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Chapter 153 – Xu Er

I found out that Xu Er was a vet. He was a driver when he was in the army. After leaving the army, he wasn’t able to find a job. In this era, even the drivers were the relatives of the management within the company. Since Xu Er didn’t have any contacts, he could only start working at a construction site.

The workers at the construction site were all young lads, and often in heat, so they would get a few prostitutes to deal with their lust when they get a bit of money. At the start, Xu Er was a bit held back, but then, he was unable to resist his co-worker’s nagging, and went to a nightclub with them.

Don’t think that workers are poor and couldn’t afford to go to clubs. That’s discrimination! The amount construction workers earn after a month of hard work is no less than those who sit in offices!

Since Xu Er was a virgin, the ma’am of the nightclub made an exception and called the star of the club, Yang Xin! However, Xu Er was an infatuated person. He was actually unable to forget that Yang Xin, and would go find her whenever he got a bit of money!

What was even more weird was that Yang Xin was actually moved by Xu Er and fell in love with him!

However, Yang Xin owed the nightclub five hundred thousand yuan when she borrowed money to treat her father! Although Yang Xin was able to pay back most of it, she still owed them two hundred something thousand!

The two of them thought about it, then decided to elope. However, they were caught by the people the nightclub owner sent before the two got to the train station.

The nightclub owner had pointed to Yang Xin in rage, “You ungrateful *****! Laozi didn’t treat you badly. When your dad was sick, I immediately took out five hundred thousand. Now you’re selling your body at my place to repay the doubt, I didn’t ask for any interest. Now that you’re the star, you think you’re amazing? You want to just leave like that?”

Yang Xin trembled in fear. She knew the owner’s ability! The owners of nightclubs would have a bit of relationship to the underworld, they were definitely merciless people!

However, Xu Er was a soldier before, a calf wasn’t afraid of a tiger. He said strongly to the nightclub owner, “Yang Xin and I truly love each other. We promise to return the money in the future!”

The owner immediately got angry upon hearing that, and scolded Xu Er, “You’re just a worker, how are you going to get the money to pay me back! What’s more, laozi got her to be a prostitute here is for the business of my nightclub! Otherwise, why would I have lent her money!”

With that, he told his subordinates to beat Xu Er up. Meanwhile, Yang Xin continuously begged and the owner only told the people to stop after Yang Xin agreed to continue working there.

Coincidentally, Ding Baosan was really tired that day, since he was a bit troubling for an underworld boss like him to manage his company. In order to relieve his stress, he went to this club by himself to drink a few glass. The reason he didn’t go to our place was because our people were there. He would have to meet them if he went there, so he wouldn’t be able to relax.

Ding Baosan was someone who had learnt a lot from Guo Qing. Although he was someone of the underworld, he never does anything that would harm the country or the people, and he also detested forcing good women to be prostitutes.

Since he saw the nightclub owner teaching Yang Xin and Xu Er, he instantly got angry and walked over to the owner, “Let the two of them go.”

When the owner’s subordinates saw that Ding Baosan walked over by himself and spoke so cockily, he instantly got angry, “Who the **** are you! You dare to mind our business!”

The owner was a bit closer to Ding Baosan. So he nearly shocked himself to death when he got a clear look of Ding Baosan!

Ding Baosan was in charge of Songjiang’s underworld after Guo Qing left. Which nightclub owner didn’t know Ding Baosan! Although Ding Baosan was by himself, the owner didn’t dare to act carelessly.

He immediately slapped his lackey and said angrily, “****, how could you not know Lord San!’ Then he said flatteringly to Ding Baosan, “Lord San, how did you find time to visit our shop? You truly bring owner to this small shop!”

“What’s going on?” Ding Baosan pointed to the couple on the floor and asked.

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That owner also knew about the rule the Three Rock Gang had set for nightclubs, which was the fact that they couldn’t force women to become prostitutes, and all prostitutes had to be willing. Thus, he quickly explained everything.

Ding Baosan understood that this Yang Xin did it willingly. There was nothing wrong with selling her body to repay a debt. However, Ding Baosan felt that this Xu Er had quite a personality, so he suggested to help Yang Xin repay her debt.

The owner didn’t care about the two hundred something thousand. If he offended Ding Baosan, then he didn’t need to think about running his nightclub anymore. So, when Ding Baosan suggested it, the owner immediately said that it wasn’t needed.

Ding Baosan didn’t say too much, since he saw that the owner was kind of smart, he accepted the favor.

Yang Xin thought that her and Xu Er were over. However, the person in front of her dealt with the issue with a few words, so she quickly pulled Xu Er over to thank him and her boss.

The owner felt rather pained to let go of the star, Yang Xin. However, he wouldn’t just be pained if he lost the nightclub due to this, thus he generously told someone to bring the agreement Yang Xin signed over and ripped it publicly.

Since Ding Baosan saw that Xu Er knew how to drive, he told Xu Er to become a driver at the Three Rock Corporation. Since the salary of a driver at Three Rock Corporation was doubled that of the salary as a construction worker, Xu Er was completely thankful towards his boss.

Meanwhile, Yang Xin quit her job and went to the Three Rock Corporation to become an office assistant. The couple did managed to earn as much as a white-collar together. They recently just borrowed some money from the bank to buy an apartment at an internal price. When they get the apartment the following year, they were going to get married.

As for Xu Er’s older brother, he was very unlucky. He jumped into a river to save a drowning child. He was able to save the child, but Xu Da had drowned himself. What was most infuriating was that the family of the child just directly left with the kid and was never seen again. Although the government had awarded Xu Da the title of being a Samaritan, but he already died, so what use was the title.

On the other hand, Xu Er’s little sister studied in university elsewhere. They were originally very poor, and needed to borrow money left and right in order to pay for her school fees, but now that Xu Er got this job, not only could he pay for his little sister’s school fees, he was able to give his little sister a lot of money per month as well.

With that, Xu Er couldn’t help but smile happily. He was truly thankful to this boss. However, he could never understand why that nightclub owner would give Director Ding so much face! He didn’t think too much about it afterwards either, and merely thought that Director Ding was an important person.

It seems like Xu Er did not know that Ding Baosan was of the underworld before.

While we were chatting, I got a pretty good impression of Xu Er. Since I needed a driver while I’m in Songjiang, I wanted him to drive temporarily for me.

Recently, since I had Du Xiaowei as my driver, I got used to the feeling of being a boss. That was why I felt rather weird to drive myself.

Thus, I told Xu Er about it. Xu Er didn’t mind either, since Ding Baosan already told him beforehand to listen to my instructions.


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