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Chapter 25 – It’s Not Like the Princess of The Papal States will Come Kill Me

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Return of Han & Tang
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Going back to his old profession and robbing a noble’s convoy was originally something Mo Li refused to do. After all, one must be a fool or a forgetful fool to trip over the same stone twice.

He had already decided to wash his hands clean, as this new life of his could quickly go downhill if he were to have a major setback at this stage; but the ring just offered him way too much… There was no way he could refuse.

This thing is definitely self-aware, and understands what I’m saying, that line of text obviously wasn’t there just now!

“Tsk, you think such a small incentive will make me obediently follow the path you’ve laid out for me?” Mo Li mocked.1

“Gold coins within the tower can be used for both the exchange of items within the tower and also converted to Ya Ting coins with a one to ten conversion rate.” another line of text appeared at the bottom of the page2.

“Alright, say it, where exactly am I going, I can barely wait.”

Isn’t the task just robbing a noble’s goods, Mo Li’s done this kind of job at least 80 if not 100 times in his last life, he’s even squirmed through the knight’s crotches before, based on experience alone he could even write a book titled《Three Thousand Ways to Rob a Noble Lord》.”

Situations change from one moment to the next and it wasn’t impossible for Mo Li to break his ideals and engage in activities like robbery, you just gotta pay extra.

If he could really obtain these rewards, what’s the harm if risked his skin and went back to his old career? Although the risks are substantial, they are also insignificant compared to the gains.

At the very least this broken little ring hasn’t ever scammed him, after all, no matter how you look at it this ring was personally left behind to him by Charles and Elsa; neither of them has any reason to push Mo Li towards a pit of fire. Plus, the glasses it had promised him were given, they just didn’t seem to have much use.

As people say fortune favors the brave, and opportunities in life don’t come often, if Mo Li doesn’t take this chance when will the next time be?

If he can obtain a quasi-epic weapon then his overall strength will go through a qualitative leap allowing him to comfortably protect himself at the very least, while also greatly increasing the chances of succeeding in the entrance exam for Orchid Academy.

As such Mo Li had to bet it all on this opportunity, even if he didn’t want to take this task he had to!

Besides, it was just an earl of the Papal state, it’s not like Mo Li was robbing the Pope or the royal family, to him the everyday knight was of nothing worth taking seriously.

It’s not like the Papal princess3 will just pop out of nowhere and kill him on this trip. Impossible.

“The domain of Earl Trika, border of the Kingdom of Baal and the Papal states, plus a road?” With some general information, Mo Li quickly confirmed the coordinates.

Since he was a well-traveled cultist in his last life, this tiny amount of geographical knowledge was still within his means.

Given the border of the Kingdom of Baal and the Papal states, along with a road within the territory of Earl Trika, Mo Li could immediately confirm a general direction using this information.

“This convoy should be traveling along the Morest Trail.”

The Morest trail was built during the reign of the ancient Ya Ting empire, and it was said to have been built for the convenience of the Pope when he traveled to The City of Ya Ting to greet the emperor.

Mo Li wasn’t a wealth of historical knowledge and he wasn’t too interested in it either, only knowing these stories due to the wealth of people he had met in his last life; and after listening to their repeated chatter the stories slowly became ingrained in him.

The area of Morest Trail wasn’t particularly familiar to Mo Li but also wasn’t very unfamiliar either, so as he was confirming the coordinates his brain had already started formulating a plan of action.

Since he wasn’t robbing a merchant or commoner but instead a noble, Mo Li had no internal qualms whatsoever, as such the issue of conscience was directly skipped for the planning phase.

Assassins like him didn’t only rely on technique, but more so on brains, an assassin’s operations are hidden yet efficient, and a qualified assassin would never forgo the proper preparations.

Every little detail requires a large amount of advanced planning, all the different possibilities and variables need to be taken into account, including things like location, weather, and the target’s pathing, these are all variables that affect an assassination.

Only after making every preparation to increase the mission’s success rate would an assassin set off.

As such Mo Li wasn’t in a rush to leave, being observant and attentive to details he remembered that the gold coins could be used to exchange for any item within the tower, as long as he had enough of them. And as luck would have it, he happened to have a sack full of gold coins on hand, which estimated roughly should contain several hundred.

I’m about to set off anyway, and these coins aren’t doing any good sitting, might as well use them to exchange for a weapon.

With this thought, Mo Li sparked with interest as he searched top to bottom, weapon by weapon looking for a dagger or short sword suitable for his mission.

As his search continued though his head began to ache because although there were a lot of weapons in this tower, there didn’t seem to be a single affordable one.

The lowest-tiered weapons were grade purple weapons, and casually cost several thousands, completely out of Mo Li’s price range.

“This place is so huge…” Mo Li didn’t know exactly how big this tower was or how many things were displayed within its confines, he only knew that if he kept randomly wandering around like this he’d quickly run into a wall again.

So after searching through the weapons Mo Li held his seemingly useless gold coins at a loss, slowly casting his gaze toward the potions.

Compared to a long-lasting weapon, an alchemy potion that’ll disappear after a few uses should be much cheaper right?

And just as Mo Li had deduced, the alchemy potions were indeed cheaper than the weapons but still cost upwards of the thousands.

Plus the price wasn’t even the most important issue, the important thing was that Mo Li didn’t know the effects of these potions, was he supposed to buy them first and then use himself as a test subject? What if I buy something and it’s useless then what?

Isn’t this just a profiteering business practice?

As Mo Li relentlessly blamed the ring, he suddenly remembered something and brought out the pair of previously disdained, black-rimmed glasses from his pocket.

As I thought…

The pair of black-rimmed glasses with unknown uses reacted, as Mo Li’s line of sight moved to the different alchemy potions, small sentences began to appear on the glass’s rims4.

‘【Potion of Decay】Effect: Severe hair loss after oral consumption. Components: Unknown. Creator: Wizard Barbero from the era of the ancient Ya Ting empire. “I’ll turn all those who dared to laugh at my hairstyle bald! — Wizard Barbero.’

‘【Perfect Invisibility Potion】, Effect: Upon oral consumption, the user and anything in contact with them becomes invisible for a duration of about three minutes. Components: Vampire hair. Creator: Nairna Rasambo. “As expected, potions made from the hairs of commoners just don’t last as long as the ones made from the hairs of this princess herself ~~” — Third Princess of the Vampires, The Crazed Alchemy Fanatic Nairna.’

As expected this pair of【Alchemist Witch Mirabelle’s Alchemy Glasses】wasn’t just some useless item, the information in front of Mo Li being a prime example.

Allowing him to deduce the components, creator, and even the creator’s comments about a potion.

This could already be considered a type of shame PLAY5 via spying on the potion creators, right?

From only the comments of these two potion creators, Mo Li could already imagine the characteristics of the crazed wizard who was made fun of because of his early balding and the extremely narcissistic Vampire princess.

Once again, facts prove that although this ring likes to play tricks it’s never lied to Mo Li and in a certain sense this pair of glasses is something more powerful than even an epic-grade weapon.



  1. Mo Li mocked as it reads a little smoother and doesn’t affect anything.
  2. Man this page just has an infinitely expanding bottom of the page lol.
  3. Ahem, I swear no flags were hurt in the makings of this chapter.
  4. I do wonder how she’s able to see something on the glasses rims while wearing them…
  5. Ya author put play in here as PLAY. Also I feel like this doesn’t really constitute shame play but I suppose in a certain sense if the user of said glasses get off to a feeling of peeking at what are essentially other people’s memoirs then fair enough I suppose.
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