Chapter 331 – One Second as A Hero, a Lifetime as A Coward

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2124 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 640 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Since there was no Internet in this world, information didn’t spread that quickly. The further away the distance, the slower they gain information.

However, [Aoma Village] was clearly different. The information flowed quickly in this place. After all, it was a port settlement with a massive traffic flow. The news of what happened in the Jade City during the morning would probably reach this place and become known to all before noon.

Literally everyone and their mothers knew about what Yaeger did in the Empire as of recently. Literally everyone. Not only that, some families decided to use her nickname to spook their disobedient kids.

As one of the 2 greatest scourges in the Empire, Black-hearted Princess was obviously infamous around these parts. After all, she had instigated and caused far too many problems these days.

It was natural that she would become the prime subject of discussion among these villagers. Hence, these scoundrels naturally knew her. They knew they couldn’t afford to offend such a terrifying villain.

“They seem to be terrified of you.” Lili said.
“Yes. That’s a little bothersome. They’re still useful to me.” Yaeger spoke in an indifferent expression.
“Want me to catch them and bring them back?” Lili suggested.

“That’s a good suggestion, but I refuse.” These scoundrels were simply insignificant to Yaeger, not to mention Lili—having her take action was akin to slaughtering a chicken with a glaive.

But most importantly, this quest line could only be triggered by her, who carried the quest item. Hence, Lili couldn’t help at all.

After speaking, Yaeger instantly dashed out.

Within a flash, she appeared in front of those scoundrels who were escaping.

“It’s very rude to run away right after recognizing someone.”

Then, Yaeger let out her aura and countless tentacles instantly apprehended those scoundrels.

“You! Stay away from me!” The scoundrels’ leaders struggled for a while before realizing that he was wasting his efforts. His fear turned into primal terror once he noticed that Yaeger was approaching him.

By now, all of them were shocked beyond belief.

The rumor mill would often create a snowball effect. Once the information was spread and disseminated through multiple sources, it would become more and more distorted and inaccurate as it progressed.

After some alterations and exaggerations, Yaeger’s previous actions were now blown out of proportion.

For example, they said she utterly defeated Kastina and broke 8 of her ribs. After that, Kastina even visited her and apologized.
For example, she dumped the prodigy of the [Sword Clan], Yasa, into a tank of feces for fermentation purposes.
For example, she completely cleared the [Tower of Heroes].
For example, she shot and killed thousands of people in public.
For example, the city guards worshiped her and saw her as a God.

In short, she was demonized greatly. Indeed, in their eyes, Yaeger and the Demon King himself were one and the same. Now that the demon was approaching them, they were obviously fearful!

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t eat you guys.” Yaeger spoke softly.

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However, they only perceived her voice as the devil’s temptation. Deeply terrifying!

They were all sweating profusely while feeling tingles down their spines. It was deeply horrifying!

“You… What do you want to do? We’re just unemployed vagrants who roam around the place. We have no money and no value!” The scoundrels’ leader was deeply terrified as cold sweat poured out of his brow.

“No no no, you guys are very useful. Please don’t look down upon yourselves.”
Yaeger smiled.

The scoundrels’ leader wanted to say something more but was instantly interrupted.

“Next, I want you all to do something. It’s very simple. Yes, it’s very similar to what you’re about to do just now but didn’t manage to.”

“Well, what would that be?” He was confused. He had no idea what he wanted to do earlier.

Hearing that, Yaeger frowned slightly and spoke in displeasure, “Aren’t you trying to harass me just now? Continue doing that.”

“But, but…” He was going to harass this infamous and devious Black-hearted Princess?

He could never!

Aside from feeling fearful, he also felt an instant inexplicable sense of disgust in his heart. As he looked at Jade Empire’s most beautiful woman who stood in front of him, he felt utter disgust. Making him instinctively refuse to do her bidding!

“I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to repeat the same trivial thing several times. Just listen to me and do it.” Yaeger spoke impatiently.

She utterly hated these pond scum that only knew to bully the weak and offer zero contributions to society.

Feeling Yaeger’s obvious disdain and killing intent, the scoundrels’ leader instantly turned into a woodpecker and bopped his head intensely.

The moment when someone’s life was in peril, it would be easy to tell if they were a hero or a coward. Would they rather stand strong and become a hero for 1 second, or cling onto life and become a coward for the rest of their lives? The scoundrels’ leader naturally chose the latter.

Lili had observed the interaction from beginning to end. She was deeply confused but she didn’t ask any questions.

Since the [Child of Destiny] had done so, she knew that there was a good reason behind that decision.

All she needed to do was to observe quietly.

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Alicia had already told her to not interfere with the actions of the [Child of Destiny] too much, or it might cause unnecessary trouble. Not only that, it might be dangerous.

Soon, time seemed to have regressed as everyone started over.

“Wow, what a pretty woman!” The scoundrels’ leader spoke just as before.

However, he had a very stiff expression.

‘Zero points!’ Yaeger felt the urge to stomp him in the face but eventually decided to continue the awkward stage play.

“Ah, it’s a scoundrel. So scary~” She covered her chest. With a pale expression, her pupils shrank slightly and her body started trembling.

All the scoundrels were stunned after seeing Yaeger’s realistic acting skills. If they didn’t know any better, they would assume that she’s a frail woman!

Unfortunately, in their eyes, Yaeger was as scary as a gigantic Magic Beast.

As a gigantic Magic Beast pretending to be a frail woman, it was oddly natural. Her acting skills were simply terrifying!

“Heheh. We’re are scoundrels of the new era. We’re not scary. Come have some fun with us, babe. We’ll keep you happy and fed.”

The scoundrel continued his act with an incredibly stiff expression. Just like those of viral celebrities on Earth, his performance was mind-numbingly awkward and off-putting.

“You… Stay away! I’ll scream!” Yaeger gripped her arms and backed off in fear. “Agh~”

Immediately after, her heel came in contact with the raised corner of a floor tile and toppled over. She seemed extremely pitiful.

Many people instantly felt the urge to protect her after seeing that.

However, they instantly came to a realization within half a second.

Because the person who toppled over was no frail woman. Instead, it was a gigantic Magic Beast!

Such a dissonance between their sight and perception was so strong that they couldn’t gather themselves at all.

On the other hand, Lili was enjoying the spectacle. She felt like Yeager’s acting skills were impeccable.

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“Kekekekeke, you can scream all you want. Nobody will come help you even if you screamed with all your might.”

Smiling like a corpse, the scoundrels’ leader extended his arms and approached her with the stiffness of a zombie.

Witnessing the acting skills of a viral celebrity, Yaeger was totally annoyed about still playing along to the best of her ability.

“Help! A molester! Somebody save me!” As she shouted, tears started to leak out of her eyes. It was a tragic sight to see.

“Bold! How dare you harass women in broad daylight! I, Marco, am going to teach you a lesson on behalf of the heavens above!”

Just as the scoundrels had surrounded Yaeger and were about to commit evil deeds, a thunderous roar was heard.

Immediately after, everyone saw a black shadow dashing to the scene with the might of a hurricane.


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