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Chapter 333 – Girls Must Be Clean, Not Dirty

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2050 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1207 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Seeing such a sincere smile, Marco felt like he should trust her. However, his rational mind told him that he couldn’t trust a single word from her. Because she was infamous!

“Tell me. What do I need to do to use this horn?” Yaeger smiled.

‘Such a radiant and pretty smile. Ah, I’m in love… Sike!’ Marco trembled violently and felt fear. He was almost tempted! ‘Horrible. This beautiful girl is just too scary!’

If he didn’t already know that she was infamous and was influenced by the inexplicable sense of disgust in his heart, he would most likely be swayed by her and lose all control!

Marco suppressed his emotions with great difficulty and slowly spoke, “Before that, [Princess], allow me to tell you the story of the [Sea Deity’s Gift].”

“Go ahead.” Yaeger said.

The strategy guides might not always be correct. Sometimes, people might write strategy guides with malicious intent to entrap other players.

It was better to proceed with no strategy, rather than trusting the strategy guides fully.

Furthermore, it was imperative to not fully trust the strategy guides this time since it was related to an incredibly obscure and hidden quest like this. Yaeger knew how to trigger it and how to obtain the greatest benefits from it. Yet, she didn’t know the process at all.

“Back then, my great-grandfather saved… by the shore…” Marco began telling a story that Yaeger already knew.

However, it became weird halfway through.

“The [Sea Deity’s Gift] not only made my great-grandfather live a life of luxury, it also left his descendants with plenty of wealth. After my great-grandfather passed away, the [Sea Deity’s Gift] continued to bring our family lots of wealth. However, as the [Sea Deity’s Gift] was used more and more, strange things started happening.”

At this point, Marco paused for a moment and started whispering, “My grandfather told me that his brother felt intense thirst after using it consecutively for four times. He drank water like crazy and jumped headfirst into any place that held water. He would always let out a strange noise, ‘blurp blurp blurp blurp’…”

“And there were worse things!” Marco suddenly screamed, startling Yaeger and Lili. Before they could get angry, he continued speaking, “Fish scales actually started growing out of his face!”

“Fish scales?” At this moment, Yaeger already realized something. It turned out that this item was cursed!

“Yes. Fish scales, and the pungent smell of fish.” Marco let out an expression of disgust, as if he had smelled it personally.

“And then?” Yaeger was intrigued.

“On a fateful night, he suddenly disappeared. Only a puddle of water was left on his bed!” Marco hugged his shoulders with a pale expression.

“What kind of water is it?” Lili asked, she was interested as well.

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“Seawater.” Marco said.

“After that, did someone else experience something similar?” Yaeger held her chin with one hand and looked at Marco.

“A few of my uncles that I’ve never met.” Marco said without emotion.

“They also used this horn many times, right?” Yaeger tapped the countertop with one finger, a solemn expression on her face.


“Your great-grandfather didn’t leave behind any warnings or advice for his descendants?”

Logically speaking, that crawfish was here to repay its debt. It was obviously out of the ordinary to give him such an ominous horn.

“There was. Back then, that certain one told my great-grandfather that this horn cannot be used more than three times a year. Otherwise, pandemonium would happen.” Marco said.

“They clearly knew that it was risky, so why would they use it so many times?” Yaeger tilted her head in confusion.

“Greed.” Marco exposed the main reason with one single word.

“Greed only leads to ruin, I suppose.” Yaeger spoke calmly.

“They only know how to take and never give back anything. Such a thing would never last in this world.” Lili said indifferently.

“I’ve heard the story. Teach me how to use this horn.” This horn was meant to be blown. Even a child knew this obvious fact, so Yaeger obviously knew also.

But now, this horn was akin to a lockbox. Without the password, it wouldn’t function at all.

“You can’t use this horn for the time being.” Marco said.

“Is this a joke?” Hearing that, Yeager’s expression instantly turned grim.

“No, no… [Princess], This horn’s currently in hibernation. We need to use some special methods to make it return to its original state!” Marco explained in a hurry.

“Get to the point.”

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“Just soak the [Sea Deity’s Gift] in seawater for fifteen minutes and it’ll recover completely!”

“I see.” Yaeger nodded.

This step wasn’t listed in the strategy guide. Indeed, the person who wrote it concealed it on purpose.

“Let’s go to the seaside and try it.” Lili suggested.

“Same.” Yaeger stood up and looked at Marco. “Are you coming with us?”

She didn’t fully trust Marco’s words. By now, she would only trust NPCs that had a high Favorability towards her.

“Yes!” Marco replied without hesitation and then remembered something. “[Princess], the [Sea Deity’s Gift] actually has a special effect. My great-grandfather recorded in the diary and named this effect as [Mermaid Summon]. When you’re using the [Sea Deity’s Gift], There’s a chance that you might summon a mermaid!”

Marco spoke in excitement.

“Mermaid? Is it the mythical creature that’s half human and half fish?” Yaeger asked.

In her previous life, she took many shortcuts in order to catch up with the progress of her peers. Hence, she didn’t know a lot of things regarding the game.

For example, the mermaid. She had heard of it but never saw one in person.

“Yes. The mermaid’s upper body is similar to our human, but the lower body resembles a fish. A mystical race.”

Marco paused for a while before blushing. “Twelve years ago, my friend and I went out to the sea. We were blessed to meet a mermaid. She was friendly and chatted with us, and even sang us a wonderful song. It’s my first time seeing such a beautiful creature. Especially those wondrous mountains that she covered with clams on top! When I first saw that, heheh, how do I express it… Well, I know it sounds vulgar, but I came!”


The moment he spoke, he instantly spun around the air like a fast spinning top. Then, he slammed onto the wall and created a massive noise.

“Saying such things in front of two girls… Are you a pervert?”

Yaeger retracted her beautiful leg and spoke in displeasure.

Then, her expression changed. ‘Sike! There’s only one girl! I’m a boy! So close… I’ve almost mistakenly assumed my own identity!’ Yaeger sighed internally.

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She always felt like she had been acting too feminine lately. It wasn’t good.

‘I must find a way to undo [Dream Transformation], as soon as possible!’

While Yaeger’s expression was rapidly changing, Lili suddenly asked, “what does ‘came’ mean?”

“Kids don’t need to understand these things!” Yaeger spoke in a hurry.

‘Such a pure child shouldn’t be tainted. Not even mentally!’

Lili was supposed to be angry after being called a child, yet she somehow felt a little happy in her heart. She couldn’t understand why she was feeling that way.


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