Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 53

Well, damn… What do you know? Today’s my birthday. Happy 29th years old me… just one more year and I’ll be called a Middle-Aged Uncle… Already 29 years old and I’m still so dependent on my parents, ugh… what a failure of a man I am…

I always tell myself to start looking for a girlfriend and take my work more seriously, but I never went around to do it. Getting a girlfriend would mean less personal time for my hobby (i.e. gaming, reading and translating). And I am lazy by nature so even though I know deep down that I cannot remain like this, I still took my work half-heartedly and always skipping work whenever I can.

So for my birthday wish this year, I wish that I can get over my timid and lazy nature. My first step to overcoming that wall is to post a double chapter today. Don’t thank me just yet, it’s mainly because both are short chapters 😛

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 52

It has come to my attention that people are rating this novel with 1 to 3 stars not because of the plot but because they can’t stand the protagonist’s personality. There were quite a few comments bashing at how Lily should man it up and stop wussing out whenever she was about to take a bath or a piss. Where would be the fun in that if she accepted everything readily and looked at her “new” body with no guilty conscience? This is what gender bender is all about.

And I have a firm belief that hate comes from love. There are only three main reasons why you would hate someone or something;

  1. You love them but your love is not rewarded.
  2. They remind you of something unpleasant (mainly due to something you did in the past that you want to forget or your own personality).
  3. They threaten your self-esteem.
If you can’t stand the novel or manga you’re reading, I suggest you to stop reading and come back again after you sort out your feelings. Depending on your feeling at the time you’re reading a certain novel, you can feel different emotions. Let’s take a romance novel for instance, how would you feel when you are reading a romance novel while you are in love and while you just broke up?

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 51

An editor? Yup… I might want to recruit one. In case my brain stopped working and unable to come up with the right words for the right time, I might need an editor to help me rewrite the sentence or just brainstorm together with me. I feel like I am starting to hit the limit of my vocabulary and the future translations might become monotonous due to lack of new words. I think I will need an editor with a high level of vocab.

Well, if anyone’s interested in taking up the position of Demon Sword Maiden exclusive editor, fill up the form below. Do note that as an editor, I’ll also require you to manage the Wiki page on top of editing the chapters. Your reward will be early access to chapters I’ve translated without subscribing to Patreon 😛

Make sure to enter your contact email when filling in the form, because I will be sending you a test to assess your ability. Good luck to all.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 50

Translating is not easy, yeah… I did say that, but if you really want to start translating, there’s nothing to stop you if you can at least speak the language. It is quite common for Chinese who live outside the Mainland to not be able to read Chinese, it’s normal, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I mean, I am among those “foreigners” who can’t read Chinese. I started my translating career due to an impulse to read ahead of a web novel I was following a few years back. I wasn’t able to read, so I decided to translate them to English instead, by using nothing but audio. I would copy the Chinese text and paste them into Google Translate, play the audio over and over until I get the meaning, then I will translate them into English.

After doing that for a few months, I then moved on to use online dictionaries and read the pinyin instead. I’ve been doing that for years and am still translating with the help of online dictionaries. I can now read more Chinese characters than before I started translating, but I still found reading the pinyin to be easier.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 49

It’s a weird feeling. As a translator, I love short chapters because I can finish translating faster and go on to indulge myself in the pool of sloth. But as a reader, I like long chapters because you can never have enough of a good read.

Most translators can probably relate to this feeling, but what about the pure readers. Can they truly feel the pain and struggle a translator goes through without experiencing it themselves? My answer to this question is probably not. If you are only looking at the side, the things that others do may look easy to you, but it is not as easy as you initially thought when you are actually doing it yourselves.

I’m not pointing finger at anyone in particular, I’m only saying this because I’ve personally gone through this experience.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 48

Procrastination and long chapters don’t play nice together. Took me almost one whole week to finish this up. Yup… slowing down the chapter release is definitely a good call in situations such as this. At least I won’t be pressured to speed up my translations in case I have an unproductive week.

Thoughts of the day:
Does anyone like to play the Atelier series? It’s one of my favorite games since the PlayStation 2 Era. Too bad I wasn’t able to get PS3 or PS4 so I was unable to enjoy the rest of the console exclusive series.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 47

This might be a little late, but I have a correction to make.

  • Mountain Child -> Mountain Imp

I don’t know about you but I feel that it is about time we made this correction. I mean, when the name of the monster species was first mentioned, there was nothing much to go with it. We didn’t know whether it was a monster or a human, there was only so much you can tell from the name alone. Now that we know more about the monster, it is high-time we corrected the name.

While I was searching for synonyms of “child”, I stumbled upon “Imp” and thought that this was the perfect choice for our hairy little troublemaker. Continue reading Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 47

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 46

The greatest joy of a translator is probably seeing return visitors coming back for more chapters. It’s actually quite a blissful thing to see returning visitors leaving a comment and like on a chapter you published. But then again, it can also get quite worrisome when the frequent readers suddenly stop commenting or liking new posts.

Yes, I know who you are and I appreciate you being here with me on this long journey 🙂
Well, okay, maybe I don’t know who you are, if you change your ID and Email, I probably wouldn’t have guessed…
But regardless, I still thank you for making your presence known.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 45

I spent quite some time thinking of the classifier regarding the monster’s ranking system. The direct translation would be Low-Rank Initial Stage, Low-Rank Middle Stage, etc.

I felt that the direct translation would be too long. So I came up with several options:

Option AOption BOption COption DOption E
Superior Low-Rank
Lesser Low-Rank
Superior Low-Rank
Low-Rank Plus
Low-Rank Plus Ultra
Low Rank-
Low Rank
Low Rank+

Obviously, I chose option A, but options C is not bad either. What are your thoughts? Which option do you prefer? If there is none, what other option would you suggest? Please leave your comment below or cast your vote HERE! Continue reading Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 45

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