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Chapter 133 – Not Dreaming

“Ugh… About this, let me consider it a bit,” Actually, I couldn’t be happier in my heart, I was just getting worried about signing up, I didn’t think that Liu Zhenhai would actually tell me to go and enter! However, I shouldn’t seem that enthusiastic.

“What are you considering for. The brat Situ Liang might enter as well, don’t you want to take the chance to beat him up?” Liu Zhenhai enticed.

“Then alright, I’ll forcefully agree,” I said.

“Okay, I’ll help you sign up later. How about it, do you have the confidence to get first place?” Liu Zhenhai asked.

“****, getting first place is like a game for me!” I said with disdain.

“Seriously?” Liu Zhenhai asked. “You didn’t seem that amazing three years ago, right?”

“You don’t believe me?” I waved my hand, causing the bottle of red wine on the tea table to shatter into a million pieces.

“My red wine!” Liu Zhenhai nearly cried.

“Sorry, I actually did it on purpose,” I said.

“****!” Liu Zhenhai was completely speechless.

As we were speaking, the sound of door knocks was heard.

“Come in,” said Liu Zhenhai.

The door opened and Liu Yue walked in in a dress. I was very confused, Liu Yue originally always wore a professional business suit, why did she suddenly dress up like a teenage girl.

“Grandpa, you came… Huh?” Liu Yue said in surprise after seeing me, who was sitting on the sofa. “Hubby… Liu Lei, why are you here?”

The habit of calling me hubby that Liu Yue has cannot be changed at will.

“Why aren’t you calling me hubby?” I chuckled.

“Ah!” Liu Yue momentarily blanked. Me appearing here was weird enough, she didn’t think that I would say that in front of her grandfather.

“Yeah, even grandpa accepted this grandson-in-law. You’re not accepting him? Could it be that you’re still thinking about that brat in the Situ family? If it’s like that, then grandpa will call his family…” Liu Zhenhai laughed.

“Grandpa!” Liu Yue stomped her foot. Stop messing around, what is going on!” Liu Yue was rather confused.

“Nothing, grandpa knows that you’ve been unhappy recently, so I thought of a way to get rid of your troubles,” said Liu Zhenhai.

“I…” All of a sudden, Liu Yue wasn’t sure of what to say, she still didn’t understand what her grandpa meant.

“I agree with you and Liu Lei a lot. He is elder brother’s grandson, which means he’s someone of our Liu family. Essentially, we’re still within the Liu family, so I’m not worried at all,” said Liu Zhenhai.

“But grandpa, him and I…” Liu Yue said after a brief hesitation.

“Yes, he is my older brother’s grandson, but you two are not related by blood at all! Foolish girl, you didn’t come back to ask me. You just stayed depressed by yourself every day! If it wasn’t because I noticed, the two of you might have to regret it for life!” Liu Zhenhai said with a sigh.

“Not related by blood? Grandpa, didn’t you say he’s elder grandpa’s grandson? How could there be no relationship by blood?” Liu Yue asked in confusion.

“It is true that he is your older grandpa’s grandson, but your older grandpa, who is my older brother, is an adopted son of the Liu family!” Liu Zhenhai handed the diary to Liu Yue and said. “It’s clearly written here, have a look!”

Liu Yue received that diary in surprise. Tears begun to flow as she read it, she was no longer able to resist the feelings from her heart, causing her to leap into my arms and chocked, “Hubby… I thought I can never be with you again!”

“Hehe, everything’s over now. Alright, don’t cry. Look, you’ve gotten thinner recently! Come with me back home later!” I patted Liu Yue’s back.

“Mhmm!” Liu Yue nodded. Then, she suddenly raised her head and said, “Is this real? I’m not dreaming, right? Hubby… Pinch me…”

“Of course it’s real, there’s no need to pinch you though. Think about it, who would realize it’s a dream in their dream. This query proves that you’re not in a dream!” I smiled. “Even if you are, are you willing to wake up from this dream quicker?”

Liu Yue quickly shook her head and leaned against me.

“Okay now, you two, stop flirting in front of me. Although your both my grandchildren, you have to watch it!” Liu Zhenhai smiled. “You can get intimate all you like when you get back at tonight, now, you have to accompany the old man, I, for some food!”

Liu Yue and I smiled embarrassedly. I could tell that Liu Yue couldn’t be more happy right now, she skipped around like a girl in love, displaying a face full of sweetness.

Liu Zhenhai made a call and told the hotel to bring us some food, then looked at the broken bottle of red wine on the table with pity.

“Okay now, grandpa!” At this moment, I couldn’t help but change the way I addressed him. Calling him geezer when he even gave me his granddaughter was a bit too much.

“What did you call me?” Liu Zhenhai asked in disbelief.

“Grandpa!” I repeated.

“Ha! Okay, good grandson!” Liu Zhenhai laughed happily.

“Grandpa, I want to tell you that Shuguang Corporation’s business partners are all over the world. If you want, I can help you get a few bottles of red wine from the sixties!” I said.

“Really?” Liu Zhenhai’s eyes shone when he heard that.

“Naturally!” I nodded.

“That’s great! I’ll be waiting!” Liu Zhenhai said excitedly.

Not long later, the hotel brought the dishes over. As expected of International Hotel, they even made a few common dishes look really nice!

“Oh yeah, I want you and Liu Lei to enter this year’s Huaxia Martial Competition together!” Liu Zhenhai said to Liu Yue.

“Mhmm, it’s fine if I don’t go,” Liu Yue was only thinking about me right now, and naturally lost interest in everything else.

“Hehe, our Liu family is not like the other Renowned Families, and have a lot of people. There’s only you two in this generation,” Liu Zhenhai smiled.

“Then alright, I’ll try my best,” said Liu Yue.

After chatting about a bit more things, we finished the meal. Liu Yue and I stayed with Liu Zhenhai until the evening before leaving International hotel together.

“You changed your car?” Liu Yue pointed at me Santana 2000 in surprise. From her perspective, I shouldn’t buy this sort of cheap car. The fact that I changed from a Bentley to a Santana made it seem like my stuff was getting worse and worse.

“I changed it, the original Bentley had some issues,” I said. “This car isn’t bad, its pretty comfortable.”

“An accident?” Liu Yue asked worriedly.

“Nope, someone trashed it,” I shook my head. “Aren’t I fine! Okay, let’s not talk about this. Zhao Yanyan and co. might be getting anxious. However, there’s an extra person at home…”

“You tricked over another sister when I wasn’t here?” Liu Yue winked and smiled.

“You seemed to have guess it correctly,” I said.


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Chapter 132 – Truth

“Geezer, since you don’t allow it, then why didn’t you stop us back then?” I said a bit speechlessly. Could it be that this geezer got confused due to age and couldn’t think clearly?

“I already said it, why did I have to stop it?” Liu Zhenhai said as he finished the red wine.

“Geezer, you can’t have been sent to deliberately mess with me, right? Are you confused due to old age, or what?” I finally said after being unable to resist my anger. Did he call me over to make fun of me?

“No, of course not. Why would I mess with you? Do you think that I got nothing to do, so I deliberately came over to Yanjing to mess with you?” Liu Zhenhai shook his head and said. “I just don’t want to see my granddaughter depressed every day!”

“Can you say just what you want?” I already felt rather confused right now.

“Dun get anxious! Young people are just too impatient,” said Liu Zhenhai.

I sweat! Liu Zhenhai actually used an internet slang!

“I think you’re pretty good. Most importantly, you’re older brother’s grandson, so I won’t feel bad about the Liu family’s properties going into your hands. When Liu Yue and you gives me a great-grandson in the future, his surname is still going to be Liu!” Liu Zhenhai chuckled.

“I think your confused,” I said with a clench of my teeth.

