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Chapter 334 – I’m Sorry, I’m Kind of A Clean Freak

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2033 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1307 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yaeger and the rest came to the seaside. Marco, clutching his swollen face with his hand, led the group.

Aside from needing to be activated by seawater, the horn would only function in a specific area. It was the place where Marco’s great-grandfather rescued the crawfish. By now, only Marco knew where it was exactly.

It took them more than a dozen minutes to get to a relatively secluded beach that was some distance away from [Aoma Village]. There was no one else around. The sound of the waves hitting the shore was very relaxing.

Yaeger was now fully equipped. Her expression was much more solemn than before. After listening to Marco’s story, she felt a slight sense of danger within her. Hence, she had no choice but to remain vigilant.

Meanwhile, Lili, who was beside her, still wore a white dress and had no emotions on her face.

“Lili, do you want some candy?” Yaeger looked at her and smiled.

Lili’s presence was her greatest safety net. As long as Lili could handle the upcoming threat, her safety would be guaranteed.

Seemingly reminded of something, Lili shook her head with a blushed face.

She made no comments or suggestions about Yaeger’s current actions. She knew she could handle any problems coming her way anyway. So, she allowed the [Child of Destiny] to do whatever she pleased.

Marco dug a deep hole on the beach with some tools, and lots of seawater gushed out from within.

“[Princess], that’s it!”

“Oh.” Yaeger approached and casually tossed the [Sea Deity’s Gift] into the hole.

Seeing that his family heirloom was being treated like a piece of garbage, Marco couldn’t help but wince.

The seawater in the hole rose rapidly and submerged the horn very quickly. Everyone waited quietly.

15 minutes later, they saw a miraculous scene.

That tattered horn continued to crack and eventually shattered completely. Then, a brand-new horn appeared. It was smaller, completely ice-blue in color, and emanated a faint glow.

This was the true appearance of the [Sea Deity’s Gift]!

With a wave of her hand, her aura retrieved the horn and brought it to her hand. She instantly saw the status information about this item.

Rare item: [Sea Deity’s Gift].

Usage instructions: just blow the horn at a specific seashore.

Effect: based on the individual’s Luck, it can summon the corresponding amounts of golden flying fish.

Number of uses: 3.

Cooldown time: 3 hours.

Description: This is the mysterious horn obtained by Marco’s great-grandfather after rescuing the sea deity’s illegitimate child. Blowing it in a specific region will summon rare golden flying fishes.

This species of flying fish is very delicious and nutritious. It can be used in medicine to nourish the body. As a rare product within the Jade Empire, it is very valuable.

In addition, killing the golden frying fish within a limited time will award you with a lot of experience points.

Precautions: After using this horn 3 times, please air-dry it and store it in a cool place for 1 year. If it is forcefully used before the 1-year cooldown, it will lead to unfortunate events.

After reading the information, Yaeger instantly frowned. ‘What about the mermaid?’

Contrary to what Marco said, nothing about mermaids were listed here.

“Marco, has anyone in your family ever summoned a mermaid?” Yaeger looked at Marco and asked.

The latter stared at [Sea Deity’s Gift] with a stunned expression. He only regained his senses after 2 seconds.

“No.” Marco shook his head. If anyone in his family had summoned a mermaid, their accomplishments would definitely be recorded. But unfortunately, there was none.

The fact that the [Sea Deity’s Gift] could summon mermaids was probably fabricated by his great-grandfather. In truth, the horn actually had no such ability.

Marco assumed so when he was young, until he met the legendary mermaid around these waters when he was older.

That encounter convinced him that his family’s horn could summon mermaids. Yet, nobody had ever succeeded simply because the odds were simply too low.

‘Once she’s done using it and I wait for another year, I’ll have the chance to meet a mermaid girl!’

After meeting a mermaid once when he was young, Marco had never seen another mermaid ever since. The desire to see a beautiful mermaid again had become an obsessive desire within his heart.

“I see.” Yaeger let out a sigh of realization, then pulled out [Sunscorch] and roasted the horn with its flames.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Seeing that his family heirloom was being roasted, Marco instantly became flustered.

“I’m disinfecting it.” Yaeger spoke calmly.

Ever since she became a girl, she became a slight clean freak. Looking at an item that was used by multiple people, she compulsively felt like it was dirty, against her logical reason. In fact, this horn would automatically clean itself while it was under cooldown. It was impossible for dirty things to cling onto it.

After roasting it, Yaeger still wasn’t satisfied. So, she scrubbed it once again with her aura. Seeing that, both Marco and Lili were speechless.

“Lili, keep watching over me. If something abnormal happens later, I’ll have to rely on you.” Yaeger’s expression became even more solemn.

Indeed, the power of this horn could liberate her from spending lots of time grinding for levels. However, it carried an unknown risk.

“Yes.” Lili nodded. Her emotionless face was now filled with slight determination.

She came along with Yaeger in order to prevent any accidents from happening.

Marco seemed eager. He never witnessed the [Sea Deity’s Gift] being used as he only learned about it in his great-grandfather’s diary. Now that he was finally able to see it personally, he was definitely eager and excited.

Yaeger took a deep breath and slowly raised the horn. Placing it on her lips, she then blew hard.

Honk!!! The horn instantly flashed in blue light. A wondrous sound wave was spread out in sonic speeds.

“That’s it?” Yaeger put down the horn and asked Marco.

“I suppose so.” Marco said while feeling unconfident. After all, he had never used this horn before. Furthermore, it was actually his first time seeing it in person.

Yaeger remained silent after glancing at him. Then, she looked away and looked at the ocean.

At this moment, her pupils shrank and the horn in her hand suddenly vibrated.

‘What’s going on here?’ Looking down at the horn in her hand, Yaeger’s expression changed as she felt a shock in her heart. She could feel a wondrous energy originating from the horn invading her body.

Lili noticed Yeager’s abnormality and was about to approach. However, the latter waved her hand, gesturing that she could handle it herself.

Lili stopped and glanced at Yaeger with slight worry.

‘I don’t care what energy it is. As long as it’s energy, I’ll consume it!’ Yaeger activated [Devourer].

The next moment, the special energy emanating from the horn was instantly consumed. Then, her experience bar rose sharply. After a few seconds, that special energy was completely absorbed by Yaeger and the glow on the horn had dimmed greatly.

Marco didn’t know what had happened to Yeager. Instead, he was staring at the ocean horizon, waiting for a miraculous scene to appear.

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds…

Time passed but nothing remarkable happened on the sea surface.

Marco couldn’t help but be disappointed. Just as he was about to retract his gaze, he saw the calm ocean surface churn violently!

The ocean seemed to be boiling at this moment!

Whoosh whoosh!

At the same time, countless golden creatures the size of the palm jumped out of the ocean and flew towards them!

It was akin to a swarm of locusts!

In fact, Yaeger had summoned so much golden flying fish that it was impossible to count!


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