Chapter 330 – Come On, Enjoy Yourselves.

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2219 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1424 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

When Yaeger and Lili reached [Aoma Village], an unremarkable event had happened on the docks. However, such an event would cause a massive impact on the Jade Empire in the future.

Angelica was the village chief’s daughter. She was 18 years old, 1.6 meters tall, and born a natural beauty. She wore a simple but stylish attire. She was the dream lover of most of the boys in the surrounding villages.

Currently, she was single and had no significant other in mind.

At this moment, as usual, she was handing out free refreshments and some simple desserts to the dock’s workers. Everyone stopped what they were doing and took a short break.

To these dock workers, Angelica seemed like an angel, she was beautiful and kind.

“There’s something floating there. Looks like a human!” Suddenly, a worker pointed to the sea surface not far away from them and shouted.

Everyone looked over and saw a black object floating over there.

Upon closer inspection, it actually looked like someone in black clothing.

“I’ll go check it out!” Angelica instantly took off her shoes and darted straight into the water like a sailfish.

She had been swimming around the ocean since young. None of the workers here were as good at swimming as her.

“Angelica’s practically the daughter of the sea.” Someone sighed in realization as she watched her graceful swimming skills.

“Indeed. Also, she’s a very kind person. Anyone who managed to marry her would be immensely lucky!”

“Heheh, In this kingdom, I’m afraid that’s less than five people that deserve to marry Angelica.”

“Rumor has it that his Lordship fancies Angelica and wants to woo her. That d̲a̲m̲n̲e̲d̲ swine!” Someone said disdainfully.

“Heheh, he’s just delusional.”

“It’s hard to say. At the very least, he’s still a lower noble and has influence.”

“Is he going to force her into it if it doesn’t work out?” Someone spoke disdainfully.

Hearing that, everyone’s expressions instantly soured.

They regarded Angelica as their dearest little Angel and pillar of faith. If anyone dared to force her into submission, they would unleash their fists on this person and make him feel the intimacy of the dock workers’.

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On the other hand, Angelica was swimming her way to the black floating object at high speed.

After checking, it was indeed a human.

Angelica approached him. After realizing that he was still alive, she instantly grabbed him and swam to shore.

Seeing that, a few of the workers who were capable of swimming also jumped down and helped.

The group worked together and brought the man to shore.

Because Angelica worshiped the water deity [Nia], she had to maintain absolute purity until she was married. Hence, the dock workers naturally handled all the first aid efforts.

It was a dazzling sight to see two fully grown men exchanging air, mouth to mouth.

After resuscitating the man, everyone realized that he was a little strange. There were lots of black stars on his skin. They didn’t seem to be tattoos, they actually seemed to be birthmarks. However, how could someone have so many birthmarks on them?

Although they were puzzled, they didn’t pay too much attention to it. They worked together and sent the man in black to the church, handing him over to the priest for further treatment.

After all, they were nothing but dock workers. Since they had no idea of this man’s specific predicament, they knew it was the right choice to hand him over to the professionals.

After chatting with the dock workers, Angelica left the docks and returned home to change into dry clothing.

On her way home, she suddenly felt dizzy. “Is it because of the cold?”

After resting for a while by standing in place, she no longer felt dizzy.

Inside the church, the elderly priest left the room after examining the man in black and finding no abnormalities within his body.

After some time, the man in black suddenly opened his eyes.

The white of his eyes were actually filled with black stars.

“Ah… This is… And I am… That’s right. I’m Lord Reaper’s most loyal apostle. I’m here to spread his [Sermon]! Everyone, no, all living beings shall become Lord Reaper’s loyal believers! Then, let me, the eleventh apostle, bring the most wonderful Song of Lament into this nation! Wahahahahaha!”

An ominous and crazy laugh was heard inside the room.

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No words were exchanged during the trip. The lavish Beast Carriage reached the docks uneventfully.

Yaeger got out first, then extended her hands to Lili as she was about to come out.

The latter was stunned for a moment. Then, she rolled her eyes. “I’m not a kid.”

At this moment, Yaeger finally remembered that Lili might seem to be 12 years old, but her actual age… Well, a girl would always be 17 at heart! She decided to stop thinking about her age.

Lili jumped out of the carriage like a white kitten, filled with agility and grace.

‘So cute!’ Yaeger suddenly felt the urge to pet the cat. However, she instantly retracted her hand after seeing Lili squinting her eyes in caution.

As the Beast Carriage left, a breeze that carried the scent of the ocean came.

“It’s the sea.” In the distance, the sky and the sea were both shrouded in an intoxicating hue of blue. That was a sight to see in the real world.

However, Yaeger only sighed in awe. She wasn’t obsessed with pretty scenery so she didn’t care about it that much.

“What’s next?” Lili asked.

“Let’s check the village out.” Yaeger pulled out the tattered horn as she spoke.

The horn was only as big as her palm and had a rough rope tied onto it. Yaeger then tied a knot and hung it on her neck.

“What are you doing?” Lili asked curiously.

“Decoration.” Yaeger smiled.

Lots of question marks instantly manifested in Lili’s mind.

‘How can this shabby horn be a cosmetic decoration?’

“Let’s go.” Yaeger didn’t care about Lili’s confusion.

She actually did it for a reason.

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The horn was named [Sea Deity’s Gift]. Legends had it that a fisherman from [Aoma Village] rescued a 3 feet long crawfish and sent it back to the ocean.

Later, that crawfish transformed into a human and visited the fishermen to thank him for his immense deed.

It turned out that it was an illegitimate son of the sea deity. It went out to play and was accidentally washed ashore. It was utterly fatigued and nearly died after being under the sun for the better part of a day.

If the fishermen didn’t help out of kindness, it would’ve been roasted to death by now.

Hence, as a token of gratitude, the crawfish gave the fishermen lots of pearls. Not only that, it gave away [Sea Deity’s Gift], allowing the fishermen to live a life of comfort indefinitely.

This story was quite similar to those fairytale stories in real life that encouraged people to act kindly.

‘It’s such a big shrimp. Shouldn’t he bring it home and broil it? Why send it back to the ocean? My brother in Christ, you’re a fisherman!” Yaeger was very perplexed when she first learned of this story.

If that was nothing but a work of fiction, she wouldn’t bother about it. Unfortunately, this story had actually happened inside the game world. The [Sea Deity’s Gift] could actually make an ordinary person live a life of luxury.

As long as it wasn’t broken.

Yaeger came to [Aoma Village] because she wanted to fix it.

According to the strategy guide, she had to hang the [Sea Deity’s Gift] on her neck and stroll around the village, until she was harassed by the local scoundrels and triggered the quest line.

“Wow, what a pretty woman!”

Upon entering the village, she was lucky since she had already encountered those scoundrels.

‘Come on. Come harass me! You have lots of time anyway!’ Yaeger’s eyes gleamed in anticipation.

This questline could only be triggered after being harassed by those scoundrels, which meant that it was only exclusive to female players. Moreover, it had to be a beautiful female player.

Just as Yaeger thought that the questline would trigger soon.

“It’s… Black-hearted Princess!” The leading scoundrel suddenly changed his expression and shouted hysterically.

Immediately after, all the scoundrels turned around and fled as if they were boiled by boiling water. Looking at those scoundrels as they fled, Yaeger tilted her head slightly in confusion.

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“Am I that scary?”

To this, Lili made no comment.


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