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Chapter 14 – Ask and You Shall Receive

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Return of Han & Tang
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From afar, Mo Li reveled in her revenge, watching the red-cheeked owner burn with anger. Alas, this could do nothing to fill her empty belly. Bricks definitely aren’t edible for humans! Besides, that tiny amount isn’t enough to fill the belly anyway.“Right, that wasn’t enough at all!”

The young dragon sat in a corner, cross-legged, with mild resentment as her tail waved back and forth. As if she wasn’t concerned that she was eating bricks, but rather, more focused on the fact that she couldn’t eat her fill. “Also with only this measly amount of money, how am I supposed to pay for tuition.”

Mo Li fiddled with the copper coins in her hands back and forth, but no matter how she fiddled the few shoddy coins in her hands wouldn’t suddenly multiply or turn into gold. Even counting the money that was looted previously, it still isn’t enough. The issue of eating has to be taken care of, but failing to produce the required tuition in the afternoon will lead to merciless expulsion from the academy. One feels like a fire burning my eyebrows, while the other is like a fire burning my tail—both equally urgent!

At this moment, regret coursed through Mo Li. Why hadn’t she asked Elsa for some money or assistance before leaving? Between heaven and earth, eating remains the utmost priority. Mo Li has contemplated seeking help from Count Norma, whom she had saved, but favors can only be used once. If she used it now, how could she still have the audacity to ask for a spot in the competition?

“Annoying, annoying, annoying, hungry, hungry, hungry.” Mo Li stretched out her legs, sitting on an abandoned wooden box, as her toes swayed back and forth like windshield wipers. How wonderful would it be if there was a way to both eat and make money at the same time in this world…

“Pfft” As soon as this thought crossed her mind, Mo Li couldn’t help but chuckle. She rubbed her head, wondering if she had caught a cold and how such a naive idea could have entered her mind.

“Yo! Are you also going to see the competition?”

“What a coincidence, you too aye. Now that we’re on the subject who are you betting on?”

“Oh, me, I’m betting on number three. Just look at him; he looks as tall as a small mountain when standing. He’s gotta be a glutton. If I were to guess, the winner of this Big Stomach King competition is going to be him for sure.”

As a golden species, a dragon’s five senses far surpass that of a human. For instance, the conversation of the two people, who were no less than 100 meters away, easily found its way into Mo Li’s ears. Big Stomach King competition? Mo Li’s eyes instantly lit up upon hearing those words. After bundling her hair back into a bun and covering it with the makeshift headscarf, she slowly made her way in front of the two strangers.

“Um, can I ask~ where this competition you guys are talking about is going to take place?” Mo Li greeted the two very politely with her hands behind her back and a smile on her face.

“Ah, you almost scared me to death… you child, why did you suddenly pop out of nowhere? So, even a small child like you wants to go have a look?” The man, who received quite an initial shock, complained angrily after realizing the person next to him was a child who didn’t even reach his waist.

“I want to compete.” Mo Li shook her head before seriously responding.

“Pft, pft… You? Compete?” The two men were momentarily stunned before bursting into laughter. “Child, you better hurry home for lunch so that you don’t get spanked by your mom later.”

“Alright let’s stop with this nonsense, the competition is about to begin we need to get going.” The two men obviously didn’t take Mo Li seriously.

“Tsk…” This, however, posed no issue for Mo Li. It didn’t matter if the two men didn’t take her seriously; all she had to do was follow them to find out where the competition was taking place. Sneakily, Mo Li followed them. Fortunately for her, the two didn’t pay her any mind, but unexpectedly, after turning only one corner, the two people disappeared. Their disappearance though didn’t matter anymore. When she smelled the aroma of freshly cooked dishes, it was as if a radar grew from her head and began to auto-navigate for her.

So fragrant, such a fragrant smell must be… grilled meat, wait no, not just grilled meat, it’s also seasoned with sauces and cumin, after being grilled to perfection over the fire, that first bite of rich juicy meat combined with a decadent sauce. I can’t wait. As she wiped the droop from her lips, the young dragon’s legs continued to speed up due to her growing hunger. Grilled meat, sausages, fried eggs, ehe he~~ As Mo Li drooled with little stars filling her eyes, she could practically see the food beckoning her.

At this moment, she had lost all reason. Even a blatant trap, like placing a cage over a piece of large grilled meat, would easily catch her. Mo Li’s radar led her to the city center, where a temporary stage was constructed, crowded by a large group of people. Whether they were spectators or just individuals joining in on the excitement, they all had their own opinions of the competitors, as if no one knew the Big Stomach King competition better than them.

In actuality, this is also one of the sources of entertainment for the people of Fran City. In an era lacking in entertainment options, joining in on the excitement is undoubtedly a great way to pass the time. Rushing to the scene, Mo Li couldn’t see the pointing audience, nor could she see the muscular competitors on the stage. In her sight was only the sauce-plastered meat and flatbread resting atop the iron grill.

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Freshly baked wheat buns, vegetable soup, rich beef… I can eat all of these if I compete right?!

“Attention, the competition will begin in three minutes. All competitors, please take your places.” With these announcements, the event organizer instantly brought the crowd to its climax.

“Wait, wait a sec!” Recovering from her daydreaming, Mo Li hurriedly ran over, jumping and waving her hands. “I want to compete!” Instantly, Mo Li seemed to have regained all of her energy. The dragon girl nearly even revealed her wings out of excessive excitement, as if she wanted to fly directly up to the stage and start devouring. However, the roar of the crowd was much too loud, completely suppressing the non-stop shouts of the little girl from beginning to end. “Dang it, no one’s hearing me!” In desperation, Mo Li decided to directly rush into the crowd of people, using brute force to push the spectators blocking the path to her side.


“Ah!” In an instant, the crowd was plunged into chaos and started falling like dominoes. The people from the back of the crowd fell, tripping the people in front, and the people in the front started stepping on the heels of the people behind them.

“Why are you trying to squeeze in? I can’t even stand steadily anymore!”

“I’m not trying to, it’s the people behind that are trying to squeeze in!”

“What does this have to do with me? It’s the people behind pushing me!”

The crowd filled with the sounds of people arguing, none of them realizing that the culprit had already used their petite physique to scurry through to the front easily.

“Tsk, Mr. Butler, are these the refreshments for today?” At the front, a richly dressed and somewhat scrawny man was leisurely sitting under the shade of an umbrella. With a glance, one could tell that he must have been born into a wealthy merchant family. At this moment, he pointed at a porcelain plate filled with little brown fruits, showing a disappointed expression.

“Young master, Fran fruits are the specialty of our viscounty and have the effects of…”

“Enough, enough. All I know is that this fruit is very bitter and super cheap—the kind where even the wine made with it is hard to describe with words. So quit boasting about it to me; my ears are already ringing.”

The man turned away, his face filled with annoyance. ‘How could something like this be used as a refreshment?’ But it also couldn’t be helped. Since the man had used up this month’s expenditures to hold this competition, he could only deal with it for the time being.

“Nom, nom, gulp.”


Just as the man was about to grab a fruit as something to chew on, he discovered the plate was already empty….


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