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Reborn as a Transcendent Chapter 25

Editing this chapter makes me feel like that the author is dumb or thinks games are way more complicated then they are. All the money spent to make video games is art and marketing very little is gameplay. If you want to make a fps just download UE4 and hit fps starter project and bam you got a fps shooter just swap the art out and you are good.

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Reborn as a Transcendent Chapter 23

HI HI Hydra Here.

Editing Transcendent is cutting into doing mango. I had to basically rewrite the entire chapter in a new doc. :Kek: :GWnoneMeguDed:

WP wont let me do vertical-align so the discord emoji will be misaligned.

Silva said I edit twice over 2 days well its more like 4+ times.

  1. Read the chapter
  2. Edit the chapter line by line
  3. Edit raw checks
  4. Final edit for flow aka read the entire chapter as a whole

Editing Silva’s edits happens sometime before the final edit

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