“Why are you so anxious, don’t you know how to think about it with your brain? Being so smart, you can’t not understand, right?” Liu Zhenhai shrugged.

Think about it with my brain? Liu Zhenhai doesn’t allow the people within the family to marry in order to ensure that his great grandson is excellent and healthy, but from the sounds of it, he probably doesn’t object to Liu Yue and I being together, could it be… I was shocked and understood the gist of it.

“Liu Yue isn’t your flesh and blood?” I asked.

“She is, she couldn’t be anymore so,” Liu Zhenhai shook his head.

“Then you mean I’m not my parent’s?” I remember that I’ve never heard of them saying that I wasn’t their own in my previous life!

“You are too!” Liu Zhenhai shook his head once again.

“Liu Yue’s father is not your own?” I asked.

“He is, he can’t be any more so,” Liu Zhenhai shook his head once again.

“Then my dad isn’t?” I started to wonder if Liu Zhenhai was messing with me.

“I never heard of him not being so,” Liu Zhenhai continued to shake his head.

“****, geezer, you’re just messing with me, aren’t you?” I nearly jumped up in anger.

“I already told you not to get so anxious!” Liu Zhenhai continued to sit there calmly.

“You can’t be telling me that you were picked up from the streets, right?” I said in annoyance.

“I’m not, but it’s pretty close,” Liu Zhenhai took out a small black leathered book and handed it to me. “Have a read and you’ll know.”

I momentarily blanked and received that notebook. It was already very old, the black sheep leather on it already started to break.

“Have a look at the page with the book mark… Then you’ll know. The answer is on there,” With that, Liu Zhenhai poured a glass of red wine for himself and started to enjoy it once again.

I flipped open that booklet curiously to the page with the bookmark…

“June 24th 1938

The eldest son Zhenjiang refused to marry the young lady from the Meng family. He continuously messes around with the Zhang woman. I disowned from in rage.

Although Zhenjiang was not my own, but he was just like my own. He was calm and talented. I had wanted to have him inherit the family properties, but it was truly a blasphemy for him to defy his parents’ orders.

Although my heart aches, I cannot go against the family rules.

Fortunately, I still have the young son, Zhenhai, but he is still young. I hope he becomes one with potential…”

Some unrelated stuff followed, but I couldn’t suppress the excitement in my heart. Zhang was my grandma. This means that Grandpa was not born of the Liu family, he was an adopted son!

This means that I am not related to Liu Yue by blood at all!

“Does Liu Yue know?” I asked excitedly.

“I only got to Yanjing this morning. I didn’t have time to tell her yet,” Liu Zhenhai chuckled.

“Lend me this diary, I’m going to find Liu Yue right now,” I said.

“What, you’re in such a hurry?” Liu Zhenhai continued. “Liu Yue is going to have a businesss meeting with the representative of a company this morning, she would only have time around noon. I already told her that I came, so she’ll come over at noon.”

“Oh, then I’ll wait for her here!” My sullen mood from recently was completely gone.

“Now, tell me about you!” said Liu Zhenhai. “The two of us are family, you are both my grandson and my grandson-in-law. You shouldn’t have anything to hide from me now, right?”

“Actually, you might not know about this. To tell you the truth, I really haven’t thought too much of the Liu family’s bit of properties,” I said.

“What? You don’t think much of it? Although the Liu family is not comparable to what it was previously, it still has several hundred million!” Liu Zhenhai said slightly unhappily.

“Since it’s like this, then I won’t hide it from you. Actually, I started up Shuguang Corporation,” I said calmly.

“Shuguang Corporation! You are that owner behind the scenes?” Even Liu Zhenhai, someone who was extremely calm usually, couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Yes, Liu Yue also know about this. That’s why, I’m with Liu Yue because truly like her as a person, not because I want to gain anything!” I said.

“It seems like I was being petty. At the start, I had hesitated for a long time and only did not stop you and Liu Yue making contact because you are elder brother’s grandson…” Liu Zhenhai sighed. “You should also know, there are a lot of people wanting to get with Liu Yue for the Liu family’s properties…”

“I naturally know this! Isn’t Situ Liang one? However, geezer, you were a bit over the line with this, how can you use Liu Yue’s feelings as a chip!” Thinking that, I felt a bit unhappy.

“From your point of view, the Liu family’s properties really isn’t much, but this was also saved up difficultly by my father’s generation, I don’t want it to fall in my hands. I only thought of this way without any other choice,” Liu Zhenhai shook his head and said. “You won’t understand the thoughts of my generation.”

“Family interests?” I asked.

Liu Zhenhai nodded.

He wasn’t actually completely in the wrong, these situations have existed since ancient times. In the ancient times, a lot of emperors or kings used marriage alliances to increase their strength. I only had such a huge reaction because the person involved was Liu Yue.

“Alright, I understand, let’s not talk about what has past. At least it ended well,” I nodded.

“Yeah! Oh yeah, there is another very important thing that I came to find you for. The Huaxia Martial Competition every five years is about to be held, I hope you can enter representing the Liu family!” Liu Zhenhai said solemnly.

“Me? Representing the Liu family?”

“That’s right, you!” Liu Zhenhai said it word by word. “You are elder brother’s grandson and Liu Yue’s fiancé, so who’s supposed to go if not you? According to my understanding, you seem to have superpowers, right? Don’t tell me that you don’t, how could I not know how you ran away from my place three years ago!”


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Chapter 131 – The Liu family’s decision

I was woken up by my phone ringing in the morning. When I picked up to see, I saw that it was a foreign number.

“Hello, who are you looking for?” I picked up the phone.

“Is this Liu Lei?” the other person asked.

“Yes, and you are…” Not many people knew about this phone number of mine, so why did a stranger call me.

“Hello, let me introduce myself first. I’m Liu Zhenhai, we already met three years ago…”

Liu Zhenhai! Isn’t that Liu Yue’s grandpa? What is he calling me for? Could he have found out that I xo’d his granddaughter and is now coming after me?

“What did you seek me out for?” I asked carefully. I couldn’t face him as cockily as I had done before, since our identities were different now. First of all, he’s Liu Yue’s grandpa, so he is essentially my elder., and most importantly, no matter what, he was my second grandpa!

“Hehe, don’t worry. Laddie, just what should I call you? Grandson or grandson-in-law?” Liu Zhenhai laughed.

I freaked! It was as I expected, he knows everything!

“Ugh… You know it all…” I said awkwardly.

“I said it already, don’t get so nervous, I bear no ill will! I just want to have a chat with you. How about that? Do you have the time?” said Liu Zhenhai.

“I’ll go back to Songjiang to find you?” I asked.

“No need, I’m in Yanjing! Come to Room 1206 in International Hotel half an hour later,” said Liu Zhenhai.

“Okay, I understand,” I hung up the phone. Actually, I’m not afraid even if Liu Zhenhai wanted to denounce me, but it’s just that Liu Yue and I. Ai! Never mind, I’ll take it a step at a time. From Liu Zhenhai’s tone, he didn’t seem all that angry.

I got up and got dressed, then went to Zhao Yanyan’s bedroom, and found that the door was not shut tight.

I immediately understood Zhao Yanyan’s thoughtful actions. She was hinting that I could go in at night, but I did not notice due to my mood being bad from meeting Meng Qingqing.

I pushed open the room door and saw a nosebleed-inducing scene.

Four perfect bodies were entwined around each other as they slept soundly! Xu Ruoyuan was actually naked. She was merely covered in a blanket as she hugged Zhao Yanyan, while her snow white thighs were revealed…

I gulped. I know that it wasn’t the time to think about these sort of things. I walked over to help the four girls put on the blanket properly, then sneaked back out of the room…

However, what I didn’t see was that Xu Ruoyun opened her eyes, then sighed a bit nervously and in disappointment after the bedroom door closed

I casually washed up, and put on a rather formal set of clothes. After that, I called Du Xiaowei and told him to drive the car over to wait for me outside the mansion.

