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Chapter 337 – I Have a Daughter Who’ve Just Entered Adulthood

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3054 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1966 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yaeger always assumed that it was notoriously difficult to gain Lili’s Favorability. She was regarded as a cold, distant, violent, and temperamental person. Hence, it always seemed like she enjoyed being a lone wolf.

However, after actually interacting with her, it turned out that she was actually very cute and docile like a little kitten. Moreover, it was easy to gain Favorability. Feeding her a piece of candy and some fish had netted Yaeger several thousand points.

‘Others have definitely misunderstood Lili.’ Yaeger thought.

Immediately after, she continued feeding Lili more fish. However, her Favorability didn’t change.

‘Looks like it’s just the same as the candy. It only works once and never twice.’

After eating their fill, both of them rested in Marco’s living room. Yaeger brewed a pot of red tea and poured it into 2 cups. After giving one to Lili, she started to stare in anticipation.

The latter was visibly unnerved but still took a sip of tea. After a few seconds, Yaeger still didn’t hear any notifications and became disappointed. The living room was quiet. The occasional sound of tea being poured was heard.

Feeling bored, Yaeger opened the forum and checked out the trending posts. As soon as she entered the forums, she noticed a whole new trending post.

«The Battle Healer Is Actually This Terrifying!»

The word “battle healer” reminded her of Yunuen. As expected, she could see that the contents were about Yunuen the moment she opened it. There was also a video attached.

Yaeger skimmed through the texts and instantly played the video.

In fact, she could already guess the contents without looking at it. Some players probably went to Layna’s Item Shop and targeted her. At the beginning of the video, Yunuen walked out of the Item Shop and looked up to the skies. She looked cute as she stretched lazily.

Suddenly, more than a dozen players rushed over and let out excited screams. It shocked Yunuen.

Then, the fighting started. It was 15 against 1. In every aspect, Yunuen was obviously at a disadvantage since she was alone. However, when both sides actually clashed, a horrifying scene happened.

Bashing with her staff, Yunuen instantly spun like a tornado while the blood-red magic staff glowed in a terrifying shade of red.

Before those players could launch their attacks, they were already blasted away by [Whirlwind Staff] as they wailed in pain.

It wasn’t over yet. After her successful attack, Yunuen felt good about herself and pressed the advantage. Thanks to her increased Agility as a result of her [Black Dragon’s Bloodline], she was actually faster than the typical Warrior. She instantly caught up to a fleeing player and bashed his head with her blood-red staff.


The sound of an exploding watermelon was heard.

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At the same time, red light glowed around Yunuen. With her black hair flying about and blood pooling in both eyes, jet-black runes manifested on the staff in her hands. Unquestionably there was no doubt that she had entered a [Tyrannical] state and she became stronger with every single kill!

Tipping her toes, Yunuen instantly appeared in front of a player who ran into a wall and was currently stranded. With a bash of her staff, the flowers of blood bloomed once again.

The next moment, her Attack Power had substantially increased again. Runes similar to the ones seen on her staff had appeared on her face, which made her look ominously beautiful.

Two players were killed within the blink of an eye, driving the rest of the players to a panic. However, everyone calmed down after the leader screamed. Yunuen’s strength had definitely exceeded their expectations. Yet, they still had 13 people. They were likely to win as long as they fought carefully.

Just as they were preparing to disperse and obliterate Yunuen with long-range attacks, the latter stomped on the ground and launched out like a cannonball while flailing wildly!

This time around, [Whirlwind Staff] was triggered again. The powerful force sent everyone flying everywhere.

What happened next was similar to what happened previously. Yunuen instantly smashed the player closest to her in brutal efficiency.

‘Seems like Yunuen has overcome the fear of murdering other people. Not bad.’ Yaeger nodded softly while feeling relieved.

She left Yunuen alone in Jade City to ensure an uninterrupted supply of refined medicine, and also to make her experience the sensation of slaughtering people. Once she got accustomed to that feeling, she would improve quickly.

After all, Yaeger couldn’t be by her side at every moment to protect her. She could only rely on our own strength to solve the problems most of the time. Hence, she had no choice but to become stronger.

The battle became even more intense. Yunuen became stronger as she fought, her oppressive attacks swept all those players away like they were garbage. Within a minute, those players who targeted her were all killed.

The few pieces of Equipment left on the ground proved that they had existed.

At this moment, both the spectating players and the NPCs were all shocked beyond belief. They could never imagine that Black-hearted Princess’ underling was actually this terrifyingly strong!

Fear! Incomparably fearful!

Certain players who thought about capitalizing on the opportunity were relieved. ‘Black-hearted Princess is definitely hard to deal with. Even though she left Jade City, she still prepared a massive trap for us!’

“Who else dares?” In the video, Yunuen suddenly raised her head and glared at everyone with her bloodshot eyes.

Everyone was silent. They all let out a pained expression as if they were under intense stress. Some people even trembled with a pale expression.

The video ended. Yaeger smirked and felt a sense of pride as it rose from deep within her heart. She was relieved and prideful, as if she had watched her children grow up into splendid adults.

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She then sent a message to Yunuen but didn’t receive a reply.

