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Chapter 152 – The Lei family’s attitude

“Songjiang! Oh yeah, I remember! That’s right, it’s definitely him! I would have never thought about it. An insignificant person back then became so powerful!” Uncle Bin suddenly understood. “I was wondering why he’s so familiar. Xiaolong, the Boss Liu in the casinos the other night was him!”

“Boss Liu is that little *******? How’s that possible?” Lei Xiaolong asked.

“What little *******! You’re a ******* little *******. Never underestimate your enemies! What have I taught you! You can look down on your enemies, but do not underestimate them! Little *******? Now he’s a big boss, and an amazing person. You can say that he’s sinister, deadly, but if you underestimate him, you’ll always lose!” Lei Fubo said to his son.

“Oh!” Lei Xiaolong ignored his father. “Oh yeah, I remember, that person seems to be called Liu Lei! His surname was indeed Liu!”

“Then there’s no mistake!” Uncle Bin nodded. “That’s him, he’s the guy! Ai! I really should have been merciless and turned him into a disabled person!”

“Alright, no need to say any words of regret! The most important thing right now is how to deal with it!” Since Lei Fubo was an outstanding member of the Lei family, he was able to calmly face a situation.

“Alright, Mr. Lei, I’ll listen to you,” said Uncle Bin.

“A Bin, get some private detective friends to investigate the background of this Liu Lei! It should be as detailed as possible!” said Lei Fubo. “Don’t leave out any detail.”

“I understand, Mr. Lei. I’ll go and do it right now!” said Uncle Bin.

Uncle Bin used all investigating powers he could use and actually got the majority of my background.

Liu Lei. Male. 18 years old. From Songjing city. His father works as the General Manager and Factory Manager of Songjiang City Shuguang Electronics Factory. His mother is the accountant within the factory. Their living conditions are superb.

He currently has five girlfriends. His grades are superb.

His vehicles are: Jetta, Mercedes s600, Land Rover, extra-long Bentley Red Label. The current one is Santana 2000.

His car plate numbers in Songjiang city are: Xin a00077, Xin a88888. The Santana 2000 uses a normal car plate number.

His best friend in high school was Guo Qing, who is the leader of the Three Rock Gang, the current largest gang in Asia. Liu Lei is the Board Chairman of Three Rock Corporation in name.

Although there wasn’t a lot of information, it was already enough to shock Lei Fubo.

The car wasn’t much, since they could be bought with money!

The main thing was the identity as Guo Qing’s best friend! If they were just friends, it didn’t matter much. The main thing is that they seem to be very close friends.

The fact that Liu Lei was named as the Board Chairman of the Three Rock Corporation was enough to show their friendship.

From the looks of it, Liu Lei might have used Guo Qing’s power to do this wedding robbery!

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If it really was like that… Although the Lei family could be said as one of the Six Renowned Families with a long history, it could not be matched with the mothership-type of gang!

“A Bin, what do you think?” Lei Fubo looked at the information in his hand and asked.

“Err… Mr. Lei, forgive my bluntness. If he is really related to Guo Qing, then we can’t match him,” said Uncle Bin.

“So what if they’re a gang! The Situ family that is in a good relationship with us runs mobsters as well. I think that we should get them to help and kill them!” Lei Xiaolong suggested.

“Suggesting this sort of **** idea again! Why should they help you!” Lei Fubo was already ver annoyed with his son. He wasn’t good for anything except screwing stuff up!

“I-I’m saying it for our family’s face! If we just admit defeat like this, how will the other renowned families look at us!” Lei Xiaologn said in a troubled manner,

“How would others think! Do you want to lose our entire Lei family due to how others look at us!” Lei Fubo said angrily.

“Mr. Lei, how about this. We can send someone to get into contact with this Liu Lei and see how he reacts, then decide,” said Uncle Bin. “Of course, we can threaten him appropriately when we are negotiating and see his reaction. If he stands strong, then we’ll submit. If he appears weak, then we’ll talk about it later!”

“Alright, that’s all we can do now,” Lei Fubo nodded, then said to Lei Xiaolong. “You ******* stay proper in recent times!”

“Understood, dad!” Lei Xiaolong nodded obediently.

But would he really listen?

After Lei Xiaolong left his father’s office. He found a place without anyone else, to take out his phone and dialed his best ****** friend’s number…

Songjiang City. Back in the Songjiang City that I left for a long time.

The current Songjiang city was already completely different to three years prior. Emotions overwhelmed me as I looked at the city where my dreams begun.

Reborn, establishing Shuguang Corporation caused me to feel like I was in a dream.

Ding Baosan sent a car to pick me up at the airport. Originally, he wanted to come in person and get a whole squad of cars with thirty to fifty cars, but I completely rejected him. Isn’t that just going to negatively influence me! I have to face everyone with my real identity sooner or later. If the media sees that, they would think that I started off working in the Underworld!

“You’re Director Liu, right? Director Ding told me to come pick you up,” A twenty something years old lad quickly jumped out of the driver’s seat and helped me open the door when he saw me walk towards the black Mercedes.

I nodded with a smile, “Yes, I’ll be troubling you.”

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Hearing me say that, the lad was rather surprised and honored. So he quickly said, “It’s nothing, nothing!” Then he took over my luggage and put it in the trunk.

As the car drove on the highway, the lad showed that he was rather familiar at driving, so it was clear that he was an experienced driver.

“What’s your name?” I asked casually.

“Ah! Director Liu, I’m called Xu Er… Other people all call me Er-zi,” the lad replied.

“Xu Er?!” I was a bit confused, why would anyone be called this!

“Ugh… It’s like this. My family has three children. I’m the second child. My parents aren’t very educated when I was born, so they gave me such a name. My little sister’s name is much better, my older brother named her,” said Xu Er.

“Hehe, so it’s like this. Then isn’t your older brother called Xu Da?” I asked with a smile.

“Yeah, but… Big bro passed away…” Xu Er said a bit depressingly.

“Sorry for mentioning depressing things,” I said awkwardly.

“No worries, I’m already used to it!” Xu Er replied plainly.

I didn’t want to continue on his heavy topic, so I said, “We work at Three Rock Corporation?”

“Yeah, I was lucky that Director Ding chose me and got me to drive at the company…” Xu Er said thankfully. “If it wasn’t for Director Ding, then I might have been beaten into a disabled person already!”

“What happened?” I asked curiously.

“Hai! It’s nothing nice, but I can say it if Director Liu wants to listen…” Xu Er started to speak.


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