The Bentley broke last time, and I was too embarrassed to go and buy a car at Liu Yue’s car shop, so I just got Du Xiaowei to randomly buy one elsewhere.

This guy really knew how to save money, he actually bought a Santana 2000! However, out of the cars produced within the country, it was rather comfortable, so I didn’t mind.

International Hotel was a rather symbolic hotel in Yanjing, it was no worse than Yanjing Hotel. When Du Xiaowei and I arrived, the guard intimately helped us park and led us into the elevator.

When the elevator door opened, I walked out and said to Du Xiaowei, “Just wait for me at the entrance, no need to enter.”

“About this…” Du Xiaowei was clearly worried about my safety.

“If I can’t handle it, then it’s pointless if you go,” I chuckled.

Du Xiaowei thought about it, and found it to be true, causing him to nod.

I knocked on the door. Then, Liu Zhenhai’s strong voice sounded out from within. “Come in!”

I pushed open the door. This was a grand suite. At that moment, Liu Zhenhai was tasting a glass of red wine on the sofa.

“How about a glass?” Liu Zhenhai showed me the glass in his hands.

“I’ll pour it for myself!” I picked up the red wine form the tea table, got a new wine glass and poured half a glass.

Since the red wine was in a wine jug, I couldn’t tell what year it was from.

“How is it?” Liu Zhenhai asked.

“Not bad,” I replied.

“It’s from 1972,” said Liu Zhenhai.

“To be honest, I really don’t know much about this…” I chuckled.

“Not bad, you’re pretty honest!” said Liu Zhenhai.

Liu Zhenhai stopped speaking after that, and started to enjoy the wine. From his casual appearance, I already understood. This geezer wanted to force me to ask.

This way, I would be clearly at a loss. If I didn’t have a grudge with him from before, I would do just that, but now, I didn’t want to submit easily.

I had a sudden thought. Since he was trying to act deep with me, then I’ll see how deep he can be. I drank all the red wine in my glass in one gulp, then poured another glass.

Then, I drank glass after glass. When I was drinking the third glass, Liu Zhenhai finally couldn’t stand it anymore and asked, “Are you drinking wine or water?”

“Ugh… I was rather thirsty just now, although it didn’t taste that good, I put up with it and drank it like water!” I laughed craftily.

“Do you know why I called you over?” Liu Zhenhai couldn’t stand me continue to ruin his red wine.

“I don’t know…” I picked up my empty wine glass and stood up. Liu Zhenhai was shocked, he thought I was going to drink more wine. Just as he wanted to stop me, I already walked in front of the wine cabinet, picked up a bottle of water and poured a glass for myself.

Only then, did Liu Zhenhai let out a sigh of relief.

“Sorry, I didn’t notice that there was water here,” I smiled. “Geezer, you can’t be still annoyed at me for running away from you that time and want to take revenge, right?”

“We haven’t met for three years, and the little child back then had already grew up into a young man. If I wanted to take revenge on you, do you think I need to wait till now?” said Liu Zhenhai. “After you ran away, I found out that you are older brother’s grandson. That’s why I let you off!”

“That means that you knew that my grandfather is Liu Zhenjiang ages ago?” I asked.

Liu Zhenhai nodded, “Of course I know! I did pay some amount of attention to your actiosn these few years, including Liu Yue’s car shop that you invested in!”

“Then you already knew about Liu Yue and me?” I asked in surprise.

Liu Zhenhai nodded.

“****, then why didn’t you stop it?” I couldn’t quite understand what this guy was thinking.

“Why do I need to stop it? The marriage laws state that indirect relatives of the fourth generation can marry,” Liu Zhenhai took a sip of wine casually. “However, us, the Liu family, will not allow this sort of situation. Although it’s the fourth generation, but it is hard to ensure whether the children will have any issues. In order to ensure the excellence of the next heir, I definitely will not take this risk.”

Liu Zhenhai’s words made me even more confused, just what exactly did he mean?


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Chapter 130 – Decision

Meng Qingqing hesitated for a moment, then finally put her bag down as she clenched her teeth. However, she actually took out a small knife from her bag the next moment.

“You can’t be wanting to murder your husband, right?” I exclaimed.

“I naturally wouldn’t murder my husband, but it’s a shame that you’re not,” Meng Qingqing looked at me in pity.

“What sort of joke is this. No matter what, we already had skinship…” I wasn’t scared of the small knife, but it didn’t mean that I enjoyed being stabbed by it.

“You’re still speaking!” Meng Qingqing said angrily.

Taking the chance while she was off guard, I snatched the knife from her hands and threw it into the bush on the side.

“Ah!” A sharp scream sounded out from the bush…

“What sound is it?” Meng Qingqing asked in confusion.

“I don’t know, it seems to be a terrible scream…” I said. “Come, let’s go over and take a look.”

Meng Qingqing was also curious, so she jumped into the bush with me without any objection.

“Who the **** is so terrible to use a knife to stab laizo’s butt!” A loud roar rang out from the bush.

Immediately after that, two snow white bodies came into our view. A young man was laying on a woman’s body, while a small knife was stabbed into his butt. It was the same knife that I just threw.

“Ah!” Meng Qingqing quickly closed her eyes after saying and, and pointed at the two people in anger. “You guys are actually doing this sort of thing in public under braod daylight!”

Since the young man was doing some special sports, he didn’t dare to stand up. He could only swear, “**** you, it’s night right now! Laozi can do whatever laozi wants, it’s none of your damn business! Did you guys throw this knife?”

“It’s him!” Just as I wanted to refuse and say that I don’t know, Meng Qingqing already pointed her finger towards me.

When the young man raised his head, I found him to be very familiar. I thought about it for a while, then remembered, this person was actually that Zhang Jiaming that pursued Zhao Yanyan!

Originally, I had wanted to bring him to see the doctor, but when I saw that it was him, I immediately felt a sense of joy. He so ******* deserves it! An evil thought begun to develop in my mind. I glanced around and saw Zhang Jiaming and that woman’s clothes on the branches not far away…

“Run!” I grabbed Meng Qingqing’s hand and sprinted towards the tree with the clothes. I took the clothes, then pulled Meng Qingqing and ran like my life depended on it…

“Hai! Hai!” Meng Qingqing patted her chest as she panted, then said angrily. “Is there something wrong with you! You pulled me and ran for so long. It’s nearly been one kilometer, are you trying to tire me to death!”

“This time, this guy is going to get screwed!” I chucked the clothes in my hand to the side.

“How can you be so terrible, you stabbed him and stole their clothes,” Meng Qingqing said with a hint of disdain.

“I’m telling you, I know that man. He’s one of my love rivals! He was also pestering my wifey before!” I explained.

Meng Qingqing didn’t know why, but when she heard that I have a wifey, she felt a sense of sour in her heart. Thus, she said in anger, “So that’s why you used such an underhand method against him?”

“So what? A casual throw managed to stab on his butt, it means that the he has angered the heavens already,” I said.

“Disgusting. I’m just getting screwed over with you following me, causing me to see something so disgusting,” Meng Qingqing was really annoyed.

“What do you mean you’re getting screwed when I follow you. If it wasn’t for me, could you have found your LV bag…” Before I finished, Meng Qingqing yelled loudly.

“Where’s my bag? My bag! Why is it gone!” Meng Qingqing yelled out with empty hands.

****, I can’t believe this woman, she’s so pretty for nothing. Just why is she so clumsy!

“It must have been lost when you pulled me and ran…” Meng Qingqing said anxiously.

“Now what?” I asked.

