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Chapter 332 – I, Princess, Has Never Uttered A Lie

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2183 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1403 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

‘He’s coming!’ Yaeger was pleased.

Although scoundrels were displeased after hearing that familiar voice. After all, this guy would always show up and save the damsel in distress whenever they were harassing girls.

They wondered if he had placed some sort of magical item that tracked their whereabouts on them!

Usually, a nasty fight was bound to happen once Marco showed himself. However, today, the Marco that they usually despised was as beautiful as an angel!

“It’s Marco. Brothers, run!” The scoundrels’ leader acted like he was about to flee in fear. His acting skills had obviously substantially improved compared to his previous performance.

The rest of the scoundrels came to a realization and instantly ran away. By now, that figure finally reached the area with a face full of confusion.

‘Weird. Those scoundrels would always fight me back then. This time around, why did they run away the moment they heard me? Could it be that my domineering presence has finally manifested? Does it mean that I exude fear and awe wherever I go?’

He was overjoyed as he thought about that, then noticed the girl laying on the ground. The moment he laid eyes on her, his soul almost left his body!

‘So… So beautiful! I could play with those beautiful legs forever!’

His gaze first landed on Yaeger’s legs. Indeed, she had near perfect legs that were long, white, soft, and pretty.

Looking up, his eyes became wide open.

‘I could play with that slender waist forever!’

Shifting his gaze up again, his eyes almost cracked open. His heart beat like it was broken.

‘Divine spheres! I could play with them forever!’

Overcoming intense temptation, he kept looking upwards. The moment he saw her pitiful and stunning face, his entire body trembled.

‘Most beautiful woman in the world! Ah, I’m dying!’

A glance alone was enough to make him feel like his soul was about to leave his body. He knew that it was bad to keep looking but he still couldn’t help but look again.

‘Huh? She seems a little familiar, I think I’ve seen her somewhere before… Also, why do I feel an inexplicable sense of disgust…’ He felt perplexed for a moment.

At the same time, Yaeger was staring at him like a viper who locked onto its prey.

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Under the sun, this man’s appearance was revealed. He had a robust body, tanned skin, and a special characteristic on his face. He wasn’t ugly. Yet, it seemed like two sausages were glued onto his face, replacing his lips. It looked a little ridiculous.

He was the main figure behind the questline—Marco.

He was 25 years old, living in [Aoma Village], Glory Road, Lot 17. He rarely stayed indoors and enjoyed playing the hero, especially when it came to saving damsels in distress. He seemingly had some kind of magical detection ability that allowed him to show up instantly and help any women that were in danger.

The ultimate aspiration in his life was to marry a beautiful girl.

The secondary aspiration was to recover the lost heirloom of his family and verify the authenticity of the story claimed in the myth.

“This beautiful lady…” Marco looked at Yeager again. He was instantly petrified before he could finish his sentence, because he finally realized the identity of the person in front of him!

“Farewell!” Trembling all over, Marco instantly regained his senses and turned around, dashing away at breakneck speeds. He was actually faster right now than he was when he first came here!

‘Did you people set me up? Damn!’ Marco could never expect that those scoundrels would actually set him up. ‘Their IQs must’ve skyrocketed!’

“It’s very rude to run away after recognizing someone.”

He was running quickly, but someone was faster than him. Within the blink of an eye, a dazzling figure appeared in front of him. It was Yaeger.

“Wah!” As if seeing a ghost, Marco let out a terrifying wail. Then, he did an emergency brake to turn around and keep running. Yet, a slender hand grabbed him by the collar.

“I need you for something. Don’t go. Don’t make me repeat myself again.” Yaeger spoke grimly.

Hearing her bone-chilling voice, Marco instantly nodded while trembling all over.

“Very good.” Yaeger instantly let him go.

It was very difficult to meet Marco unless he was drawn out by these specific events. Even if she squatted in front of his home for the entire day, she’d probably not meet him at all. He was practically made to progress the questline.

“Black… [Princess], You… What do you want from me?” Marco turned around and spoke in horror.

“Look at me when you’re speaking. Did your parents tell you to look at the ground when you’re talking to someone else?” Yaeger looked grim and her tone of voice became even more chilling.

“No… No…” Marco looked at Yaeger and his pupils instantly shrank. Because he saw a familiar object hanging in front of her chest.

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Back then, he was completely mesmerized by Yaeger’s unrivaled beauty. So much so that he failed to notice that eye-catching horn.

“[Sea Deity’s Gift]! This is the heirloom of our family. [Sea Deity’s Gift]…” He shouted in excitement. However, he covered his mouth before he could finish speaking. He only let go after looking around and noticing nobody else nearby, then took a deep breath.

“You know what this is?” Yaeger asked despite knowing the answer.

“[Princess], there’s lots of people here. If you don’t mind, let’s talk about it in my home.” Marco spoke in trepidation. He knew that inviting Yaeger to his home was akin to bringing a hungry wolf into his sheep pen—absolutely idiotic. However, he decided to take some risks since the lost family heirloom was right in front of his eyes.

No matter what, she heard what he said just now. Hence, it was no longer possible to conceal the truth from her.

Unless he was tired of living. Otherwise, that brutal, cold-blooded, and insane Black-hearted Princess would definitely torture him deeply and turn him inside out! He’d be tortured until he confessed everything!

Marco’s house was large. It had a courtyard but it was overgrown with weeds. His home, which was hundreds of square meters larger, seemed a little dilapidated. Obvious to see that it had fallen from grace already.

“Not bad. Your ancestors must be rich.” Upon entering the house, Yeager saw lots of finely crafted furniture. Although they were somewhat aged, they started to look like antiques. As they were baptized by the passing of time, they became even more appealing.

“You flatter me.” Hearing those words, Marco instantly felt a little prideful but it instantly faded away.

His ancestors were rich, but that had no relation to him. He was still poor anyway.

“You said that this is your family heirloom. Where’s your proof?” Yaeger took out the horn and placed it on the table.

“No. I only saw an illustration of the [Sea Deity’s Gift] in a diary left behind by my great grandfather. Because it’s distinctively worn, I recognized it right away.” Marco told the truth.

Then, he took out an old notebook and carefully flipped the pages until he saw an illustration. It was indeed identical to the horn on the table.

“It is indeed identical.” Yaeger nodded, not feeling surprised at all.

If they were actually different, that would be a real problem!

“[Princess], this horn…”

“I’m not selling and I’m not giving it back.” Seeing that Marco was hesitating, Yeager instantly interrupted him.

Hearing that, Marco’s eyes flashed with regret. This family heirloom was lost before he was even born. Hence, it naturally belonged to the person who found it thereafter.

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If Yeager didn’t wish to sell it, then he could do nothing about it.

‘I can’t just snatch it, right?’ The moment he thought about that, Marco shuddered. ‘Are you kidding me? Who dares to do such a thing to this bipedal Magic Beast?’

“However, if you tell me how to use this horn, I’ll consider giving it back to you after using it.” Yaeger spoke casually.

“Really?” He was already filled with hopelessness, but he was instantly overjoyed the moment he heard those words.

“I hate lying to people the most. Of course I’m serious.” Yaeger let out a radiant smile.

However, such a smile only made the corners of Lili’s eyes and mouth twitch.


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