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Chapter 338 – The Perfect Life Form Appears!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3064 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2014 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

  • In the courtyard.

The pillar of light dissipated. Yeager levitated in mid-air as her jet-black hair floated around. Her surrounding light particles dispersed, Making her seem like a dancing light fairy.

“So amazing. I feel full of power.”

Gently clenching her fists, power instantly surged within her and nearly broke out of her body. She had never experienced such fullness in power before. Moreover, she realized that she now had a finer control in her power. Within a flick of her hand, it seemed like she could draw power from the world itself.

‘The Divine Body is definitely a cut above the rest.’

Yaeger quickly came to realize that the changes within her body were obviously influenced by her Celestial Race Bloodline.

‘With my current strength, I can probably defeat the typical Grandmaster with a single punch! In addition, the weak points present in the ordinary human body are no longer effective on me. Now, I’m practically the perfect lifeform!’

Landing gracefully, Yaeger let out a dazzling smile. Lili was stunned in place as she glanced at her in disbelief. At this moment, Yaeger seemed like a holy, pure, and inviolable goddess.

All of the sudden, Lili felt the impulse to worship her. However, she instantly extinguished that thought the moment it appeared.

‘So scary… She only reached Platinum but I already feel like I can’t defeat her at all. No, it’s the feeling that I have to get on my knees and submit to her!’

Lili was expressionless on the surface but her mind was rampaging. She couldn’t calm down. The light particles on her body quickly dissipated. At the same time, the divine aura surrounding Yaeger’s body also disappeared.

Opening the game interface and looking at her stats, Yaeger’s eyes went agape. Just like her current state, her stats had skyrocketed!

“This is a qualitative change.” Level 30 was just the beginning. No matter when it came to the game or her individual improvement.

A player’s Bloodline advantage would display itself after they reach Level 30. And it would only progress deeper like a snowball! At this moment, Yaeger had already transcended human limits. She was slowly becoming a lifeform on a higher level of existence.

Shifting her gaze, she noticed a newly unlocked Skill.

[Go All Out].

This was the Ranger’s strongest skill. After activating, It would directly consume all Mana and the user would unleash their strongest attack. When released using a weapon, there was a certain chance that it would activate the weapon’s Special Effect and increase its might by 20%.

“I can probably use the [Sea Deity’s Gift] once more. If I use those experience points to upgrade it all the way, I’ll probably max out [Go All Out].”

In two days, she would descend to the underground maze. Now that she still had time, she would naturally try her best to improve her strength, in order to prevent any accidents from happening.

Ding! Congratulations on breaking the unprecedented record by becoming the first player to reach Platinum Rank.

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Mana permanently increased by 200 points.
Health permanently increased by 200 points.
All Basic Attributes increased by 5 points.

Hearing the sudden system announcement, Yaeger was stunned for a moment before becoming overjoyed. Both in the game and in real life, such a reward was the best thing ever!

It was because she couldn’t bring her Equipment to real life. Hence, the stronger her basic stats were, the stronger she would be in real life. Undoubtedly, such a reward would help her the most in real life.

“What are you smiling at?” Lili couldn’t help but ask in curiosity after seeing Yaeger smiling radiantly.

“I just thought of something happy.” Even if she told Lili about the real world, she wouldn’t understand it anyway. Hence, Yeager decided to change the subject. “Lili, can you come out with me at night?”

It would take a while longer before the cooldown on the horn ended. Although the energy on that horn was ineffective to her, she still wanted to avoid all accidents. She felt safer with Lili by her side.

“Sure.” Lili nodded softly. “Still eating fish for dinner?”

“It’s already so late.” Hearing that, Yaeger looked up and realized that the sun was setting and the sky was getting dimmer. “Why don’t we have something extra to eat tonight?”

In truth, the golden flying fish might be delicious, but she would still be sick of it if they ate it twice in one day.

“Sure. Let’s buy some groceries.” Lili suggested.
“Sure. We haven’t actually shopped around ever since we came here.” Yaeger smiled.

They left Marco’s home. When they came back again, they had several bags of food with them. All the food was given by enthusiastic villagers. It cost them nothing.

“What pure folks we have here.” Yeager spoke without emotion.

Lili rolled her eyes. ‘They were obviously afraid of you!’

The tall and short beauty entered the kitchen and prepared the dinner while chatting. A lively atmosphere enveloped the room. On the other hand, the poor Marco was still selling fish.

Rare things were expensive, and plentiful things were cheap. Since the golden flying fish had entered the market in large numbers, its price would gradually drop for sure. However, it wouldn’t plummet since there weren’t a lot of equivalent products on the market.

Now that there were so many golden flying fish in the market, and sold at such a fair price, lots of people were buying them in bulk. Marco was both happy and tired right now.

While Yaeger and the rest were busy with their work, the game forums had exploded in activity. The root cause of this event was a brand-new trending post.

«Shocking! Black-hearted Princess is cheating into a whole new dimension. Nobody can stop her anymore!»

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Compared to the exaggerated title, its contents were much more tamer:

Shocking, Black-hearted Princess has reached Level 30!

