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Chapter 42 – The Queen’s Training

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3076 characters
Translator: LazyButAmbitious English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1672 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Captain Renka?” Lily began to turn at the sound of the voice, but her wrist was abruptly seized and she was yanked into the shadows behind a pillar. Renka’s grip was forceful, causing Lily’s hand to throb painfully. Renka was undoubtedly stronger, yet Lily’s primary concern was concealing her identity. She worried that using her full strength could alarm the palace occupants and, even then, she doubted she could overpower Renka.

Renka firmly twisted Lily’s wrist with one hand while pressing her chest against Lily’s back. With her other hand, she reached under Lily’s armpit, sliding it between her breasts to grasp her chin, exerting pressure.

A grimace of discomfort crossed Lily’s face, but fearing discovery, she endured the pain. “Captain Renka… What do you want? What are you doing?” she whispered.

“Hmph, you little schemer, your performance was quite the surprise! How did it feel to flaunt yourself before the Queen?” Renka hissed.

“No, that’s not it…” Lily protested weakly.

“Don’t forget who you are!” Renka warned in a low tone, “You temptress, you stir such impulses in me1…”

Renka paused, her breath ragged. Despite her resentment towards Lily, she harbored no real desire to harm her. Blaming Lily for her lover’s death, she overlooked Lily’s past bravery on her behalf. Now, bereft of her lover, Renka aimed to demean and chastise Lily, though she knew this was neither the time nor the place.

Renka’s temper cooled as she continued, “Listen, vixen, despite everything, your talent is acknowledged. Rakshasa-Onna sent me to express her gratitude. Yet, in my view, you’ve merely exploited yourself to gain your status, which is hardly commendable! Be truthful with me, understand?! Initially, I planned to use my role to introduce Takiri Rie at the palace, expecting you to assist her in courting the Queen’s favor. But now, it seems more practical to reverse those roles. Now, tell me truthfully—has the Queen claimed you?”

“Eh?” Lily’s face turned a deep red, and she shook her head vigorously, “No, no!”

“Is that so? Well, it’s hardly your fault. Rumor has it the Queen hasn’t sought companionship in a millennium. Your ability to draw her attention is remarkable. Keep winning her favor; if it comes to it, let her be close with you. It won’t interfere with your position in the Hundred Maidens contest, rather, it could even bolster your reputation,” Renka said, her voice dropping to a whisper. “Your mission now is to gather intelligence on the Female Queendom—they plan against Yomi. We’ll communicate through Takiri Rie; pass any info through her, and avoid direct contact with the Rakshasa Dojo. Understood?”

“Understood…” Although Lily had no intention of betraying the Queen, rejecting the Rakshasa Dojo outright seemed imprudent, so she agreed immediately.

“Very well! What are you waiting for? Get back quickly, and be discreet. Ensure no one suspects this meeting,” Renka said, giving Lily a quick tap on her backside to send her on her way.

Lily retrieved the wine and resumed her duties beside the Queen. Although the Queen appeared to notice Lily’s prolonged absence, she remained silent.

At the banquet, with the Queen’s acceptance of Rie and improved relations with the Rakshasa Dojo, Chika suggested establishing a branch dojo within the Female Queendom. This would facilitate paid escort missions for crucial trade and transport between the Female Queendom and beyond. The Queen agreed to this proposal.

As the banquet concluded, the Queen turned to Lily and stated, “Come with me.” She then led Lily away from the festivities.

This turn of events aligned with the Rakshasa Dojo’s goals, leaving Renka inwardly satisfied. She quietly withdrew to confer with Rie.

Meanwhile, the Lady Grand Councilor and Nadeshiko’s expressions darkened. They moved away from the main hall into the shadows, reaching a secluded corner of the courtyard.

Nadeshiko glanced around and quietly cast a spell to secure their privacy. Turning to the Lady Grand Councilor, she murmured, “Madam, our plans may face a significant hurdle.”

“Do you really need to mention it? It’s clear that Lynne was placed in the palace by General Chiya to thwart our efforts! And she is undeniably alluring; if not for our ties, I might have fallen under her spell myself. How could you let this happen? You are a Nightmare Enchantress, after all!”

“Madam, I cannot be held solely responsible. This woman, Lynne—there’s something extraordinary about her. She bears a striking resemblance to someone notable!”

“Resemble whom?”

Nadeshiko cast another anxious glance around before continuing in a hushed tone, “The Female Queendom remains largely secluded, impervious to many external influences. When I was at the Lord’s residence, I came across Takamagahara’s updated most wanted list. Lynne bears a strong resemblance to the woman ranked 99th—Kagami Lily.”

“What? Really? But she’s only 99th. That might hold some sway elsewhere, but here in the Female Queendom, Takamagahara’s list holds little weight. Remember, even the Queen and Chiya Kasumi rank highly on that list,” the Lady Grand Councilor retorted.

