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Chapter 24 – Not Willing! But…

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Return of Han & Tang
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Word Count:
2039 characters
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1331 words

“My Sera, this is too absurd.” Mo Li uttered a phrase reminiscent of a certain blue planet’s ‘My, God’.

In essence, Mo Li is an atheist, and distinctly different from those who merely pay lip service to Sera.

However, this tower was truly astonishing. God knows how many quasi-epic or epic weapons were housed within its boundless expanse.

Then there were the counters filled with potions on display. Judging solely from the purity of their contents and the quality of the bottles storing them, they were clearly of a caliber far superior to your everyday potion.

Mo Li grew increasingly curious about the originator of this tower. Wondering who could create such a grand mindblowing plane for it to reside in, and fill it with gold coins and rare treasures.

The epic weapons that various human kingdoms heralded as royal heirlooms, were as numerous as the rodents and radishes of the earth here.

This remarkable feat was beyond the capabilities of a human. This assertion isn’t necessarily meant to demean humanity; it’s just that humans have too many inherent limitations, having short lifespans, a frail physique, and limited innate talent.

These many limitations of the human race meant that for them to succeed, they could only rely on their strengths, which were reproduction and numbers.

In super ancient times, countless creatures walked this land, all of them transcendent beings, far superior to humans.

However today, the majestic dragons that once graced the skies are nowhere to be found, the mighty Giants that roamed the earth have vanished, and the forest-dwelling Elves now only occupy a small domain.

Whether it be giant dragons or the fox clan, due to their lack of numbers all mythical creatures have gradually disappeared.

The stronger the bloodline, the weaker its reproduction ability, no race can escape this law, and the case of, sorry I couldn’t reproduce so I went extinct was all too common in long-lived species.

Finally, in this era of retreat for the mythical races, humans, who have toiled unwaveringly upon this land managed to achieve far more impossibilities than the races possessing long lives and overbearing bloodlines.1

Life has demonstrated that fertility remains the crucial factor for a race’s survival, and it is precisely because of their robust fertility that humans have endured to this day. Regardless of what happens humans as a race will always leave remnants, and as long as these remnants aren’t completely exterminated, over a few years, decades, or centuries, the human population will grow explosively, and nations will naturally form.

Hence, it can be surmised that this tower was not a human creation, or rather, not of a single human. It’s conceivable that it was erected by a lineage spanning several generations, perhaps even dozens of generations.

What one cannot achieve in their lifetime is passed on to their descendants, and what their descendants cannot accomplish is passed on to their descendants thereafter. Like this, human knowledge sees perpetual improvements and innovations.

But Mo Li, who wasn’t much interested in history, couldn’t be bothered to find out exactly what kind of creature created this place.

His attention was currently focused on how to empty out this tower, of course emptying it wasn’t actually realistic, even with the lifespan of a dragon it’d be a tad unrealistic to empty this place.

“What’s the goddess’s trial supposed to be?” Also, is the goddess in question Sera?

The Origin religion is a typical monolithic religion, and Mo Li has never heard of another Goddess other than Sera.

“Yo, what the hell is this Goddess’s trial? You there? If you are get out here and explain it to me.” Mo Li questioned poking the ring.

The ring did seem to have a degree of spiritual consciousness as before Mo Li’s words had even dissipated, a snapping sound echoed and darkness enveloped his eyes.

“What the??” Mo Li removed the book page that had landed on his face, discovering writing on it.

Just as before, the page was again filled with an incomprehensible ancient text that he could understand the meaning of.

‘In the Papal States, on the highway connecting the Kingdom of Baal and the County of Trika there is currently a freight convey in transit, this convey is the personal convey of Count Trika, transporting foreign goods from an unknown source, intercept the foreign goods to complete the trial2.’

This is the Goddess’s trial?

Mo Li scanned back and forth only to read one3 word in the roundabout text ‘intercept’.

“You, want me to be a bandit?” Mo Li wrinkled his brows. “And on top of that, you want me to rob a noble convey?”

“Not doing it, absolutely no chance I’m doing it.”

Mo Li refused to do these unlawful and dangerous acts as he had suffered enough from his past experiences, even if he’s driven crazy by poorness he still wouldn’t.

Plus how could a noble’s convoy be so easy to intercept?? Would those rich bastards lack the money to hire a caravan of guards? Since it’s a noble’s treasure then there’s gotta be at least a knight squadron escorting it.

Quit joking a little assassin like me fighting with a knight squadron isn’t that simply suicide??

Never, Mo Li would never do something that was so clearly asking him to go die.

Just as he was about to toss away the page in his hand Mo Li caught a glimpse of the bottom-most line of the page.

‘Completion rewards include 3,000 gold coins and the quasi-epic weapon【Imitation: Han Xi】 .’

“……”Mo Li fell silent slowly retracting his hand that was about to throw away the page.

Three thousand gold coins plus a quasi-epic weapon… What a huge profit!!

Let’s not mention the gold coins, quasi-epic weapon, an actual quasi-epic weapon!

How could one assign a value to an epic4 weapon? After all, weapons deserving of such a status are all mythical relics passed down from ancient times and beyond the craft of modern smiths.

As long as use requirements are met, even a chicken, duck, or rabbit could easily destroy an entire city.5

In his last life the only epic weapon Mo Li got to see was【Dawn】the epic weapon of Papal State’s princess, moreover, when he saw it, the sword had already been thrust into his chest, denying him the chance to even touch it.

In this life, I actually have the qualifications to touch and even use an epic weapon?

Even though it’s only an imitation quasi-epic, this alone was enough to make Mo Li extremely giddy.6

Men right, they all love nothing more than cool strong weapons7 and Mo Li is no exception. At this moment, he is like a gacha8 player eyeing the top-up button for a chance at the rate-up character. Despite knowing he shouldn’t, he still clicks the 648 top-up button.

“Wait, wait, calm down…” Mo Li forced himself to calm down.

There’s obviously an issue with this deal!

Mo Li has never believed in such a thing as free pies falling from the sky, in contrast, god seems to like to drop weights on his head instead.9

So in the end Mo Li still held back, the reason being he didn’t feel that things would go so smoothly.

If someone in reality stopped him and said that just by intercepting a cargo freight they’d give him a mythical weapon, he’d definitely look at them as if they were an idiot.

It’s impossible, there can’t be such a good deal, even if it is true then what? God knows how hard this mission will actually be for it to be worth a quasi-epic weapon.

Regardless this trial definitely isn’t as simple as it’s being made out to be, my life is more important I can’t go…

Mo Li suppressed the greed stirring within him, but as he glanced at the page again, his pupils once more dilated.

‘【Imitation: Han Xi】is a first trial reward and will not return once passed upon.’

“……**** it!”



  1. I’ma adjust play devil’s advocate here for a second but I feel like this entire line is only true because the remaining mythical races just couldn’t give less of a crap about the modern humans of this world.
  2. It technically just says something more like is enough but I added to complete trial to make it more consistent.
  3. lol pre-proofing I had wrote two words for intercept because it was two characters in chinese lol.
  4. Yes author just starts using epic… dunno why.
  5. I call BS.
  6. Yaa know I know ahem Mo Li is technically in a boy’s body here but like my brainrot is kinda auto translating this into Jasmine being adorable…
  8. Any gacha player knows the vibes if you don’t know what gacha is, good, never find out.
  9. The funny thing is this is literally actually cannonly true his first life was literally supposed to be miserable if I remember right the reason is kinda balonie tho.
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