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Chapter 335 – The Violent Priest Reappears

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2027 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1330 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Shocked! Stunned! Dazzled!

Marco’s mouth was agape and his eyeballs were about to pop out of his skull. His scalp became insanely numb.

At this moment, he was shocked beyond belief.

The highest amount of summoned golden flying fish ever recorded in his family was several hundred. However, the number of golden flying fishes in front of him was substantially more than that number!

The moment he realized that each respective golden flying fish fetched a high price, Marco instantly felt dizzy.

Gold coins. Lots and lots of gold coins were flying over!

Yaeger was stunned slightly after seeing so many golden flying fish, but soon realized what was going on. ‘I’m sorry but having lots of Luck is just awesome!’

Indeed, the effects of the [Sea Deity’s Gift] would become increasingly potent the luckier the user was.

Yaeger’s terrifyingly high Luck, standing at 666 points, would naturally produce an amazing result after using the horn.

“I’m rich.” Yaeger smiles calmly. The results had simply exceeded her expectations.

Although this wave of golden flying fish might not make her reach Level 30, it would be close enough.

“Lili, do you like eating fish?” She suddenly asked.

Behind her, Lili blinked and said, “I do.”

“This kind of fish is very delicious. Catch some of them later and I’ll cook them for you.” Yaeger pulled out her crossbow, [Berserk Thunder], and said with a smile.

She was in a very good mood.

According to her original plan, she’d had to grind monsters for 2 days straight in order to reach Level 30. But now, 1 wave of golden flying fish alone was already enough. That was very good news for her.

“Sure. I’ll catch a lot of them.” Lili’s eyes glowed brightly.

‘What are you? A cat?’

Yaeger smiled bitterly. If you caught all of them, I won’t be able to level up.

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Of course, she knew that Lili was an understanding person who knew the limits and wouldn’t cause such an issue.

At this moment, the golden flying fish flew out of the sea and traveled towards Yeager. Any ordinary person would be terrified by this scene. For example, Marco.

But in Yaeger’s point of view, those were experience points coming her way!

She pulled back the crossbow fully, activating both [Rapid Attack] and [Multi Shot] at the same time. The next moment, countless energy arrows carrying purple electricity flew out and they formed a rain of arrows.

Witnessing such a terrible AoE attack, Marco’s jaw was agape once again.

Yaeger’s arrow rain wasn’t only fast, it was also very dense and very accurate.

Within the blink of an eye, lots of golden flying fish dropped from the sky, staining the beach in front of them with lots of gold and red.

Oddly enough, although they were bleeding pools of blood, the scene wasn’t stained with a pungent stench. Instead, it smelled pleasant.

These fishes that survived flew around Yeager and were about to fly back into the ocean, however, they were then frozen in mid-air.

“You can’t run, my dinner.” Pulling with her small hand, Lili reeled all those golden flying fish with barely visible wires.

On the other side, Yaeger unleashed attacks in all directions. The terrifying barrage caused Marco’s legs to bounce involuntarily and his brain to spin like a disco ball.

‘What a terrible attack speed. What a terrifying Attack Power!’

The golden flying fishes were not low leveled creatures. Although they had insignificant Attack Power, their defense was still decent. However, Yaeger would kill them with a single arrow! Even a scrape was lethal!

Wave after wave, the golden flying fishes littered the beach like a rain of gold.

Those that escaped the initial attacks didn’t escape Lili’s grasp.

At the end of Yaeger’s barrage, not a single golden flying fish could be seen in the air. Meanwhile, fish corpses were piled up like a mountain at the beach. To describe her performance in 3 words: Fast, fierce, and brutal!

Marco subconsciously held his shoulders and trembled all over. He realized that this Black-hearted Princess was much stronger and more terrifying than he heard in the rumors!

“Pretty much the same as I’ve expected. Not bad.” Yaeger opened her game interface and looked at her experience bar. Her newly gained experience was enough to let her reach Level 29 and a half.

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As long as she could harvest another wave of golden flying fish, she’d definitely reach Level 30. Moreover, she’d have extra experience points to level up her skills.

However, the [Sea Deity’s Gift] had a 3 hour cooldown. She had to wait until evening before she could reach Level 30.

Yaeger wasn’t in a hurry to turn her experience points into a new level. Instead, she looked at Lili. “Lili, you managed to get a lot too.”

There were dozens of golden flying fish laying on the ground. They seemed to be suppressed by some sort of energy since they couldn’t move.

“It’s not bad. Are we going back?” Lili asked.

“Yes. It’ll take three hours before I can use it next time.” Yaeger nodded and then looked at Marco. “Before we go back, we should handle these corpses first.”

The fish corpses were still fresh. As long as it was handled properly and their freshness was maintained, it was worth a lot of money.

“Marco, take these fishes and sell them. We’ll split the money seven to three.” Yaeger smiled.

Hearing that, Marco’s expression soured. ‘You used my family’s heirloom to get these fishes and I have to handle all of them. But you’re only giving me thirty percent?’

Too evil!

However, when he looked at those countless fish corpses, his eyes instantly sparkled with golden light. It was a lot of money!

Even 30% was quite a lot!

Dead fish were worth a lot less than alive ones. However, it was different when it came to the golden flying fish since they were rare and tasty. Most importantly, every part of it was valuable!

The simple fact that it could nourish the body was enough to drive people insane!

“You don’t want to?” Yaeger said.

“No, no… I’m happy to help!” Marco retracted his gaze and said in a hurry.

“Then why aren’t you working yet? If you don’t process them in time, their value would tank.” She said.

“Yes, yes!” Marco replied. Then, he quickly handled the fish corpses.

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Because there was no pungent smell, it wasn’t difficult for him to handle the task.

“My wallet is running dry. These fishes are really helpful.”

Yaeger had expended all her pocket money by buying the horn from [Vita Lemontea]. Her financial crisis will be resolved once she sold off these fish.

She wasn’t worried that nobody would buy these fish. Since these things could enhance sexual performance, it would always be in demand, no matter in reality or in the game world.

Especially when it came to Earth. Once a life form was verified to be effective in boosting sexual performance, they would become protected species in less than a year.

The golden flying fish could make Marco’s family filthy rich probably because they were famous for their miraculous effect in boosting sexual performance.

After all, wealthy people in this world would release their desires fairly often. Their bodies would be weakened easily. If there were something that could nourish their bodies instantly, they would spend top dollar to buy it.

“Speaking of which, does nourishing the body mean that it improves the skin quality?” Yaeger tilted her head and spoke softly.

“Nourishing the body?” Hearing that, Lili also tilted her head in confusion.

Under the sun, the tall and short beauty stared at one another and was rendered speechless.

At the same time, the game forum was lively today.

A post that accused Yunuen of brutality had garnered lots of attention.

«Wretched! Despicable! Tragic! Kindhearted players went to buy medicine but were brutalized by a violent Priest! Pictures included!»


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