“She’s really addicted to refining medicine. It’s a good thing.” Yaeger felt even more reassured and smiled. Such a smile had captivated Lili and accelerated her heartbeat.

By the evening, the cooldown of the [Sea Deity’s Gift] was over. Yaeger and the rest went to the designated beach once again.

Before that, she had already run experiments on the [Sea Deity’s Gift] and discovered she was able to turn that mysterious energy into experience points using [Automatic Energy Absorption].

Therefore, the horn’s side effects didn’t mean anything to her. She’d be fine even if she didn’t use [Devourer].


The horn blew once again and the mysterious sound spread in all directions. Immediately after, that mysterious energy instantly invaded Yaeger’s body.

Because [Devourer] was still in cooldown, [Automatic Energy Absorption] couldn’t convert all the energy in one go. Hence, that mysterious energy remained in her body.

Feeling the abnormality within her body, Yaeger frowned while feeling shocked. ‘Looks like this energy can mutate my Bloodline in a strange way…

Suddenly, she remembered what Marco said: Those who used the horn 4 times would mutate before they disappeared.

‘Could it be that they were actually transformed into another race?’ As she pondered, Yaeger realized that there were still more secrets to uncover.

However, it didn’t matter to her since it wouldn’t happen to her. She wasn’t bothered to care about other people’s issues. This mysterious energy wandered around Yaeger’s body for a while and then suddenly stopped. Then, it vibrated incessantly. As if it was scared of something.

‘I have the Celestial Race Bloodline, the strongest bloodline within me. It would be weird if this energy could affect me.’

Yaeger shook her head lightly as the mysterious energy within her was instantly purified into pure energy. With [Automatic Energy Absorption], it was slowly converted into experience points.

At this moment, the ocean surface that was stained gold by the sunset instantly churned. Many golden flying fish jumped into the air and flew towards her.

“It’s a lot less compared to before.” Yaeger spoke in displeasure after seeing the sparse numbers of flying fish.

Marco’s face instantly twitched after hearing those words. The wave of golden flying fish this time was indeed a lot less when compared to the first time, but its numbers were still terrifying!

He even wondered if Black-hearted Princess had summoned all the golden flying fish in this region.

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“The numbers might be lesser but it’s more than enough to make me reach Level 30.”

Yaeger pulled out the purple crossbow—Berserk Thunder, and looked ahead. Unleashing her bolts, what happened during noon happened again. And it ended even faster.

Marco got busy once again. But this time around, he hired lots of villagers ahead of time and it made life easier for him. Then, Yaeger and Lili left the beach and returned to Marco’s home.

In the courtyard, Yaeger took a deep breath and tried to relax herself. Meanwhile, Lili stood not far away and looked at her with eyes filled with anticipation.

She already sensed Yaeger’s aura surging from within her and its momentum was getting stronger and stronger. That undoubtedly indicated that she was about to experience a breakthrough.

In fact, Yaeger actually did nothing at all. She simply filled her experience bar to the max and reached Level 30 straight away.

Prior to “graduation”, a player’s highest level in the Jade Empire was Level 30.

Even if Yaeger now had 100 level’s worth of experience points on her, she could only reach Level 30. The rest of her experience could be only spent on leveling up her skills or stashed away. Once she “graduated”, she’d get to the highest level in one go.

Yaeger’s eyes became grim as she felt endless energy flowing out of her body. Her tightly clenched fists instantly crackled.


The air itself shook. The intensity of her aura instantly reached its peak. At this moment, Yaeger felt like there was a gap stopping her from reaching the zenith. That was her bottleneck.

“Break!” The moment she spoke, the aura within her body instantly condensed and formed into a spinning top. It completely disregarded the obstacle and kept going upwards!


A crisp sound was heard within her body. Then, Yaeger could feel the barrier loosening and breaking. She instantly consolidated her strength and pushed at full force!


Soon, that barrier was filled with cracks and then shattered! At the same time, countless light particles came out of her body. Those light particles condensed and formed a white pillar of light that shot straight into the skies.

  • In a certain underground location, in Jade City.

“As expected of my [Child of Destiny]!” Alicia suddenly raised her head. Her gaze seemed to have pierced the ground as she glanced at that pillar of light. She was overjoyed.

  • In the palace.

A tall figure looked towards the docks with grim eyes.

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  • In the Adventurer’s Guild.

Chris, the vice president, tilted his head and looked out the window. Blue light flashed in his eyes for a split second.

  • In the depths of the infinite ocean, there was a divine island levitating in mid-air.

Inside a palace shrouded in divine aura, a young girl sitting on the throne suddenly opened her eyes as her lips quivered. “That’s no mistake. It’s really divine aura! Although it’s very thin, it still exists! The location… It’s located in the South!”

Under excitement, an overbearing aura exploded from within her body and it instantly enveloped the entire divine island.

Within the moment, all living beings on that island were terrified and trembled in fear.

“This individual who possesses a divine aura. What relation do you really have with the Divines? This one is very curious.” The petite girl’s dainty fingers lightly tapped on the throne’s armrest as she let out a meaningful smile.


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