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Chapter 156 – Worry

“Dagege, I want to learn too!” Xia Jing immediately wanted to learn it when she heard that it could make her forever young. Actually, she already noticed that my mom didn’t grow older when she arrived, and instead seemed young, as if my mom was just a sister. Due to politeness, she didn’t ask what exactly was going on, thus, she only found out that it was like that!

“Hehe, you don’t need to learn!” I smiled.

“Why?” Xia Jing asked weirdly. “Doesn’t dagege want me to be forever beautiful?”

“Of course it isn’t that. It’s just that my body is rather special, as long as… As long as we become a couple, your body wll naturally change,” I didn’t know how to explain it either. I wanted to as “have sex”, but since my parents were there, I couldn’t be too obvious about it!!

“Become a couple? Ahh… I know, dagege, you’re so bad! Mom and dad are here, yet you could say this sort of thing…” Xia Jing dipped her head.

“I merely spoke the truth!” I smiled wryly.

“Alright, just stop talking. Hurry up and eat! The food is already cold!” My dad helped me out.

“Oh yeah, Xia Jing, did you call your mom? They should be worried that you sneaked out, right?” I asked.

“Not yet… I’m worried that my mom will make me go back and marry Lei Xiaolong…” Xia Jing shook her head.

“She probably won’t! From the looks of it, your mom already broke it off with Lei Fubo, so she won’t make you marry him! What’s more important is whether your mom will agree to us!” I said worriedly.

“I’m scared that she won’t agree…” Xia Jing nodded.

“Ai, it seems like we can only reveal a bit of my identity to her. Otherwise, your family definitely won’t let you marry me. What’s more, I don’t only have you…” I said in a guilty manner.

“I know, is it that Zhao Yanyan?” Xia Jing asked.

“Mhmm, but there are a few more…” I smiled wryly.

“I don’t care about these things, I already said it, it’s fine as long as I can be together with dagege,” Xia Jing shook her head. “I don’t know if my mom would agree, so I haven’t dared to call her.”

“Never mind, just avoiding her like this isn’t going to be of use. After a few days, I’ll go with you to visit uncle and auntie at your home to see if there’s any solution.”

“Mm, thank you, dagege!” Xia Jing said as she looked gently towards me.

“Call your family after eating and tell them that you’re safe. Don’t let them worry. This is your second time running away from home, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Dagege is making fun of me again!” Xia Jing said embarrassedly.

In the end, I resisted eating Xia Jing that night. After all, Xia Jing’s identity was rather special, no matter what, I have to deal with Lei Xiaolong’s issue, otherwise, it would seem a bit irresponsible towards Xia Jing.

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However, we started playing the game from three years prior, causing us to have fun the entire night. I was rather energetic in the morning, but Xia Jing couldn’t hold it anymore, and continuously yawned, causing my mom to look at us in weird eyes. In the end, Xia Jing still couldn’t stand it and went back to my bed to sleep.

I used this rare time that I’m back in Songjiang to visit Liu Zhenhai. No matter what, this person is my second grandpa, it was a bit wrong if I didn’t visit him when I’m back in Songjiang.

I called Xu Er, and told him to wait for me at the entrance of my family’s mansion half an hour later. Then I cleaned up a bit, before Xu Er called me to inform me that he was there.

I got Xu Er to go to Uncle Zhao’s home once and managed to get a box of Dahongpao tea from him, causing Uncle Zhao to feel sad as he reprimanded me, “You don’t come to see your father-in-law often, and the one time you come, you came to rob me.”

Since I looked at the time and saw that it was nearly noon, I decided to stay at Uncle Zhao’s home to lunch, “I haven’t eaten Auntie Hui’s food for so long.”

Hearing that, Auntie Hui quickly went to the kitchen to cook in excitement. This caused Uncle Zhao to keep saying that she was giving me a lot of face since his wife, who haven’t cooked for a long time, is finally cooking willingly today!

I chuckled without replying. The mother-in-law being nice to the son-in-law was normal.

“Xiao Liu, the Yanjing management incident a while ago was a huge alarm for us!” Uncle Zhao used the meal as an opportunity to talk about this. “Shuguang is no longer a normal private company, it is an international corporation with branches all over the world. Although it is only one company, its influence on the society cannot be underestimated. The manager of each branch company would have their own vast network, and when people have power, it’s hard to avoid situations of them using it for their own benefits!”

“This is what I was worried about as well. I did want to use the Yanjing incident to set an example, but it only had a very limited effect,” I said with a nod.

“Yeah, it’s just like crime. No matter how strict the law is, there will always be someone to go against it,” said Uncle Zhao. “Currently, the power of Shuguang Corporation’s subsidiary companies are too huge, and they have too much money flowing through them. It’s unavoidable for people to get greedy. If this continues, I’m afraid corruption would occur within Shuguang Corporation.”

“The main company can go and check it at times,” I suggested.

“I thought about this as well, but those people can be bribed. This would only cause more bribery to occur,” Uncle Zhao signed.

I nodded in agreement. The company I was in during my previous life faced this issue as well, if I wanted to get money back then, there were a lot of loopholes for me to use!

“Have you considered a rotatory system” I suggested a rather popular method that companies liked to use later on, which was transferring employees around.

“I’ve considered this as well, there are advantages and disadvantages to this. Every location has its own policies and clients, if the employees are transferred around too frequently, it’s not good for the development of business. If it wasn’t that frequent, then the purpose of it is loss!” Uncle Zhao said worriedly.

Oh yeah! I suddenly had an idea! I could get Du Xiaowei’s people to establish something like the “Boards of Supervisors”, it would be like the Embroidered Uniform Guard in the Ming dynasty. They would be another organization, separation from Shuguang Corporation. They will only obey their highest supervisor! Since Du Xiaowei had already added a mental scorch onto his subordinates’ mind, they were definitely loyal, so there was no worry of them doing things for their own good!

“Uncle Zhao, I have a group of people in secret that are definitely loyal to me. We can establish another supervisory organization that will make surprise checks onto the different branch companies of Shuguang. This way, everyone would be checked,” I said.

“You have more people? If they are very loyal, then that’s great!” Uncle Zhao also know that I often do some surprising things, so he did not doubt me at all.

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“That’s right, since it’s like this, then I’ll get my people to contact you after a few days. I won’t get involved in the specifics, you’ll be fine,” I said.

“Alright,” Uncle Zhao nodded happily.


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