Chapter 336 – Speedrunning Lili’s Favorability

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3009 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1925 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Before this post appeared, all players had assumed Yunuen to be a decorative piece on [Princess]. Or in other words, she was probably someone who sold her soul to latch on [Princess].

Disgusting and despicable.

Because nobody with a right mind would work together with [Princess], a sinful, despicable, and rotten-hearted demon. They also felt that way when it came to Nangong Lin, Sachiel Luo, Mylene Tian, and Rakshasa!

In the other players’ eyes, they were all corrupted already!

No matter how cute or beautiful they might seem, they were all public enemies number one the moment they became associated with [Princess]! Well, that was an exaggeration. It was more accurate to say they were public enemies of the Linhnan Server.

Everyone who was bullied by her hated anyone who associated with her. Hence, they also disdained everyone in [Princess Alliance].

At this point, they were about to be targeted and attacked whenever they were identified. However, nobody dared to take action because [Princess] was simply too strong.

But now, since Black-hearted Princess had left Jade City, they’d obviously start targeting Yunuen. The players who caused trouble in Layna’s Item Shop some time ago were all scammed by Black-hearted Princess during the previous event.

In their eyes, no, in the eyes of all players in Linhnan server—Yunuen was an easy target that was ripe for the picking. However, everyone was instantly shocked the moment the post went public!


First, they saw a series of pictures in motion. Although they had no sound, everyone still couldn’t but hear the sound of a watermelon bursting. The Level 15 Holy Knight was actually killed in 1 shot, by a seemingly frail Priest!

Shock! Utter shock!

It was known that the Holy Knight was a balanced occupation. Among all Occupations, their defense power was only one step below the Warrior and Tank. They would occasionally serve as damage sponges.

Even if there was a gap in levels, it ought to be impossible for a Priest, with terribly low Attack Power, to kill him in 1 strike. Unfortunately, the reality proved otherwise—Yunuen had actually killed him with 1 smack.

At the same time, she also smacked a Warrior. Looking at the Warrior’s terrified expression at the end, everyone felt chills running down their spines.

Horrible! It was truly horrible!

Yunuen slaughtered two Level 15 players like they were chickens. Absolutely shocking!

Those who initially planned to target Yunuen in the Item Shop instantly felt reluctant. However, some people became eager. They felt the urge to snatch Yunuen’s equipment right away—especially the [Staff of Tyranny].

When this spellcaster’s weapon first appeared on the Equipment Ranking Chart, the game forums instantly blew up.

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It was insane to hear about a Priest’s weapon that’s specializing in physical attacks! Even if it was an Epic Equipment!

Priests were supposed to be healers who only had to stay behind the group and heal people. Aren’t they asking to be killed if they try dealing damage like a Warrior? However, the fact that Yunuen slaughtered two Level 15 players with a terrifying Attack Power made them realize that there was a new path of advancement for Priests.

Battle Healer! They could dispense violence and also support other players at the same time. This was the newest path of advancement for Priests!

Having a battle healer in their team was akin to having another half team member!

[White Cloud]: Battle healer, absolutely terrifying!

[World’s Greatest Stone]: No wonder Black-hearted Princess isn’t worried about leaving [Mahou Shoujo Yunuen] alone in the city while she’s away. Turns out that she’s also an overpowered player!

[Carefree Bro]: Players like us who came from Novice Village 101 are the smart ones since we didn’t provoke [Mahou Shoujo Yunuen]. Otherwise, we’d lose all our levels!

[Press F to enter the tank]: These two idiots saying that they’re kindhearted and all. In truth, they failed their robbery attempt and were killed. Now, they’re just trying to slander others. Shameful. Shameless!

[World’s Greatest Stone]: Hehe. there’s a lot more people that are stupider than them. Look at the comments, all these ignorant idiots are defending them and trying to cancel Black-hearted Princess!

[White Cloud]: If everyone has a functional brain, our country would become a paradise already.

[Carefree Bro]: It’s good to have a brain but sadly they don’t. Well, no. Most people don’t have one.

[Chicken Too Beautiful]: However, these people would always think that they’re smart and intelligent. How ridiculous.

[Give Me Keyboard]: You guys are dumb!

[World’s Greatest Stone]: S̲h̲i̲t̲! A b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! If you have the guts, come fight me at the city gates!

[White Cloud]: Stupid idiot, are you seeking death?

[Chicken Too Beautiful]: We might not be able to deal with Black-hearted Princess but we can easily take care of an idiot like you!

[Give Me Keyboard]: Idiot idiot idiot~!

It was actually easy to annoy someone.
Just call them this word: Idiot.
That was enough.

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This player named [Give Me Keyboard] was a top tier griefer in the online community. He was the best at enraging people and enjoyed verbally abusing people the most. Seeing others being enraged and couldn’t do anything about him brought him massive joy.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the online world.

Less than 3 minutes later, more than a dozen burly men found [Give Me Keyboard] in Jadeleaf Plaza and surrounded him, in a very friendly way.

The whole process was incredibly intense. Painful wails were heard.

Taurus also saw this post and became interested in Yunuen. However, he had no plans to take action against her.