“Madam, we must not underestimate her capabilities. It is said that Kagami Lily made a significant impact upon her arrival in Yomi, drawing the attention of ten thousand demons. Even Wakarai, one of the eight thunder gods, failed to capture her despite his efforts,” Nadeshiko emphasized, her tone and expression filled with urgency.

“A woman pursued by Wakarai himself, and he failed to capture her?” The Lady Grand Councilor expressed her surprise.

“Madam, this is no trivial issue; it has the potential to disrupt our plans. We must inform our esteemed Lord before proceeding.”

“Very well. Then you should secure a portrait of this woman…”

“Madam, having seen her in person, I covertly used a spell to sketch her likeness. It is far more precise than the image on the wanted poster.”

“Excellent work! Truly, you live up to the name of the multi-talented Kurei Nadeshiko. Given your role as a dancer, your movements are restricted. Pass me the portrait, and I will ensure it is dispatched at the earliest opportunity.”

Meanwhile, Lily accompanied the Queen deep within the palace. Together, they traversed the serpentine, silent corridors, eventually reaching a cave at the mountain’s base behind the palace.

“Lynne, we stand before the Female Queendom’s forbidden territory; entry is permitted only with my consent.” With a gesture, the Queen dissolved the protective enchantments at the cave’s entrance and guided Lily inside.

The cave extended deeply, winding into a vast cavern aglow with crystals that cast a ghostly light. The cavern was octagonally shaped, adorned with seven ancient scrolls displayed on its walls. These scrolls illustrated celestial maidens of countless forms and sizes, alongside a palace suspended above a sea of clouds.

Lily felt a vague familiarity with these paintings, yet something about them was distinctly different.

“This is the Himemiya Sen-no-hana Painting. In Takamagahara, it served as a training artifact for our celestial maidens to master the arts of allure. Regrettably, of the original eight paintings, one has gone missing—likely a casualty of the Great War. While this loss may not affect Commander Chiya or myself, it’s a lamentable setback for those women still seeking enlightenment. Had it not been lost, the Female Queendom might have developed greater numbers of formidable female experts over the last millennium,” the Queen elaborated.

“Himemiya Sen-no-hana Painting?!” Lily examined the seven paintings closely and noticed that most of the scrolls appeared to be sequential, all except for one conspicuous blank space.

Lily recalled owning a Himemiya Sen-no-hana Painting herself, a loan from Kimiko. She would need Kimiko’s permission to display it2. However, she clearly remembered its features, and it appeared to perfectly complement the gap among the displayed scrolls.

“Lynne, stand still and place your hands behind your head. I’ll assess your mastery of the path of seduction,” commanded the Queen.

“Eh? This…”

Compelled to comply, Lily stood as instructed. The Queen delicately loosened part of Lily’s sash with one hand and intrusively searched within her garments with the other, ostensibly to evaluate her seductive prowess.

“What? That’s unexpectedly low. I’m puzzled as to how you’ve maintained your purity in Yomi with such limited ability. But let’s set that aside. Here in the palace, you’re safe, and you alone may come here to train and pursue enlightenment at your leisure.”

The Queen withdrew her hand and subtly sniffed her fingertips. Her movements were fluid and graceful, eliciting a faint throbbing sensation in Lily, who, feeling embarrassed, bowed her head.

“May I truly seek enlightenment here whenever I wish?”

The seven Himemiya Sen-no-hana Paintings, akin to holy relics, would form a complete instructional set with Lily’s missing piece, offering explicit guidance on celestial practices. This prospect excited Lily immensely.

“Of course, Lynne, you may visit any time. Henceforth, this place shall be accessible only to us,” the Queen affirmed, approaching Lily from behind and encircling her waist with an arm.

“Your Majesty…”

The Queen softly ruffled Lily’s hair, musing, “Lynne, leaving the Yomi-no-kuni is arduous, perhaps impossible for a millennium. We will be here together, just the two of us, for many years. Do you think you’ll feel lonely without your sisters around?”

While whispering into Lily’s ear, the Queen’s hand gently moved up and down along Lily’s waist.

“Your Majesty, please… don’t,” Lily murmured as she delicately shifted her body and stepped slightly to the side, her head bowed. “You have been so gracious in guiding and aiding Lynne, for which I am profoundly thankful. But surely Your Majesty recalls that I… I am committed to someone else? We mustn’t…”

“Lynne,” the Queen interjected, enfolding Lily in her arms from behind, “The woman who is pledged to another is Lily. Here, however, you are Lynne—my Lynne.”

“My presence aids your training, helping you grasp the emotions of the sisters in the Himemiya Sen-no-hana Paintings. Rest assured, our interactions are meant solely to share sentiments and insights on the path of seduction. I promise not to cross any boundaries without your consent, okay?”

“This…” Lily hesitated, unsure of her response. “May I begin to gain insight into these paintings now3?”



  1. LazyButAmibitous: Do what?😰
  2. Robinxen: I uh… honestly don’t think that’s overly relevant anymore given the state of the world…
  3. Robinxen: Tactical escape!
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