“Go back and look for it!” Meng Qingqing said unhappiy.

However, ti was as if the bag had disappeared completely, we were not able to locate it at all.

“What to do!” Meng Qingqing asked sullenly.

“How would I know?” I replied. “It’s wasn’t lost because I was following you.”

“Could it have been lost if you didn’t pull me?” Meng Qingqing asked.

“Then I’ll buy another one for you,” I didn’t want to argue with her.

“You can’t buy it, mine was limited edition,” said Meng Qingqing.

“****, then I won’t compensate you. Do whatever you want!” I glared at her and said.

“Why are you like this! I’m really confused about how your girlfriend can put up with this!” Meng Qingqing snorted coldly.

“I’m very gentle to my girlfriend, thank you!” I replied. “Don’t mention a limited edition bag, I would find a way to get the moon in the sky if she wants it!”

“Then why are you treating me like this!” Meng Qingqing said angrily.

“You aren’t my girlfriend,” I answered.

“But you wronged me!” said Meng Qingqing.

“Please! Did you make a mistake! You went to sell yourself at the bar, I only bought you!” I said in annoyance. “What’s more, I already paid. Technically speaking, we aren’t related at all! I’m just a rather nostalgic person, so I keep putting up with you!”

“But I didn’t take a single cent! What’s more, I didn’t go there to sell myself!” Meng Qingqing said anxiously.

“What did you go to that sort of place for if not to sell yourself!” I said.

“I need to write a thesis. I merely went to the bottom of society for research! I didn’t think that you…” Meng Qingqing said furiously.

“Ah?” I momentarily blanked. “I thought that you were perverted and had that sort of kink…”

“Kink my ***! I was still a virgin before, okay!” Meng Qingqing was about to cry. She didn’t think that the other person would have treated her like that sort of person after getting taken advantage of.

Seeing Meng Qingqing’s pitiful appearance, I felt a heartache. ****, now I screwed up big time! I thought she was some sort of kindy person, but after finding out that she was a virgin, I dispelled the thoughts form my mind. However, just how should I place her? I had just wanted to develop into my mistress or something. From the looks of it, it isn’t that simple anymore.

Although I know that Meng Qingqing didn’t intentionally go to that sort of place, I said that she went to sell herself was just in the heat of the moment. Now that I actually found out that she was a virgin, I really didn’t know what to do.

Thinking about the tight feeling that night, I felt cold sweat run down my back…

Did I actually like Meng Qingqing as a person? Or did I like the feeling which was close to craziness?

I don’t know. I can’t deny that Meng Qingqing was definitely a beautiful. She was no worse than my other wifeys. She also had a good body, she was definitely the best of the best.

The craziest thing is that I actually got into such a situation on my first time with a prostitute!

I was completely drunk that day and everything was really blurry. I didn’t know that it was Meng Qingqing’s first time!

My mind was in chaos. No matter what, I had to take this responsibility!

I let out a long sigh, since I can’t avoid it, then I’ll face it.

“Meng Qingqing…” I raised my head, but found that Meng Qingqing had already walked out of my sight…


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Chapter 129 – Arguing

This subordinate was from Yanjing city, he only started following Fierce Dog later on, so he naturally knew more. Thus, he replied, “Yan Haijun is called Fatty Yan by others. He is a ticket reseller around the train station. He doesn’t have any conflict of interest with us, so nobody pays attention to him.”

“****! I had thought that he was something amazing, so he’s just a ticket seller!” Fierce Dog said disappointedly. “Drag these brats out, beat them up and throw them into the landfill site.

“Understood!” The subordinates answered and went up to grab De-ge and co.

“What are you guys doing. My third uncle give a lot of things to you Daxing Gang…” De-ge also started to get afraid.

“Who said we’re the Daxing Gang?” Fierce Dog said in disdain. “Beat them up a lot! He actually dared to mention the Daxing Gang with me!”

After De-ge and the brats were dragged out, Wang-ge said to Fierce Dog, “Thank you, Fierce Dog bro!”

“No problem, wasn’t he seeking death when came to cause trouble at a place that the Three Rock Gang is watching over!” Fierce Dog waved his hand and said. “Alright, I have to go back since I have stuff to do!”

“Lil’ Three, go and give dog bro ten thousand kuai!” Wang-ge shouted.

“No need!” Fierce Dog waved his hand. “You guys already paid the protection fees!”

I couldn’t help but praise Guo Qing and Ding Baosan silently in my heart. It seems like they had a way with managing and restraining their subordinates. Who in the underworld would not accept money that was already given to them. What’s more, this way of doing things was very good, it can allow him to build up a reputation at the bottom of society very quickly. At the very least, these shop owners will truly admire you and be willing to hand you money.

After Meng Qingqing was saved, she couldn’t help but glare at me, “Useless guy! You actually needed someone else to help!”

How-how can this be blamed of me! I was prepared to make a move already, who would have thought that someone else would cut in!

“Yeah, who needed your help!” I kicked Fierce Dog.

“****!” Fierce Dog didn’t think that I would dare to kick him, so when I did, he opened his eyes wide in shock.

“Young Master Liu… You…” Wang-ge was about to be drowned in sweat. He didn’t think that I would actually kick a boss of the underworld.

“Young Master Liu?” Fierce Dog momentarily blanked, then remembered what Boss Ding had said. The most important person of the Three Rock Gang was in Yanjing city, and was about this age… Could it be that he is… Thinking that, Fierce Dog immediately asked with a smile, “Excuse me, you are…”

“I’m Liu Lei,” I said.

“Ah! So it’s…” Just as Fierce Dog was going to continue on. I immediately gave him a cue, causing him to quickly correct himself. “I was being a busybody. I’ll get them to bring the brat back right now.”

Fierce Dog said to one of his subordinates, “Hurry up and bring the brats back!”

The subordinate didn’t dare to have any issues with his boss changing his mind, so he hurried out.

After a while, they dragged in three “about-to-be-corpses”. They were completely unrecognizable, even if the three of them looked at each other.

“****, you gave me three corpses!” I said angrily.

“Ugh…” Fierce Dog didn’t know what to say, so he could only continue to awkwardly get pissed at his subordinate, “Why did you guys hit them so heart!”

The subordinates thought to themselves, isn’t it just because you ordered us to? However, they didn’t dare to say anything when they saw their boss get mad.

“Alright, don’t trouble your subordinates, just go back… Oh yeah, bring these three… things with you,” I pointed to the three guys that no longer resembled human beings.

After Fierce Dog and co. left, Wang-ge and co. looked at my in surprise. They didn’t’ think that the famous Fierce Dog bro would actually act so courteous towards me.

Only Meng Qingqing rolled her eyes and said, “You no good, and you’re actually blaming them after they helped you!”

“Who said that I’m no good, haven’t you tried whether I’m good or not!” I chuckled.

“Pervert!” Meng Qingqing swore in annoyance, then turned to leave the bar.

“Wait!” I quickly chased after her.

“Why are you following me!” Meng Qingqing said in annoyance.

Actually, Meng Qingqing understood the fact that someone that Fierce Dog, an underworld boss, would be fine with, definitely wasn’t a normal person. However, she was just angry, because of him watching the show when she got caught. She did give him her first time, so logically speaking, he should help her out. Although he did stand up afterwards, it was only due to her words.

“What was with you and those people?” I asked.

“Does that have anything to do with you?” Meng Qingqing asked in reply.

“Naturally! You are my woman!” I said.

“Heh, do you think I am just because you said so? Who can prove it!” Meng Qingqing said in an annoyed manner.

“This doesn’t seem to be something that other people proves, right…” I sweat. Was there supposed to be someone watching as a witness when having sex!

“Then I’ll ask you, what is your relationship with the boss of New Century Corporation?” Meng Qingqing finally spoke out about her troubles.