[Death of Love] only had 1 goal: to eliminate Black-hearted Princess! Currently, they were working hard to achieve that goal. Hence, they couldn’t spare the time to deal with Yunuen.

“Black-hearted Princess leaving [Mahou Shoujo Yunuen] in the Item Shop must be some sort of conspiracy!”

As the saying goes: Once bitten, twice shy.

Taurus was obviously afraid of being scammed again. Some people were fearful while others wanted to take the risk. After all, the Epic equipment was too tempting. Greed often led people astray and turned into slaves of desire.

At this moment, more than a dozen players gathered around the Jadeleaf Plaza’s teleportation array. All of them shared a common goal: to kill [Mahou Shoujo Yunuen]. Now that Yunuen was a Red Player, she had a much higher chance to drop her equipment. Hence, killing her once would probably earn them an Epic Equipment!

Meanwhile, they were naturally afraid of receiving retribution from [Princess] after killing Yunuen.

However, people would often pursue personal gain or die trying. If they could attain an Epic Equipment, they would truly achieve financial independence in real life once they sold it.

These players were sure that [Princess] wouldn’t actually fight them in real life.

After giving the rest of the group a motivational speech, the leading player led the group to Layna’s Item Shop with a smile.

On the other side, on the beach.

Marco realized that there were limits to his ability as an individual. It was nigh impossible for him to handle so many golden flying fish corpses by himself. Hence, he hired lots of villagers to help him.

There was also a Magician who specialized in water magic among them. Under freezing temperatures, the freshness of these golden flying fish were preserved to the greatest extent.

After toiling for an hour, they could finally be sold. Since dead fish was naturally much cheaper than live fish, they were sold at a price much lower than usual. Marco initially thought that it would take a lot of time to sell them all. Yet, they were all snapped away within the hour.

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Nobody could resist the appeal of having their bodies nourished!

Yaeger and Lili were not involved in selling them as they were not interested in these menial affairs at all.

To Marco, the money he earned from selling the fish was unimaginable. However, to Yaeger and Lili, it was only barely anything of note. People of different classes would perceive money in a different way.

At this time, in Marco’s home’s kitchen. After some work, Yaeger finally managed to turn the Golden flying fish into dishes. There were steamed golden flying fish, roasted golden flying fish, baked golden flying fish, golden flying fish soup and deep fried golden flying fish.

Besides fish, there were also more fish.

“Marco’s home is actually quite clean.” Yaeger sighed lightly. Instead of talking about the environment’s cleanliness, she’s actually referring to the kitchen. It was so clean that there was no other food in sight!

“Can I eat?” Lili pursed her lips as her eyes twinkled.
“Yes, you can.” Yaeger pulled out the chair and gestured for her to go ahead.

Lili sat gracefully while Yaeger attended to her on the side.

“Eat it while it’s hot.” She picked up the fish chunks with her homemade chopsticks and blew it, before bringing it to Lili’s mouth.

The latter cheerfully opened her mouth and chewed the fish. As an exquisite taste enveloped her taste buds, she felt like she was shocked by waves of pleasure.

“It tastes so nice and fresh!” Lili licked the remaining juices on her lips and looked satisfied.

This was the best fish she ever had. It wasn’t because Yaeger was good at cooking, the ingredient itself was just that excellent. She wasn’t capable of cooking any food that would glow and make women writhe in pleasure after tasting them.

“More.” Lili said.
“Coming, my dear lady.” Yaeger smiled while feeding Lili, becoming more and more happy.
“Yummy.” At this moment, Lili smiled softly and asked Yaeger, “you’re not eating?”
“Why not.” Yaeger then grabbed a piece of fish and ate it.

Looking at the other person eating with chopsticks that were stained with her own saliva, Lili instantly felt heated as her heartbeat accelerated.

‘Again… Another indirect kiss!’

“Wow. Not bad. It’s very fresh.” After becoming a female, Yaeger became a very picky eater. Any food that was approved by her taste buds was undoubtedly tasty.

Yaeger stopped after taking a few bites. She was currently acting like a maidservant who was attending to her young lady. So, it would be too much if she ate her fill first. She had to stick to the script.

“Lili, say ah.” She picked up an oil-fried fish and brought it to Lili’s mouth after blowing it.

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The latter was at a loss while she blushed.

‘I… I… She… She just ate it… And now she’s feeding me. Indirect kiss… Should I eat it, or should I eat it?’ Steam seemed to be coming out of Lili’s head.

“Lili?” Yaeger was a little perplexed.
“I… I’ll eat it!” Returning to her senses, Lili showed a rare hint of excitement as she bit the fish and the chopsticks.

‘This is the freshness of the golden flying fish, and also her aroma… Ah, I’m dying!’ Lili’s pretty face instantly blushed as her mind went blank. Her heartbeat accelerated once again.

“Huh?” Yaeger was even more perplexed after seeing her expression.

‘Could it be that my cooking skills have evolved to a point that girls writhe in pleasure after tasting my dishes?’ The more she thought about it, the more she assumed it to be true.

At this moment, the system’s notification was heard.

“Ding! Lili’s Favorability towards you has increased by 4,000 points. You are now friendly with her.”

After listening to the notification, Yaeger was instantly dazed and confused. ‘Is it actually this easy to gain Lili’s Favorability?’


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