Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 22

New Chapter!
Alrighties I Present another chapter, ya know it’s only now that I’m translating this story do I realize just how much exposition is at the beginning of this story. Like some of the thing we’re talking about in this chapter don’t matter in the remote slightest until like V3/very endish of V2 if memory serves correctly. Also every time I translate I wish that I’m a faster translator because gad is the fun times so close to beginning, but alas I’m a garbage translator and can’t just output like a ch a day like some translators I’ve seen. Also the more I translate the closer I examine things which also mean my brain has started to question Mo Li’s intelligence even more, like some of the random assumptions our ummmmmm boy/girl makes is really stupid for a person that’s supposed to have the knowledge or brain power of an old assassin. Like in this chap for example right our boy starts inspecting the alchemy glasses and just because he can’t see any immediate difference after putting them on assumes they’re a scam and useless. Like bruh your ring just showed you that hey things have use conditions maybe don’t just make random assumptions. Then again maybe I’m being to judgmental cuz I guess technically no matter how you put it she’s still just a 16 year old even if she has an entire lifetimes worth of knowledge. Actually ya know what fish’s head cannon it’s actually because our baby girl jasmine’s attributes are more dominant as such Mo Li is naturally less mature, hmmmm ya know what actually now that I think about my head canon even has some canonical story logic maybe I’m just a genius yaaaaa definitely yap.

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