“Classmate, we’re in the same dorm. Why?” I asked.

“Why? Why does he have to oppose my company in all manners?” Meng Qingqing roared. “Do you think you’re amazing because you’re rich! If it wasn’t because my family isn’t giving me money, how could New Century get any of the shops!”

I couldn’t help but be stunned, she spent ten-odd million, and that’s saying that her family isn’t giving her money?! Just how much is it if her family gave her money! I couldn’t help but feel suspicious of Meng Qingqing’s background.

“What are you looking at! Have you never seen a beauty!” Meng Qingqing got even more angry after she saw that I wasn’t speaking.

“I have… But I suddenly thought of something…” I said.

“What is it?” Meng Qingqing asked.

“Where’s your bag?” I pointed at Meng Qingqing’s empty hands.

“Ah! My LV bag!” Meng Qingqing turned around and ran towards the bar.

I immediately grabbed her, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going back to take my bag! That’s a limited-edition handbag from Italy!” said Meng Qingqing as she tried to break free from my arm.

“Is it this?” I handed a bag over as like I was conducting a magic trick.

“You’re messing with me!” Meng Qingqing snatched back the bag and glared at me in anger.

“No, I helped you take your bag out of good will and yet you said I was messing with you!” I said innocently.

“Then why didn’t you give it back to me before and only said it after so long!’ Meng Qingqing didn’t believe me.

“I told you to wait to give you your bag! You asked me why I was following you like you were interrogating me, so I forgot out of nervousness…” I said, while pretending to be extremely troubled.

“Really?” Meng Qingqing asked.

“It’s as true as you being a virgin…” I nodded.

“What did you say?!” Meng Qingqing said angrily.

“Ugh… I said that you aren’t a virgin… Ah, no, I meant that I didn’t lie to you!” I explained.

“Do you want to die!” Meng Qingqing swung her LV bag and smacked it towards me.

“LV, Italy, limited edition…” I said, while pointing at the bag.


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Chapter 128 – A bunch of relatives

I glared at Meng Qingqing after seeing her prideful smile. Just who are you helping? These people clearly came to find her, yet, she actually didn’t care that I helped her block them off.

“Sick kitty! You dare to say that I’m a sick kitty!” Yellow hair jumped up and down in anger.

“Did I? I said you’re Hello Kitty, she said you are a sick kitty!” I pointed to Meng Qingqing and said. ****, weren’t you laughing? Then I’ll cause from trouble to you.

“Yeah, you said it! Boss, she said it!” shouted yellow hair.

“Shut up!” De-ge said in annoyance. Then he said to Meng Qingiqng, “Do you think I’ll be afraid of you after you got a man to help you? Three of us came this time. Say it, what do you want to do about it!”

“Isn’t it just money, this lady is annoyed today. Just name a price!” Meng Qingqing said bluntly.

“Money! Heh! It’s not as simple as money, right? You stabbed our boss’s little bro, he’s still laying in the hospital. The doctor said he can’t ever touch any woman in the future, do you think money can solve it?” De-ge snorted.

“He wanted to molest me, he deserves it!” said Meng Qingqing.

My heart couldn’t help but tense up after hearing that. ****, this Meng Qingqing is too fierce. I was afraid to even think about it. Didn’t I nearly turn into an eunuch that day!

I drank a bit of alcohol that day, otherwise, it’s impossible for me to be so impulsive.

“Molesting you is thinking highly of you! How about this, give us a million, then sleep with my bros for a month, then we’ll call it even!” said De-ge.

The moment De-ge finished speaking, Meng Qingqing threw a fork form the table over, stabbing right into the eyes on De-ge’s stomach, causing blood to flow.

I felt silently shocked in my heart, why did this chick like to use weapons all the time, and her accuracy just had to be so high? Was she someone with a background in throwing knives?

“Beat her up!” After De-ge got stabbed, he jumped up high and shouted.

Just as the subordinates behind De-ge were about to charge over, Meng Qingqing quickly picked up all the knives, forks and toothpicks on the table.

“Be careful, this girl is really accurate. Don’t give her the chance, go and capture her!” De-ge ordered.

Meng Qingqing moved to the side and dodged yellow hair’s attack, and casually threw a small knife out, stabbing in the middle of yellow-hair’s *** cheeks.

Yellow hair roared out, “My *******! My *******!”

I nearly laughed my *** off after seeing this situation. This Meng Qingqing is too heartless, right? At the very least, this brat would get an **** leakage.

Seeing two of the people on his side were hurt right off the bat, De-ge turned completely enraged. He ignored the pain on his body and charged towards Meng Qingqing. Due to the shock, Meng Qingqing quickly threw out all the forks and toothpicks in her hand, but the distance was too close, so there wasn’t any actual damage. Thus, she immediately got caught by De-ge while she was off-guard.

Meng Qingqing’s hands were locked behind her, while De-ge said proudly, “Girlie, you’re too naïve! Let’s see what can you do now!”

“Tsk! Damn baldie, solo this lady if you dare!” Meng Qingqing swore.

“Solo? Girlie, did you go dumb? Weren’t we soloing just now! Now that you lost your weapon, what can you do to me!” De-ge laughed loudly.

Seeing that she couldn’t do anything, she could only give up struggling. Seeing that the person in front of her actually acted like he was just going to keep watching, she immediately got angry and shouted out, “Hey, are you a man! You aren’t helping even after seeing me get bullied!”

“Don’t you know if I’m a man or not?” I replied indifferently.

“You’re just going to allow your woman to get bullied by others?” Meng Qingqing said after getting a sudden idea.

Hehe, I smiled. I thought she only knew how to stay strong. I didn’t think that she also knew how to adapt to the situation. However, since she said that, then I can’t just stand idle.

Thus, I said to De-ge, “Baldie, why did you capture my wife!”

“Little *******, did you take pills or something? Are you talking to me? I ignored you just now and you’re getting cocky!” De-ge said with a glare.

“Oh, since it’s like that, then I can’t help but make a move,” I stood up. “If you let my wife go and compensate me for ten thousand kuai, then I won’t beat you up.”

“Hahahahaha!” Hearing me say that, the purple hair person, who had stayed silent until now, couldn’t help but laugh, as if he heard an extremely funny joke, “Biaoge, there’s something wrong with this guy, right?”

“Didn’t I tell you to call me Big Bro outside!” De-ge glared at purple hair in dissatisfaction.

“Ha! Don’t tell me that yellow hair is your relative as well. So your lackeys are part of your family, so you’re a mob family!” I laughed.

De-ge could naturally tell that I was mocking how he doesn’t have any subordinates, but these two were truly his distant cousins, and they seemed to have some sort of mental issues.

“How’d you know? We’re both De-ge’s biaodi!” Purple hair nodded without quite understanding what was going on.

“The boss that got his **** chopped off can’t be your relative as well, right?” I continued to ask.

“Yeah, he’s my third uncle!” purple hair said excitedly.

De-ge only got more enraged as he listened on the side. He glared at purple hair fiercely and said, “Shut up!”

“So it’s the legendary mob family. I’ve heard about you!” I was already sure at that point that these people didn’t have any backgrounds. Originally, if these people were form the Daxing Gang, then I would just teach them a lesson and give that geezer Situ Dashan some face. From the looks of it now, there didn’t seem to be any need.

Just when purple hair was about to reply, De-ge interrupted him, “****** brat, you don’t need to bullshit here! If you’re going to help this birdie, then you have to at least think about what you’re capable of…”

“****, who dares to cause trouble at Fierce Dog’s property!” Another voice interrupted De-ge before he finished.

A sunglasses-wearing hulk leading a bunch of subordinates with knifes appeared, while the owner of the bar, Wang-ge, stood beside them.

