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Chapter 154 – Triumph Return

When the car arrived in front of my family’s mansion, my parents already saw my car from the surveillance camera. So, they call walked out to greet me as if I was a hero making a triumph return.

Little Beauty Xia, who I thought about day and night, stood beside them.

Xia Jing clearly blanked out for a bit when she saw me, while her eyes turned red. Just as I wanted to ask, Xia Jing’s expression turned into a look of surprise as she ran over and jumped onto me like a koala. She said excitedly, “Dagege, I finally see you again!”

I felt a bit awkward hugging Xia Jing in front of my parents. However, seeing my parents supportive gaze, I didn’t care. I reached out to hold Xia Jing’s *** so she can relax a bit. Otherwise, her arms would be really tired as she hangs onto me.

“Hehe, you didn’t tell Dagege when you came back to find me. You even caused me to embarrass myself at the wedding!” I smiled.

“I just wanted to give you a surprise! Who would have thought that you would care about me so much… But I’m very happy, you were so cool on the wedding…” Xia Jing said slowly as she leaned on my shoulders.

“Wasn’t I just afraid of you being stolen by Lei Xiaolong!” I patted Xia Jing’s butt.

“Aiya, Dagege, you’re so mean. You actually hit my butt!” Xia Jing said in a spoiled manner.

It’s been three years. Aside from the foreignness when Xia Jing and I just saw each other, we immediately acted like a couple without a hint of foreignness, as if we’re back to three years ago.

“Of course I have to hit you, you directly left for three years. Do you know how much Dagege missed you!” I couldn’t help but be a bit embarrassed when I said it! To be honest, I didn’t really think of her too much these three years.

“Xia Jing knows… Xia Jing have also been missing Dagege, Xia Jing has been thinking about Dagege every day. If Dagege doesn’t believe it, then take a look at the diary Xia Jing brought. Every day is filled with stuff about Dagege…” Xia Jing said shyly.

“I believe, I believe!” I said. “Alright, let’s talk back in the room. Wen’t just say in front of the door!”

“Ah! Ganba and ganma are still watching us! Aiya, it’s so embarrassing!” Xia Jing quickly jumped down from my body.

My parents didn’t say anything. They merely watched as with a smile. Actually, I understood very well in my heart. My mom had treated Xia Jing as her future daughter-in-law! She was the one my mom liked the most out of my girlfriends. Perhaps it’s because she came first that my mom’s favor towards Xia Jing even surpassed that of hers towards Zhao Yanyan.

My mom quickly went to wash some fruits when we got back to the living room, while my dad also said that he would go to the kitchen to wash the fish in preparation for a few good dishes at night. Thus, they left the space to Xia Jing and I.

Although we seemed to have countless things to want to say to each other when we just met. When we truly sat down, we didn’t know where to begin.

Xia Jing and I sat in the living room as we looked at each other.

“Xia Jing, where have you been these years?” I casually find a topic and broke the awkward silence between us.

On the other hand, Xia Jing’s speakers seemed to have turned on as she continuously told me about what had happened in the past few years.

So, Xia Jing went to school normally after she got back. However, Xia Jing’s father’s surveillance of her got even tighter. As expected of someone working for safety, there were no weakness in his “care” for Xia Jing, so Xia Jing had no chance to act by herself.

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As for my side, since we moved and changed phone numbers, Xia Jing was unable to contact me.

After casually chatting for quite a while, Xia Jing and I no longer had the foreignness we had at the start. When my mom finished washing the fruits, she also joined us.

Xia Jing had come this time to give me a surprise, but she didn’t think that I would have already moved. So, she went to the original place. It was fortunate that our family didn’t sell the original apartment after we moved, and most of the people living there were workers at my dad’s electronics factory, so when they saw Xia Jing come back me, they warmheartedly helped her contacted my dad. Hearing that Xia Jing came, my dad immediately drove to pick her up.

Xia Jing checked out my family’s house, then asked hesitantly, “Dagege, your family seems richer than before…”

“Mhmm, didn’t you tell me to work hard after you left! That’s why I listened to you and worked hard to earn money!” I nodded.

“But… This seems to be because ganba became a factory owner. What does that have to do with you?” Xia Jing asked weirdly. “Also, even though your family is rich now, you couldn’t possibly do something so huge in the US…”

“Hehe, yeah, what you see if only on the surface. My dad likes to save up. He’s been driving that Jetta for three years and is reluctant to throw it away. Hehe! But that electronics factory is my dad’s business. It’s not mine. My company is so much more famous than my dad’s factory!” I smiled.

“Ah! Dagege is exaggerating. Ganba’s factory is a subsidiary company of Shuguang Corporation. How could your company be more famous!” Xia Jing blinked in disbelief.

“Of course, which company is more famous than Shuguang!” I continued with what Xia Jing said.

“Yeah! There’s also an East Asia Motion Company that’s rising, but it’s still a distance away from Shuguang!” Xia Jing said.

“That’s why, what would your Dagege’s company be if it’s even more famous than your ganba’s factory?” I asked with a smile

“Mm… Ah! It can’t be… How is that possible!” Xia Jing didn’t quite believe her guess.

“What’s not impossible? How is it impossible if you don’t say it?” My mom interrupted.

“Ganma… You’re saying that, Shuguang is Dagege’s…?” Xia Jing didn’t even believe what she was saying.

Xia Jing looked at my mother in disbelief. My mother looked at me, while I nodded to Xia Jing, “That’s right. Xia Jing, do you remember me always writing on paper when you were in my home?”

Xia Jing nodded to indicate that she still remember.

“I designed some electronics products then, then sold it to foreign companies, earning my first bucket of gold. Then I established Shuguang Corporation with Zhao Yanyan’s father. It’s just that I’m still a student and have my own things to do, so I hid in the back and didn’t announce my identity to the public,” I explained.

“Ah! Really!” Xia Jing looked at me in disbelief,” Dagege… You’re actually so amazing now… Was it all for Xia Jing…”

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Xia Jing was a bit worked up and moved as she choked, she thought that I did all this for her, so how could she not be moved.

However, I felt a bit guilty. I already started thinking about earning money before knowing Xia Jing, but I wasn’t dumb enough to deny it.


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