Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 79

If you follow our recent news, and the webnovel “The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder,” then you probably already know that Re:Library had planned to take up that as our 3rd Chinese Gender Bender project. But what WE ALL didn’t know was that, another translator was already working on this project. When I made an announcement on Re:Library about picking up this project, that other translator just released 5 chapters like hot cakes in a panic.

Which in turn, caused me to panic and released chapter 7 ahead of time. I tried getting in touch with the translator and suggest a collaboration, but he refused me, now I’m just scratching my head over what to do. He won’t give us a monopoly over the project, nor did he want to collaborate, what are we supposed to do?

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6 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 79”

    1. Well, I asked Tony (Owner of NU) to change the link from the old site to Re:Library after I got permission from the old translator (who also happens to be the current translator) to host the chapters here, but yeah, didn’t expect xaiomoge to pull a **** move on us soon after we made our intention of picking up The Ancestor clear.

  1. You must stubbornly fight! If you can’t have it, then no one can!

    But really. If you’re both going to be translating it, then people will likely flock to who ever is faster on releases unless the other guy’s quality is just too bad. You could race him, translate a big chunk of chapters ahead of him, give it up, or ignore him and translate at your own pace.

      1. Yeah this is problematic. But one thing for sure, you already fund the project. Unless you got an alternative title, then no one like throwing their money away so just release at your own pace and continue this title.

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