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Chapter 19 – Lion vs Tiger (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2304 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1152 words
Editor(s): Hydra

The sacred beast vertically nodded its head this time upon hearing Utsuho’s proposal (I mean, it’s definitely a threat).

『And that’s how it is. 一Oi Kurashi. That being is now a retainer of Princess from this point onwards, you can no longer eat it. Release it.』

Kurashi returned the Sacred beast to its original place albeit reluctantly at Utsuho’s words.

Woah, so nerve-wracking. The pivot of this sacred ground was almost about to fit in the stomach of Kurashi as a snack.

It would have been troublesome to deal with if it was found out. It seems the ceremonial dance of shrine maidens has also ended. In the meantime I was stroking my chest in relief, Asmina returned to take her seat beside me while still in her traditional Lionkin costume and makeup.

“How was our dance, Lady Hiyuki!?”
“… I-It was beautiful, very beautiful”

Though I didn’t see the latter half since I was secretly flustered inside.

“Thank you very much for your praise! I would be happy if the Venerable Sacred beast is also impressed”

一I can’t say, “At that time he didn’t even know if he would live or die, let alone care about the dance,” and that he sort of became my henchman in the confusion.

I nodded with a fake smile on my face as the cold sweat ran down my back.


The long ceremony ended and it was finally time for a decisive battle.

Revan looked at the tall man standing in front of him, ‘Strong Arm’ Acheron, the chief of the Tigerkin tribe.

This might not be the right thing to say about a man but in fact, he looks “gorgeous”.

He looks daunting despite his lean muscles and only the bare minimum of defensive armament protecting his neck, wrist, chest, shoulder, and hip. One couldn’t see any battle intent from him but even as he stood there silently, he was releasing a terrific pressure.

He seems to be around 25 years old with blond hair and manly features but unlike his looks, his face is constantly donning a fearless grin. The only flaw I have to point out is the fierce glint in his eyes, which has people divided on it as some find it attractive, others find it dangerous.

Just as the referee had finished about the precautions to be noted, Acheron suddenly spoke out to Revan.

“I heard that the Old master is planning to withdraw the Cres kingdom from the federation by becoming the support… I mean the vassal nation of Imperial Crimson.”

The ‘Old master’ in his words should be the Beast King.

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“Yes, the rumors are correct. To be honest, there’s no need to be in union with Cent’luna. ―I wonder if the Tigerkin tribe is against it?”

“Half are. I find it valid to withdraw from a federation that likes to meddle too much. However, it’s unacceptable to become the lapdog of Imperial Crimson in exchange”

Acheron shook his head in a firm tone.

The audience, whose attention was on the stone stage, gasped when they heard his words and stirred. Their glance turned to look at the magnificent seat in the V.I.P area (Sure enough, they have prepared separate tents for this being their Sacred place and all) where the Sovereign of Imperial Crimson is sitting, albeit not a single crease appears on the expression of the concerned party (She’s just a substitute doll after all).

“But the Sovereign of Imperial Crimson has affirmed that she doesn’t have any interest in the direct ruling of it. As a matter of fact, Amitia is gradually developing as a republic.”

Revan replied, as his gaze wandered in the direction where his little sister and a petite, hooded figure beside her were sitting.

“Hm?” A smile appeared on his face unconsciously at the innocent gesture of Hiyuki who slightly tilted her head. She must have noticed his gaze.

“This would be an option for us if it was the age of powerlessness when the federation was first established, but we don’t need to rely on others for protection anymore. Isn’t it time to grasp our freedom in our hands and build up a nation for the sake of all beast tribes as the true Beast tribe?”

Acheron’s words were filled with feeling not only for his tribe but also for all other tribes, making Revan subconsciously nod. Nevertheless, Revan cannot approve of it for the feelings that are swirling inside him.

“It’s useless. There are weak people behind those who fight, are you saying you want them to fight too? That way of thinking based on cutting down the weak would never be a fruitful one. It’s to protect these people that we need support. Not to say there are all sorts of people besides us, the Beast tribe, in this world. Your ideology just sounds like the mirror copy of the Sacred Teaching that discriminates against Beast tribes.”

Acheron stared at Revan with his eyes the same golden color as his hair and after understanding the meaning, he shook his head seemingly in regret.

“Neither of us can entrust each other with their righteousness. Revan of the Lionkin. Let’s settle this out”
“Oh, I accept. Acheron of the Tigerkin”

The two jumped back to the left and right without even waiting for the referee’s signal, took a low stance, and glared at each other.

Almost at the same time, the Sacred ground which had been wrapped in a cool atmosphere transformed into something packed with enthusiasm and heavy tension.

The referee, albeit belatedly, gave the signal to start, and almost at the same time, the two attacked each other.

The kick of Acheron, who immediately breaks into his top speed after both of them moved so quickly that their figure almost blurred, catches Revan in the face. Revan defends his face with one hand and performs a counterthrust with another hand.

The body of the tall male who received the direct punch into his abdomen stumbled backward 一 Or so it looked but Acheron pushed both his hand towards the ground and sprang up spinning.

There was no sign of damage to Acheron who stood with smooth movements.

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“Now that was exciting”

Click, Click

Acheron said so with a genuinely happy tone and crackled his left and right shoulder joints.

It suddenly clicked to Revan; this man deliberately took the punch to gauge his strength.


His heartbeat began to drum loudly almost at the same time as a chill passed through his spine. The strength of Acheron awakened something that was sleeping inside Revan.

The smile on Acheron’s face deepened as if he had perceived the change in his opponent.

“Well, the time for greetings is over. Shall we continue?”

Revan flashed the same smile as Acheron said that, took his stance, and confronted him once more.

The finale has just begun.


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