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Chapter 155 – Unsuitable for Mom

I thought about it, then said, “Yeah, otherwise, what can dagege used to fight over Lei Xiaolong with you. His dad is a famous entrepreneur and a millionaire. Back then, your dagege is just the childish of a working family, a normal high school student, how could I oppose them! But it’s good now, even if I snatched you over, they don’t dare to say anything!”

“Yeah, he… I was worried that Lei Xiaolong would cause trouble for you just now. Now it looks like I have no need to be afraid. Aiya, but Lei Xiaolong doesn’t know your identity. What if he comes to cause trouble for you?” Xiao Jing exclaimed.

“He came to look for me? Hehe, it’s not bad if I don’t go to find him. What’s more, he doesn’t dare either. It’s even better for me if he does, I still need to ask him for money!” I smiled. I found it rather funny whether I thought of the image of Lei Xiaolong pissing himself.

“He doesn’t dare to come? Ask for money? What?” Xia Jing was a bit confused.

“Hehe, it’s like this, you’ll understand after seeing this,” With that, I took out a folded piece of paper and handed it to Xia Jing.

“What is this?” Xia Jing received it and opened it to take a look. “Engagement Cancelling Agreement. Party A: Lei Xiaolong. Party B: Xia Jing… Hahaha! Dagege, what exactly is this?”

“This? That brat, Lei Xiaolong, wrote it personally, so you don’t need to be afraid of him troubling you. I was worried about your parents’ face, so I make this. This way, your family can properly break off your relationship with the Lei family,” I said. “As for returning money, you’ll know if you look down!”

“So it’s like that, dagege, you’re amazing!” Xia Jing was a bit moved. She stood up and hugged me, then kissed my cheek before continue to read that agreement in shyly. “Two billion… USD?! Dagege, this is too much isn’t it? Although Uncle Lei can take out that much money, their Lei’s Corporation will be in trouble!”

“That’s not what I can control. I hope they don’t come bother us again. If they don’t, then we’ll leave it. If he really starts to fight us, then I’ll make him return this two billion first, then I’ll see what right does he have to fighting with us!” I said.

“Mm, Xia Jing doesn’t understand these either, I’m just happy with dagege being nice to me!” Xia Jing said happily. “But dagege has to be careful, Lei Xiaolong’s family have a lot of masters. I’m afraid of them making a move to you.”

“You don’t need to worry about this. Dagege’s fighting prowess improved quite a bit these few years. If I had only ten percent of my current ability, then the two bad guys that tried to molest you would be directly sent to Yama,” I said confidently.

“Hehe, dagege is still talking about that…” Xia Jing said embarrassedly.

“But I have to thank them. Otherwise, how could I have met such a cute Xia Jing!” I was a bit lost as I looked at Xia Jing’s completely embarrassed expression.

“Why is dagege looking at me like this!” Xia Jing got even more embarrassed.

“Hai, hai, don’t perform some sort of show that is unsuitable for mom to watch!” My mom’s untimely voice sounded out.

Since my dad knew that I was returning that day, most of the dishes in the kitchen were half finished, so it was rather convenient for them to cook. Furthermore, since my mom was helping as well, an entire table of feast appeared on the table very quickly.

Since this was an extremely happy day, my mom specifically let my dad open a bottle of Maotai, while she opened a bottle of red wine as well. Normally speaking, my mom doesn’t let my dad drink, I tried to change her mind a few times, and told them that drinking won’t hurt their body after they practiced the techniques I passed onto them, but my mom still didn’t let her.

“Son, a glass for you?” My dad immediately raised the bottle of Maotai and wanted to fill my glass.

Seeing that, my mom immediately stopped him, “Old Liu, what are you doing? How can son drink?”

“Our son is already an adult, why are you still treating him like a kid. He has a career and wives, what’s wrong with drinking a bit!” said my dad.

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Hearing that, my mom blushed and thought about it. That’s true, she was about to be a grandma, yet she still thought her son was just a child. Thus, she no longer stopped my father, and merely said, “Just pour a bit less for him!”

My dad didn’t follow what she said, and directly pulled a fill glass for me, my mom poured a bit of red wine for both her and Xia Jing.

“Cheers, to our daughter-in-law coming home!” My mom raised her wine glass.

Xia Jing blushed after hearing that, but she still lifted her glass, clearly admitting what my mother said.

My dad and I looked at each other and smiled. I could tell that my dad was a bit jealous of me, but as the son, how could I tolerate my dad going out to find a mistress, so I merely looked at him with a helpless gaze.

My dad also shook his head and laughed. Our actions did not draw the attention of my mom. Otherwise, my dad probably didn’t have to think about sleeping on the bed again.

“Cheers!” I raised my wine glass and touched Xia Jing’s.

“Dagege…” Xia Jing said quietly. “Ganba, ganma…”

“This time you should take away that ‘gan’!” My mom smiled.

“Erm… Dad, mom!” Xia Jing was a bit awkward, but she still called out.

“Ai~ Nice daughter-in-law!” My mom took out a red packet and handed it to Xia Jing. So she had already prepared it beforehand!

“… Mother-in-law!” Xia Jing obediently received the red packet and put it into her pocket.

“Hehe, good! Since you called mother-in-law, mother-in-law will go to your home to ask for you hand in marriage!” My mom laughed.

“Ah!” Xia Jing could only finish the wine in her glass in order to hide the embarrassment in her heart. Her cheeks flushed red, either due to her embarrassment or due to the alcohol, making her look extremely cute.

I also finished the wine in my glass in a gulp, causing my dad to be completely shocked.

“Son, this is white wine!” My dad exclaimed.

“Dad, your son can drink so much more than you!” I laughed. Even ten glasses of white wine of this level wouldn’t have been a problem back then.

“Son, drinking is not good for your body!” My mom reminded.

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“Mom, did you forget about the techniques I taught you and dad? Hehe, at the later stages, you would be able to push out the alcohol from the pores in your skin!” I said.

“Dagege, what technique is it?” Xia Jing asked weirdly.

“Erm… It’s like the cultivation method of ancient martial masters…” I explained.

“Oh, I know. Lei Xiaolong’s family seems to have something like this passed down from their ancestors!” Xia Jing nodded.

Lei Xiaolong? His family has it too? Is their family a renowned martial family as well? Was the Lei family one of the Six Renowned Families? It looks like I have to ask Liu Yue about the Six Renowned Families in detail one day. No matter what, I am someone of the Six Renowned Families already, I can’t not know anything!

“Yeah, more or less, but my technique can make a man… err, strengthen their body, and a woman stay forever young!” I said.


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