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Chapter 151 – Wait for you to come back

“Mm, Dagege, hurry back, I’m waiting for you at dad and mom’s…!” said Xia Jing.

Waiting for me at dad and mom’s. Ha! This sounds just like my little wifey…

“Okay, Dagege will hurry back. Hehe, Dagege waited for you for three years!” I chuckled. I believe that Xia Jing will understand what I mean by three years.

“Aiya! Dagege… What are you saying… I’m not coming…” Xia Jing said in embarassment.

“Crap… It’s on speaker here…” Xia Jing suddenly exclaimed.

“Damn brat! What are you saying! What is your brain thinking all the time! You’re as disgusting as your dad! See how I deal with you when you get back…” it was my mom’s voice. I quickly hung up, otherwise, I’d be in for a treat!

As I expected, David did the coverup work very well. Even the reporters on scene thought that a tv show was being shot.

After the incident, David also took the guns out for the police to check. The results showed that there were merely props that could not be used, so the incident merely got labeled as a misunderstanding.

The American people didn’t treat it seriously at all, they just thought of it as a fiesta that was gossip material. Of course, only a few people knew the truth…

The Xia family was not willing to pursue the incident due to their daughter running from the wedding; while the Lei family didn’t want to lose anymore face than what they had already lost… So the entire incident just ended like that.

“What, why didn’t you say so earlier!” Lei Fubo sat in the chairman office of Lei’s Corporation and roared as he pointed to his son, Lei Xiaolong, who was standing in front of him.

“Dad… I thought those people were just kidding…” Lei Xiaolong said in a troubled manner.

“Just kidding? Tell me in detail what those people were and what happened! Never mind! No need for you to say it! A Bin, tell me the situation at the time!” Lei Fubo waved his hand and said to Uncle Bin, who stood on the side.

“Okay, Mr. Lei. The other day at the casino, the person in the lead was a young man calling himself Boss Liu. He was about the same age as Young Master, but his tone, expressions and actions were very mature, and not like Young Master who…” Uncle Bin wanted to say frivolous, but decided to correct himself. “Not like someone of Young Master’s age! This person looked very familiar, as if I’ve seen him somewhere before, but I really can’t recall it. Perhaps it was a few years ago. But no matter. What’s important was that his subordinate is really amazing. He actually suppressed me in a move, and I had no way of fighting back… It still scares me a bit when I think back to it. It wasn’t just a small difference! His ability could be described as insane… And I already felt pressured just from the atmosphere…”

“So amazing? A Bin, your martial ability is one of the best in our generation. Back then, my old man treated you as his closed door disciple!”

“That’s right! Mr. Lei, to say something disrespectful, even my shifu, which is Old Master, might not be able to match up to him!” Uncle Bin shook his head.

“What! Even father can’t match up to him!’ Lei Fubo was shocked. “It seems like the person Xialong offended is truly powerful!” Lei Fubo was a bit worried.

“Yeah, they claimed to be a mercenary company from South Africa. If we really get a grudge with them, the trouble would be endless…” Uncle Bin spoke out his worries.

“Dad, so what if they’re mercenaries! Is our Lei family scared of them! All of the guests that came today were at the very top of society. This proves how much face and power you have, father. You can just ally with them when it happens. If it really doesn’t work, then petition for the world police to eradicate these people!” Lei Xiaologn said like he didn’t care at all.

“My face? My power? Bullshit! They came to make fun of us!” Lei Fubo looked at his disappointing son angrily. How did such a useless thing come from the Lei family!

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“World police? Are you a ******* ******!” Lei Fubo couldn’t help but swear. “Why would the world police help us eradicate them? Are they terrorists or what? What use is eradicating them for the US? You have to use your brain when you speak! Don’t give some retarded suggestions!”

“Mr. Lei, don’t scold Young Master for now. Since it happened, we have to think of a way to deal with it. Just scolding Young Master is not going to help the issue!” Although Uncle Bin was angry at Lei Xiaolong for being a disappointment as well, since he watched Lei Xiaolong grow up, he did care about him a lot…

“I let the anger get to my head. Uncle Bin, what do you think their purpose is? Would they come to trouble Xiaolong in the future?” asked Lei Fubo.

“Mr. Lei, I started thinking about this since I came back that night. I didn’t feel like anything was wrong back then, but now that I think about it, they planned it very carefully and it was very dangerous for us the enter time!” said Uncle Bin.

“How so?” asked Lei Fubo.

“Mr. Lei, now that I think about it, those people might have set a trap for Young Master, baited him in and forced him to sign that agreement…” Uncle Bin paused, then continued. “And their final purpose —— if they really were responsible for what happened today, then I can be a hundred percent certain that their purpose is Xia Jing!”

“Xia Jing?!” Lei Fubo exclaimed. “So these people did it for Xia Jing as well!” Lei Fubo thought about it carefully, and found that it was the case. These people didn’t just come to destroy the wedding, the target of the person in the lead was Xia Jing!

“Dad, you have to snatch Xia Jing back for me! I like her too much, don’t cancel the engagement with the Xia family!” Lei Xiaolong interrupted.

“**** your mom! Why did your mom give birth to a jerk like you!” Lei Fubo slammed the table in rage.

Lei Xiaolong didn’t care and though, if you didn’t **** my mom, where did I come from!

“Xia Jing! You still dare to mention her? Do you have a brain? Those people came for Xia Jing! You better not bring this sort of woman home, I don’t want the family to get destroyed!” Lei Fubo said impatiently.

Lei Xiaolong didn’t dare to say anymore, he didn’t want to get scolded even more.

“Xiaolong, think about it. Is there normally any pursuers around Xia Jing? Like your love rival or something?” Uncle Bin thought of an important problem.

“There doesn’t seem to be any. Everyone around her knows that she’s my fiancé, and they don’t dare to do anything in fear of our family’s power!” Lei Xiaolong shook his head.

“That’s weird, could they have any other purpose? Perhaps I guess it wrong?” Uncle Bin also shook his head.

“Oh yeah, Uncle Bin! Speaking of rivals in love and enemies, do you remember Xia Jing running away to Songjiang city and lived in a little bastards’ home? When Xia Jing left, she was reluctant to part with that little *******!” Lei Xiaolong suddenly said.


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