[White Cloud]:

Hey hey hey, we’re all at the average of Level 10 but she’s already Level 30. Where did she buy this hack? I’ll pay top dollar for a boy… Ah sike! I mean I’ll pay top dollar for a hack!

[World’s Greatest Stone]:

What a freak. Is she trying to take over the world?

[Monster Baller]:

Who else dares to target her in the future?

[Burns my Mana]:

Those who want to die.

Aside from desperation, lamentations filled the comment sections. The entire forum was filled with despair.

Taurus and S.K.Y. already knew of the ranking change ahead of everyone else. They were even more shocked, to say the least. Because they had personally witnessed Yaeger reaching Level 30 from Level 28. Their eyes were about to pop out of their skulls by now!

“Tell me, do you think she’ll leave the Jade Empire just like this?” Taurus asked in worry.

If Black-hearted Princess decided to flee, all their preparations would be in vain. Their losses would be astronomical! Not only that, Taurus would be faced with overwhelming stress from his family after his failure!

He had a hard time convincing his father to invest money into this. If he lost it all, he’d be in deep trouble.

S.K.Y. was also very worried. He knew that his future solely depended on her well-being. As long as he could kill her and loot her items. He would ascend in status and soar to the heavens!

“I don’t think so. Isn’t that [Mahou Shoujo Yunuen] still staying in Jade City? She wouldn’t leave her companions behind, right?” S.K.Y. pushed his nonexistent gold-rimmed glasses and forced himself to calm down.

Hearing that, Taurus’ tightly clenched fists slowly loosened. Indeed, Yunuen was still here. If Black-hearted Princess actually ran away, they would kill Yunuen over and over until she lost all her levels!

  • In Dorado, America, a branch of the CIA.

“Where did this freak show come from?” Mira read the latest reports. After realizing Yaeger had reached Level 30, her body couldn’t help but tremble uncontrollably.

“No way. This can’t continue. No no no. I need to challenge [Tower of Heroes] and get that Epic Equipment immediately!”

If possible, Mira even wanted to break Yaeger’s record and defeat the Floor Master on the 11th floor!

The news of Yaeger reaching Level 30 seemed to have sprouted wings. Everyone and their mothers knew about it very soon. By now, everybody knew that this incredibly dazzling and beautiful young girl was the greatest player on Earth. She had no equal!

At this moment, this greatest player was sipping tea in the living room after having a meal with a cute loli.

The streetlights were lit and the streets were lively. Despite being a village of the Jade Empire, it was actually more developed than most small towns. The nightlife was colorful around these parts.

Marco finished selling the fish and returned home happily. He initially expected to taste dishes prepared by a pretty girl but he was actually left with not a single scrap of food.

It wasn’t because Lili and Yaeger were so hungry that they ate every scrap of food available. Instead, it was because they simply never expected Marco to come home and eat. So, they instantly threw out all the leftovers after finishing their meal.

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Under normal circumstances, people who did business outdoors would be eating outdoors. Yet, nobody expected him to act weirdly by coming back to eat.

Poor Marco only ate dry rations. Before he could rest properly, he had to follow Yaeger and Lili out again. He was definitely depressed.

However, the moment he realized that he would earn lots of cash very soon, it instantly raised his spirits and made him happy.

Moreover, Yaeger would return the [Sea Deity’s Gift] to him after finishing this time. In the future, he would live a life of plenty as long as he blew that horn in that designated place 3 times every year. He had a bright future ahead of him.

The temperature of the beach at night was a little low; Not a single soul could be seen around the place and the ocean was pitch black, like the abyss that led into hell.

Yaeger blew the horn for the third time. That mysterious energy still invaded her body as usual. Unlike its previous attempts, that mysterious energy was instantly purified completely the moment it entered and slowly transformed into experience points.

The amount of the golden flying fish summoned for the 3rd time was even lesser. However, it was still a lot more when compared to the highest record by Marco’s family.

Yaeger started slaughtering. Before long, the beach was littered with fish corpses.

“Still not enough experience.” Yaeger had counted the approximate number of experience points needed to level [Go All Out] to its highest level. She needed at least 20% more.

The higher grade the skill was, the more experience points it needed. Yaeger had no time to grind those points in some other place due to her circumstances. Because she had to venture into the underground maze in 2 days.

Looking at the horn in her hand, Yaeger’s eyes flashed.

Marco, who seemed to have guessed her next move, instantly spoke, “[Princess]! Don’t…”

However, before he could finish speaking, Yeager already blew the horn. For the 4th time! Which was forbidden!

Whirrrr! The sound coming from the horn was different from the first 3 times, it was now quite harsh to the ear.


Not only that, the horn that was glowing with a faint blue light suddenly cracked.


Then, it shattered into pieces.

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Seeing that, Marco’s soul almost left his body and his face became deathly pale. His family heirloom was ruined! But before Marco could react further, another weird thing happened.

As if being guided by some power, those fragments instantly flew into the ocean, forming a magic formation.

Then, blue light flickered.

“Greedy human. You shall die!”

A strange roar was heard within the magic formation. Then, everyone saw a figure slowly emerging from within.


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