“Young Master Liu, are you alright? This is Fierce Dog bro who looks over the properties around here,” said Wang-ge. It seems like he hurried out to ask for help after seeing me get wrapped up in trouble!

I nodded towards Wang-ge to express my thanks. Actually, he didn’t need to call anyone, I can deal with it myself.

If I can’t handle these delinquents, then I don’t need to face anyone. What’s more, the reason I walked over was to display my strength in front of Meng Qingqing.

Fierce Dog walked over and asked De-ge, “Bro, what is your respectful job?”

“Respectful job? Respectful job my ***, laozi doesn’t have a job, laozi is unemployed!” How did De-ge know that Fierce Dog was trying to uncover his background.

“That means you don’t have a boss?” Fierce Dog’s expression immediately sullen.

“Boss? My third uncle is Yan Haijun!” De-ge also felt the pressure from in front of him.

“Yan Haijun?” Fierce Dog shook his head and asked a subordinate. “Have you heard of him?”


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Chapter 127 – Is a sick kitty

What I didn’t know was that this xiaogui actually advertised getting into contact with me, and when Ox-Head heard about it, he really got promoted to a captain.

“Umm, didn’t I die… How did you come? You seem to be very familiar with the person just now?” Xu Ruoyun asked carefully.

“Hehe, there are a lot of strange things in this world. If I say Yama is my older brother, would you believe me?” I smiled.

“Yes!” replied Xu Ruoyun.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because the xiaogui just now was very afraid of you!” Xu Ruoyun also laughed, it was like she had already forgotten the fact that she had died.

“Alright now, let’s talk about it when we get back. Otherwise, if we’re late, then neither of us can live again!” I said.

“You’re saying that I can live again!” Xu Ruoyun asked in shock.

“Otherwise, why did I come to find you from so far away? Did you think that I will become a ghost couple with you?” I held Xu Ruoyun’s hand and flew towards the mansion.

“…” Although Xu Ruoyun already confessed to me before she died, she still felt a bit embarrassed.

“Hehe, okay. Xiao Yunyun, hubby was wrong before, and neglected you. I will compensate you properly in the future!” I said.

With that, we flew into the mansion together. When we entered, Xu Ruoyun looked at her and I, who were not moving on the bed, in shock.

“We…” Xu Ruoyun asked.

“We are already existing as souls. What’s down there are our bodies. I already helped you heal your body, you just need to do as I say later!” I said.

After an hour, Xu Ruoyun and I walked out of the bedroom together. Xu Ruoyun felt like she was reborn, and it seems like a very long while.

Then, I told Zhao Yanyan and co. about what happened just now, causing the girls to all be very angry.

“This Liu Kesheng is too terrible!” Zhao Yanyan said angrily.

“Yeah, how did you let him run!” Yu Ting didn’t have a good impression of Liu Kesheng either. Only Chen Weier has never met him, but after hearing about his actions, she also felt like this person was very despicable.

Zhao Yanyan winked towards Xu Ruoyun, “Ruoyun, you finally became hubby’s person?”

“How! We haven’t…” Xu Ruoyun said embarrassedly.

“Ruoyun, don’t leave today…” I looked at Xu Ruoyun and said passionately. After so much, I didn’t want to lose her anymore.

“But… I haven’t prepared myself…” Xu Ruoyun stuttered.

“Didn’t prepare yourself for what?” I deliberately asked.

“I just didn’t prepare myself!” Xu Ruoyun got even more embarrassed.

“Oh!” I pretended like I suddenly understood everything and said. “So that’s what you mean. You thought wrong, am I someone that hasty? What I meant was that its so late, so it would be really dangerous for you to go back. Since our home is huge, just stay here! Otherwise, what did you think!”

“Haha! Ruoyun-meimei is a lewd little girl!” Zhao Yanyan giggled. Hearing that, Xu Ruoyun turned bright red, while thinking, did she really think wrongly?

Since Xu Ruoyun and I were certain to be together, I didn’t need to be too hasty. I naturally have to slowly enjoy something I got with much difficulty. Since Zhao Yanyan and Xu Ruoyun haven’t met in a long time, she naturally took her to her room to have girl’s talk. When I saw the four girls throw me outside the door while they chattered and entered the bedroom, I could only feel a sense of helplessness.

After holding it in for a day, I had wanted to relax, but it seems like it wasn’t possible. Thus, I walked out of the mansion in boredom and wandered over to Wang-ge’s bar.

I didn’t know why, but I just had a special lingering feeling for this place. Perhaps it was due to Meng Qingqing. Every once in a while, I would come over for a bit. I didn’t know what I was hoping for. Meeting her once again? Or was just purely to be there.

The moment I entered the bar, Lil’ White waved his hands towards me, then pointed at a table in the corner.

I was confused, did Lil’ Three have some sort of mental illness? Why did he act like some sort of illegal worker?

“Are you alright?” Since I just entered the bar, I wasn’t very used to the lightning yet, so I couldn’t see the direction Lil’ Three was pointing in too clearly.

“I’m fine! That girl! She’s there!” Lil’ Three said quickly.

“What girl? Why are you speaking so weirdly?” I asked.

“The one that drives the Ferrari and had sex with you! She came!” said Lil’ Three.

I felt a bit of joy after hearing that. I didn’t know why, but I was just very happy.

Seeing my expression, Lil’ Three shook his head, “She was getting pissed off just now, Young Master Liu, just don’t go over!”

“It’s fine!” I waved my hand and directly walked over.

It really was as he had said, the person sitting in the corner was Meng Qingqing!

“This beautiful lady, do you mind if I sit here?” I asked with a smile.

“**** off! This lady is annoyed!” Meng Qingqing refused without thinking. However, then she looked up and momentarily blanked, “Why is it you?”

“Can I sit here?” I asked once again.

“**** off! I’m getting more annoyed after seeing you!” Meng Qingqing said.

“Helping a beauty solve her troubles is my duty. I forgot to introduce myself, this one is called Liu Lei, I’m an expert in therapy. You can tell me any troubles you have…” I didn’t know why, but I actually started to crack a joke like this.

“I don’t have any troubles. Even if I do, you can’t solve them. If you’re not afraid of dying, then sit there. I don’t have any problems with it!” said Meng Qingqing.

“I’m not afraid of dying. Yama and I are bros, he doesn’t want me to die yet,” I replied.

“Then whatever,” Meng Qingqing glared at me, then ignored me.

I called Lil’ Three over for a glass of juice, then started drinking in front of Meng Qingqing.

Meng Qingqing completely disregarded me with a troubled look.

“Hey, brat! Sit over at the side, we’re going to have a chat with that bird!” Suddenly, someone patted my shoulders. When I turned around to look, I saw a topless balding hulk. He had a dragon tattooed on his body and acted like he was really amazing. There were also a few men that looked like mobs behind him.

Meanwhile, Meng Qingiqng, who was sitting opposite me actually acted like she was going to watch a show.

“Say, bro, do you think you’re a qilin just because you have a dragon on your body! Am I supposed to just move because you told me to? How about you give me ten thousand kuai, then I’ll leave,” I looked at the balding man and said.

“****, boss, this brat is insane!” said a yellow-hair behind the balding man.

“Insane your ***, he was insulting me!” the balding man said angrily to the yellow-haired person.

“****, you actually dare to insult our De-ge, I’ll kill you!” Yellow-hair immediately jumped over.

“What’re you called again? Do you think you’re not Hello Kitty just because you got angry?” I thought to myself, this yellow hair can truly show off.

“Hello Kaity? What’s that?” yellow hair said in confusion.

“He means you’re a sick kitty!” Meng Qingqing directly answered.


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Chapter 126 – Going back to the Underworld to be a lord

“I like you! I love you! Actually, I have always liked you in high school! You’ll be fine, don’t worry, I will definitely make you fine!” I said in a worked-up manner.

