Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 20

New Chapter!
I return with another chapter, sry for the hella inconsistent uploads I kinda feel like my life is falling off a cliff sometimes in recent days so I’ve been kinda lackadaisical my translations. Anyways now that my excuse of why I’m a horrible translator is outta the way chapter 20 yay finally getting somewhere plot is technically starting kinda yaass. Weirdly enough I found this chapter really hard to translate because it felt like the author wasn’t being super clear about things at a lot of points which kinda made me feel like I was playing a guessing game of how to translate sentences. Oh ya I also played star rails new archon quest(PS. I know that’s not what they’re called but like I have to much time in genshin) so anyway the new big story quest and anyone else in pain cuz like I wanna riot to mihoyo rn like I know the game title has honkai in it but like not everything has to follow in impact 3rds footsteps man like come on. like that’s all I’m gonna say cuz well spoilers and I don’t know how to put a spoiler block on these but ya, anyways tho enough rambling from me enjoy ch 20 as we finally discover one of the secerts of the Rosewood Ring hab fun and until next time.

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