper Stage, adepts must choose between the Celestial and Infernal paths,” the Queen detailed. “Upon reaching the septuple-soul level after many trials, an adept readies for a breakthrough. Yet, achieving this in the Land of Ashihara is particularly challenging. Most choose either to ascend to Takamagahara via the heavenly gate or descend into Yomi, traveling deep into its realms to make their breakthrough.”

“Is that so?” Lily murmured, visibly bewildered but also growing apprehensive as she processed the Queen’s explanation.

“Lily, you needn’t articulate your concerns; I sense you’re on the Celestial path and worry about how to proceed in Yomi,” the Queen reassured. “Don’t fret excessively. Breakthroughs hinge on unique techniques, timely opportunities, and individual experiences, influenced also by fate and surroundings. Both paths benefit from these factors. Though breaking through might be simpler in Takamagahara for those on the Celestial path, it’s not exclusive. Many have succeeded in Yomi despite the challenges; it’s merely more arduous.”

“Many who tread the Celestial path opt to pass through the heavenly gate to Takamagahara for their breakthrough because Yomi poses significant risks,” the Queen continued. “Takamagahara’s inhabitants—celestial maidens, humans, benevolent spirits, and shikigami—are especially susceptible to demonic attacks from Yomi’s malevolent entities. With such threats, concentrating on a safe breakthrough in Yomi becomes nearly impossible.”

“So that’s the situation…” Lily, having been under the Queen and the commander’s protection within the Female Queendom’s palace, had enjoyed a relatively secure environment for her training.

“Indeed. Both Yomi and Takamagahara offer significantly better opportunities and advantages for making a breakthrough compared to the Heian Dynasty. The minor differences between Yomi and Takamagahara have only limited effects,” Commander Chiya elaborated.

“Once one advances beyond the Big Dipper Stage, they reach either the Celestial Stage or the Infernal Stage, both of which are collectively known as the Empyrean Stage,” the Queen explained, imbuing her words with significance.

“The Empyrean Stage…” Lily’s eyes sparkled with hope. “Does advancing past the Big Dipper Stage allow one to become a god?”

“In terms of stages, that would be the expectation, but Empyrean isn’t actually a strength level; it’s just a unifying term,” the Queen clarified. “True godhood is defined by one’s acquisition of a divinity, which bestows special powers. A Celestial Stage expert in Takamagahara might gain the divinity of an Amatsukami. This is why many on the Celestial path opt for the heavenly gate. Achieving the Celestial Stage in Yomi does not offer the possibility of obtaining an Amatsukami divinity. And even in Takamagahara, acquiring a divinity is merely a possibility; divinities are limited and only increase with the creation of new heavens and earth, reflecting new powers or needs. Thus, securing a divinity in Takamagahara is profoundly challenging.”

“Divinity…” Lily took a deep breath. Although it seemed a distant goal, she was determined to achieve that level someday and was diligently working toward it.

“Then, Your Majesty, if one follows the Infernal path to the Land of Yomi, is there a chance to obtain a Kunitsukami’s divinity?” Lily inquired.

“That’s correct. Most Kunitsukami divinity reside in the Land of Yomi, though a few are found in Ashihara or even beyond the vast, endless sea,” the Queen confirmed.

“Your Majesty, does obtaining a divinity make a difference in strength within the same realm?”

“Obtaining a divinity isn’t a prerequisite for immense power; there are highly formidable beings in both Takamagahara and Yomi who possess no divinities. Nonetheless, gaining a divinity grants a unique power, unparalleled and entirely yours to command, which significantly enhances your strength,” the Queen clarified.

“Thus, divinities are fiercely pursued and contested, desired by the mighty from both Yomi and Takamagahara,” Chiya added gravely. “Moreover, Lily, you must understand that attaining the status of Supreme God is impossible without a divinity.”

“Supreme God?”

“Correct. The stage beyond Empyrean is that of the Supreme God,” the Queen affirmed, her eyes sparkling intensely.

“Be it an Amatsukami or a Kunitsukami, ascending beyond the Empyrean Stage leads to becoming a Supreme God. Supreme Gods wield the ability to manipulate heaven and earth, dominating the vast four seas, and reigning supremely over the eight million gods,” the Queen proclaimed, her look distant and otherworldly.

“Supreme God…” Lily gasped, her lips parting slightly as a faint mist escaped her teeth, reflecting her awe.

“Your Majesty, you spoke of eight million gods. Are there truly that many divinities in existence?” Lily inquired.

“Hehehe, the term ‘eight million gods’ is metaphorical, encompassing myriad spirits, minor gods, and land gods, among others, many of whom wield insubstantial power. If counted, their numbers would exceed eight million. For instance, an ancient tile house might, through natural events like erosion or wind, become home to a ’tile god.’ Such deities possess minimal power and lack the influence of true gods,” the Queen elucidated.

“Oh…” Today, Lily felt as though her perception had broadened significantly—beyond just Takamagahara and Yomi, into deeper, more profound realms. Her understanding of the world had deepened considerably.

A sudden thought struck Lily. “Your Majesty, is there a realm even beyond that of the Supreme God?” she asked.

“Above the Supreme God…” For a moment, both the Queen and the commander’s expressions turned profoundly solemn, their gazes piercing through barriers and rock, as if reaching towards the distant heavens.

“Above the Supreme God are the Great Imperial Gods! They are eternal beings, nobler than anything else in heaven and earth since the dawn of time,” the Queen’s voice quivered with reverence as she spoke.

“Amaterasu Omikami and Tsukuyomi no Mikoto, rulers of the heavens and the earth, the sun and the moon—these are such beings: the Great Imperial Gods!”

“Amaterasu Omikami… Tsukuyomi no Mikoto…” At that moment, Lily felt as though she had glimpsed the absolute apex of power in this world!

The Great Imperial Gods, lords over all deities, the sovereigns of the three realms! Born from these realms, their existence is eternal, their nobility and might absolute—a height unreachable by adepts. They are beings to be revered infinitely.

Yet, the Queen had revealed that Amaterasu Omikami had been silent for ages, and since the great ancient battle, Tsukuyomi no Mikoto’s fate—whether alive or dead—remained a mystery.


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