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Chapter 20 – Rosewood Ring

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Return of Han & Tang
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2131 characters
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“Lord Norma, you’re just going to let him go like this?” After Mo Li’s shadow was no longer visible Rocco appeared and asked.

“Nn? Oh ya, good reminder, I should have reminded him to pay attention to safety on his way home, what an oversight.” Norma analyzed.

“No that wasn’t… Lord Norma if I remember correctly, weren’t you planning to detain that teen for questioning or something.”

“Ah? Did I say that? Hm… it seems I did.” Norma tilted his head scratching it in the process.

“…” Rocco was at a loss on where to start complaining, unsure whether it was his memory or Norma’s that had an issue.

“Sir, that teen might not be human.” Because of Norma’s 180-degree change in attitude towards Mo Li, Rocco tactfully expressed his judgments.

“Oh, why do you think so?” Norma didn’t show a trace of shock and even turned to question Rocco calmly.

“Appetite, his appetite is clearly not that of a human.” Rocco didn’t believe Norma couldn’t see this point.

“Oh, that’s nothing, I think it’s pretty normal, the body of a growing child needs to eat more than normal, don’t you think?” Norma spoke glancing at Rocco.

‘This is past the issue of a growing child, right?’

“Well… you’re right it is pretty normal.” Rocco straightened his body, answering.

Norma’s words clearly expressed his intentions, don’t ask about this issue, even more so don’t spread it around, just pretend like you never knew in the first place.

Then the question is, what about that teen caused Norma to be so devoted to him? To the point of covering up his identity, after all, a non-human race appearing inside of a human nation is a big event and will cause chaos.

Rocco endured his curiosity, understanding that as a subordinate his curiosity had gone a bit too far.

Norma as his master must have his own considerations, and as a subordinate, it wasn’t Rocco’s place to question his actions.


Something’s up, something has to be up, there’s no way he isn’t up to something!

While on the way home from Norma’s estate, the more Mo Li thought the more uneasy he felt.

What exactly does Norma want from me? Why is he constantly buttering up to me??

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A dignified Count buttering up to a random commoner was strange no matter how one thought about it.

Mo Li also realized a flaw of his in hindsight; he ate way too much.

Since he was able to eat without restraint during the Big Stomach King competition and not cause any suspicion. Mo Li had unconsciously deemed that his appetite wouldn’t arouse any suspicion in the human kingdoms but in reality, he had been careless.

Only the commoners who have never ventured away from the cities and aren’t informed of world affairs wouldn’t suspect him, for nobles who are well-informed it’s a different story…

That’s especially true for if he encounters a seasoned adventurer who’s been through many battles, a simple glance would be enough to show that he wasn’t human.

I was too obvious!

Thinking back to how he foolishly lost himself, the moment he saw a table full of food, Mo Li really wanted to give himself a slap to the face.

Now Mo Li could only pray that Norma was a fool1 with little experience and unable to see his abnormalities.

Else, if Norma used this to threaten him would he get eaten alive??

If that happened Mo Li might even be coerced into doing some things that he wasn’t willing to… it was simply too scary for him to even think about.

When Mo Li reached his run-down dwelling with a sense of unease, it was already midnight.

Even the ill-tempered old man at the orphanage had gone to bed, evident of how late Mo Li had returned.

He planned to fetch a basin of water and lightly wash up before going to sleep, as he hadn’t slept well for the past couple of days.

“You little bugger, almost scared me to death.” Looking at the ring lying in his hand Mo Li let out a sigh and poked it a couple of times.

Now that there wasn’t anyone around and Mo Li no longer needed to worry about being seen, he boldly put the unassuming grayish-black ring onto his index finger. However, as the silver moonlight shone onto it, he couldn’t discern whether it was his illusion but it appeared as though the ring seemingly changed in color.

Mo Li didn’t know why his possibly dead parents left him such a strange item. Is there some meaning behind it?

What was the relationship between the old drunkard and his parents, why did the drunkard seem to know everything but not tell himself anything?

Mo Li couldn’t figure it out and was too lazy to try.

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Everyone who was connected to Mo Li or familiar with these subjects were all riddlers who refused to discuss such subjects.

Since acquiring the ring until now, it has not divulged any intriguing aspects, and there has been no one to provide guidance on its intended usage.

Is this ring an enchanted item or some kind of weapon?

It couldn’t be–that this ring needs blood identification right?

With this thought, Mo Li subconsciously bit open his finger and dripped his blood on top of the ring.

A second later.

Two seconds later.

Ten seconds later.

A minute later.

Mo Li transitioned from holding his breath in anticipation to gradually sinking into disappointment.

He realized he had been foolish to believe that something straight out of a novel would actually occur.

If it really has an effect then I’ll perform a female dragon climbing a tree right now.

Ah whatever, good thing no one was watching otherwise I’d 100% be considered a lunatic, let’s just put it away… huh?!

Before Mo Li could have his next thought the unassuming ring suddenly emitted a dazzling purple light.

“What…” Mo Li stuttered stunned.

Are you kidding, it actually worked??

After absorbing his blood, this seemingly useless — actually useless ring reacted.

Mo Li was dumbfounded, the scene in front of him truly went beyond his common sense and cognitive abilities.

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Upon the ring, a profound text gleamed, akin to the notices affixed to the wooden sign outside the adventurer’s guild.2

Mo Li couldn’t identify the country or race associated with this intricate language, yet surprisingly, he could comprehend the meaning conveyed by its words.

‘Blood accepted, Rosewood Ring, activated.’


Rosewood Ring?? What’s that, is it supposed to be this ring’s name?

The inscription on the ring vanished abruptly, coinciding with Mo Li sensing his soul being drawn forth by a grand, majestic force.

Upon reopening his eyes, he found himself transported to a dimension with no visible ends and seemingly inside of a hexagonal tower.

The tower’s pitch-black walls were engraved with luminous inscriptions of unknown meaning, while a huge and unique chandelier hung from its side.3

This chandelier was colossal in size, around ten times that of a normal chandelier, yet such an enormous chandelier could only illuminate a corner of this tower.

Surveying his surroundings, Mo Li observed countless gold coins lying beneath his feet yet he was unable to pick any of them up.

This place seemed to be an enormous treasury, boasting extremely peculiar and ancient architecture. Everything inside including the light was grayish-white in color and intangible.

A mirage?…4

Looking around Mo Li spotted three objects with color on a table not far away, the only things with normal coloration in this otherwise monochromatic place.

They were objects common in everyday life, a cane, a scroll, and a pair of black-rimmed glasses.



  1. Ya sooo like author literally used the chinese word for hikikomori here soooo uh I kinda just used fool because well using hikikomori here doesn’t really make sense…
  2. For anyone who doesn’t really see the analogy me either…
  3. Ummm ya so before this I didn’t know that wall chandeliers existed but they do.
  4. The word for word would be something like not the real body and sooo I improvised with what english has.
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