“I… also… love… you!” Xu Ruoyun finished speaking these four words in difficulty, then closed her eyes.

“Xu Ruoyun!” I yelled out painfully, but little chick Xu could no longer make any sound.

I put Xu Ruoyun to the side and grabbed Li Boliang with red eyes, “I make it so that you wish you were dead!”

“What are you doing, she sought death herself! What does it have to do with me!” Seeing that he lost something to blackmail with me, Li Boliang yelled out frightenedly.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I said that I’ll make you wish that you were dead!” With that, I reached out my hand to break all of Li Boliang’s joints in his limbs, then carried him to Antarctica to dump him beside the four cyborgs. “Enjoy the Antarctic scenery with your cyborgs! I’ll come and see you in a few days! I hope you don’t die!”

When I turned around to find Liu Kesheng, I found out that this brat had already disappeared. Never mind, so what.

I carried Xu Ruoyun and returned to my mansion. When Zhao Yanyan saw us, she was shouted. Just when she wanted to ask something, I waved my hand and signaled her to wait a bit!

That’s because every second counted right now! It wasn’t impossible to use my powers to heal Xu Ruoyun’s wounds, but I had to be fast, otherwise, if she becomes completely dead, it would be pointless even if I did heal them.

I opened my eyes tiredly after two hours. I had completely healed all of Xu Ruoyun’s wounds with my powers, but Xu RUoyun still didn’t wake up yet. Her heart didn’t beat, nor did she breathe. Her body was completely cold.

No! I have to think of a way! I can’t let Xu Ruoyun just die like this!

However, this doesn’t make sense? I had already healed Xu Ruoyun’s body!

Oh yeah!

I dead once! Could it be that Xu Ruoyun’s soul had already left?

I looked at my watch, it was already 11:40, according my experience of death in my previous life, normally, the likes of ox-head and horse-face would bring back the souls at midnight. If I let them bring Xu Ruoyun’s soul to the underworld to get registered, then it wouldn’t be easy to get the soul back even with Yama’s relationship with me!

That’s why, I had to hurry and find Xu Ruoyun’s soul before they did.

Since my powers came from my old bro Yama, even in the world of the living, I can easily see the ghosts that have come from the realm of the dead to here in order to work, or the souls of the deceased.

However, it was the first time I used the power of separating my soul from my body. However, I will not give up no matter how difficult it is for Xu Ruoyun. Back then, Jiaoyazi had told me that the risk of this move was huge. The soul cannot leave the body for more than twenty four hours, any longer, then it would cause the body to completely die, so I won’t be able to return.

What I thought of was that Xu Ruoyun’s current situation seemed very similar to having her soul escape from her body! If I quickly find her soul, can’t I fuse her soul and her body back together!

Due to the importance of it, I told Zhao Yanyan and co. to not disturb me no matter what. Zhao Yanyan didn’t ask why, she merely nodded in response.

I used the method that Jiaoyazi taught me. After a while, I felt like my body lightened and slowly floated into the air! I looked down, there was another me sitting on the bed with his eyes shut tight, while being expressionless.

I hurriedly flew out of my mansion. It was already 11:50, I won’t be in time if I don’t hurry! I swiftly flew towards the scene of the incidence, since the souls of the just deceased normally would not go more than a hundred meters away from their place of death.

When I just arrived, I saw a xiaogui pulling on Xu Ruoyun so that she would go with him.

“Wait!” I quickly flew over to stop him.

“Who is it! Actually daring to stop this guard from conducting official business!” that xiaogui turned around in annoyance. Suddenly, his expression changed into a bright smile. “Aiya! It’s Liu-ge… Ah, no! It’s your Royal Highness! Why did you have time to come here?”

Seeing that the person facing him was Yama’s bro, he immediately changed his tone.

“Your Royal highness?” I asked in confusion.

“Yeah, you are Yama’s brother, then naturally you are our prince!” the xiaogui explained.

****, I didn’t even know that I was that amazing in the realm of the dead, I even became a prince!

“Liu Lei!” Xu Ruoyun shouted happily after seeing me. However, then she noticed something was wrong, “Why did you come? Didn’t I die? Did you die as well?”

“Aiya, missy, just what are you saying? Do you know what to say at all! His Royal Highness is extremely fortunate, how could he die. Even if he wanted to die, Yama will not allow him. You actually dare to curse His Royal Highness with that mouth, see if I get someone to tear your tongue out to be fried!” the xiaogui said menacingly.

“Ah!” Xu Ruoyun jumped. The xiaogui looked rather menacing already, and now, he was even more terrifying.

“Ugh… Actually, she’s my wife, I came for her!” I laughed coyly. I specifically said that Xu Ruoyun is my wife, since it would give me a proper reason to bring her away. Otherwise, it would be difficult to do anything if I had nothing to do with her.

“Ah? So it’s the princess! I’m very sorry, this puny one did not know, princess, don’t mind this puny one’s fault, don’t get angry!” the xiaogui was shocked after hearing that. He couldn’t afford to offend the person in front of him. They say that, in the realm of the dead, aside from Yama, even Daoist Jiaoyazi, who was managing the xiaogui and spends a lot of time in the mortal realm, has to call him martial uncle!

Hearing me say that, Xu Ruoyun couldn’t help but blush, while she felt really sweet in her heart. She was really smart, and saw that the xiaogui in front of her was clearly flattering her hub… Ya! How can she think that! Xu Ruoyun couldn’t help but say quietly in her heart. She actually thought of him as her hubby!

“Alright, then I’ll take her home. We still have to sleep… I’m so sleepy!” I said to that xiaogui. Hearing me say that, Xu Ruoyun blushed even harder.

“Ugh… That isn’t much of an issue, but if big bro Ox-Head and Horse-Face asks…” said the xiaogui after a brief hesitation.

“Don’t worry about this, just say that she’s my wife and that we were dying for fun. Now that we had enough, we’re going back to live again!” I replied. “Ox-Head and Horse0Face won’t trouble you! No matter what, you are my friend!”

Hearing that, the xiaogui thought that I was right! Ox-Head and Horse-Face had to be extremely respectful even in front of this one and he said that they were friends. If Yama got happy, he might even get promoted. Thus, he nodded towards me, then happily flew away.


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Chapter 125 – I’m very happy

Now that Situ Liang had already been dealt with by Situ Dashan, he couldn’t come out and cause trouble… Could it be that Liu Kesheng found another support?

However, Liu Kesheng did not give me too much time to think. He waved his hands at the cyborgs and said, “Go together, kill this brat!”

The four cyborgs leaped towards me at once. One of them waved his fist towards me. I quickly dodged to the side, but before I could react, I felt a heavy blow on my back. Although it couldn’t do much damage to me, it still hurt a lot!

As I was hesitating, I got punched in the ribs! These cyborgs were truly too quick, and they could cooperate very well with each other.

I quickly used my ability to slow down time, causing the scene to turn to slow motion, allowing me to easily parry the attacks of the four people.

When I noticed an opportunity, I sent a flying kick on the stomach of one of the black-clothed man. I used a lot of force into it, enough to break a metal board, but despite the black-clothed man having his stomach dented it, he still attacked me!

“Haha! I forgot to tell you, they have no life, so they are not afraid of pain at all!” Liu Kehsneg said proudly.

My heart tensed. ****, not afraid of pain. That means that no matter how much I hit them, they won’t get hurt, nor die!

I traded several tens of blows with them in a split second once again. I couldn’t do anything, the four black-clothed men were not afraid of being beaten at all! After getting hit by me, they would continue to attack me without any pause!

Although I was not afraid of them, this endless fight caused me to get annoyed.

I wanted to find a weakness, but there was none. They weren’t human at all. It was like I was fighting a bunch of rocks… Even after a flattened once of their heads, it didn’t have any effects at all!

They had no brain, and no thoughts. I think that even if their heads fall off, they can continue to attack me.

That was because I noticed that they did not use their eyes to judge where I was positioned. Rather, they used an unknown method. Even after I moved behind them, they could still relentlessly attack me without turning around.

Leg! If I break their legs, then perhaps I would be able to stop their attacks towards me.

Thinking that, I immediately did it. I directly attacked the leg of one of the cyborgs in front of me. This time, I used all the strength in my body, causing the leg to be broken with a crack. This did work as I expected. After breaking a leg, the cyborg’s attack speed towards me and its agility clearly decreased, it could only limp towards me.

Using this method, I broke his other leg as well. When the cyborg lost the support of both of his legs, he immediately kneeled on the floor and was unable to move forward once again.

I felt a huge joy in my heart, and immediately beat the other three cyborgs using the same method. In an instant, four crippled cyborgs were born.

However, I had gotten happy a bit too early. The four of them, who had their legs broken, were still able to crawl over to me little by little… It truly was disgusting…

There was no helping it. I could only break their arms as well.

Since I couldn’t kill these things, and even when they are crippled, they were a threat to the normal people when left here. I decided to just do it to the end. I picked the four of them up and teleported to Antarctica to dump them there.

After that, I returned to my original location. Liu Kesheng watched me disappear and return with an expression of confusion as he asked in surprise, “Where-Where are my cyborgs?”

“I chucked them to Antarctica!”

“Ah!” Liu Kehsneg had thought that the cyborgs he spent so much money on could deal with me completely, but he didn’t think that I could actually fight back and cause him to lose the cyborgs!

“Hehe!” I walked up to him and grabbed his heck. “We are sort of old rivals, I’m rather confused, you clearly know that you can’t beat me, why do you have to bring yourself in front of me over and over again? Are you the legendary suicide lover?”

“Tsk! The result isn’t set this time. Heh, don’t think that I can’t deal with you. Hahahahahaha! You could never imagine that I have more up my sleeve!” Liu Kehsheng laughed loudly.

“What’s up your sleeve?” Just when I asked, I heard another voice say to me.

“Let him go, otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

I raised my head to look. Two people had appeared in front of me starting from an unknown moment! The man talking to me was actually Li Boliang, someone I haven’t seen for many years! At this moment, he was using a knife to threaten a girl. This girl was actually someone I was very familiar with as well, she was Xu Ruoyun, the girl that was once her by me…

I snorted and through Liu Kesheng to the side, and cursed about him being despicable.

“Hehe, this little beauty isn’t bad, but it’s a shame, this chick has always been thinking about you. Ai! I really don’t want to kill her, who she just had to be so head over heels with you!” Li Boliang pushed the knife down a bit more, causing a blood mark to appear on Xu RUoyun’s white neck. “Liu Kesheng, give him the knife!”

Hearing that, Liu Kehsneg threw a knife towards me and said, “If you don’t want her to die, then commit suicide!”

I received the knife Liu Kesheng threw towards me and looked at the distance between LI Boliang and predicted how large were the chances of me saving Xu Ruoyun if I slowed down time and teleported.

I instantly had the answer. The most important thing right now was to calm Li Boliang down, then take the chance to make a move when he lets down his guard!

Thus, I said while pretending to be very depressed, “Alright, I submit this time! However, you have to keep your word and let Xu Ruoyun go!”

“Don’t worry about this, to be honest, I’m really reluctant to kill her!” Seeing that I agreed to his demand, Li Boliang replied very excitedly.

“Alright! I hope you keep your word!” With that, I started to stab the knife towards my stomach…

“Liu Lei, no!” Xu Ruoyun suddenly shouted. Then she clenched her teeth and moved towards the dagger in LI Boliang’s hand, causing a ray of blood to spurt out…

“Xu Ruoyun!” I ran over in shock. I complained in my heart, why was this chick so dumb! Originally, I completely had the chance the save her.

Li Boliang was stunned as well, he didn’t think that Xu Ruoyun would be so intense as to commit suicide! In the heat of the moment, he released all his anger on Xu Ruoyun, causing him to raise his dagger and stab Xu Ruoyun a few more times, causing Xu Ruoyun to mumble and cough up more blood.

I couldn’t think about dealing with Li Boliang, I ran over to pick up Xu Ruoyun maniacally, “Ruoyun, are you alright!”

“Liu… Lei, I… can’t make it. I’m very happy… to be able to die in your arms… I want to ask you… Have you… liked me before?” Xu Ruoyun stuttered with a pale face,


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Chapter 124 – No life

“Oh, so it’s like this. I want to transfer my ganba to a high-class ward…” Before I finished, the doctor interrupted me.

“Change to a high-class ward? You’re not dreaming, right? He still owes us thirty thousand something kuai of medical fees!” The doctor said with a face of disdain.

“Do you think that we can’t afford it!” I immediately got angry, just what sort of attitude was this? Did he forget that he has the sacred career of an angel in white? This guy was completely status-focused.

“It’s not what I think. If you can afford it, then why are you still staying in the corridor! Don’t put on airs if you don’t have money!” said the doctor, who turned around to leave after saying that.

“Medical fees are owed, right? Alright, then I’ll immediately pay all of it. We’re changing hospitals and not getting treated here!” I said.

The doctor handed the bill to me with a bit of suspicion and said, “It’s all here, I’ll go with you to get it paid!”

I smiled indifferently, it seems like he still didn’t believe me!

After arriving at the cashiers, I threw over a bank card without saying anything. When the receipt was printed, the doctor finally knew that the person he met today was the proper person that came to pay! However, from his perspective, I was just the kind of person that just had a bit of money, and didn’t pay it any heed.

“Let’s go, ganba, ganma! We’re changing hospitals!” I said directly after returning.

“Changing hospitals. Your ganba can’t move with the plaster on his leg!” said ganma.

“No worries, my car is downstairs!” I said.

“Mom, older brother’s car is really long, there is no problem for dad to lie inside after extending the seat!” said He Xiyuan.

Hearing this, that doctor felt a joy in his heart. So this brat drove a large bus!

Hearing He Xiyuan say that, ganma stopped worrying. He Xiyuan and I pushed ganba onto the elevator. As for that doctor, although he was unwilling, he still sent his patient to the entrance as ganba’s doctor.

Du Xiaowei was very observative. The moment he saw me, he ran out of the red label to help. Seeing that there were a lot of people, Du Xiaowei let me drive the car instead and requested to take a taxi to follow behind my car.

When the doctor saw my car, he was completely stunned. It seems like he truly met a rich person this today! This car needed at least several million!

Thus, he quickly ran over and said to me with a smile, “Sorry, my attitude was poor just now, how about…”

“Never mind, no need, hurry up and busy yourself with your tasks! Your time is precious, we’ll be leaving!” With that, I stepped on the pedal, causing the car to shoot out.

Through Zhong Yang, I was able to contact a hospital with better facilities than this one. That hospital had already prepared a high-class ward, while the doctor responsible is also an expert with a reputation. I directly paid two hundred thousand yuan in advance for the medical bills and left a bank card for He Xiyuan. The one million or so within the card should be enough for them.

I reminded her once again not to be afraid of spending money, and that she must make sure ganba’s leg gets treated well.

Then, I went to find ganba’s doctor and asked, “Doctor Li, how is my ganba’s situation…”

“Your father’s sickness is what was left over from before. When he was treated previously, the medical level was probably not enough, although the broken bones healed, there would be an issue during a rainy day. He might have not noticed it at the start, but look at him now, he can’t even stand up! This sort of rheumatism is very hard to treat, that’s why, I am planning to give him Chinese medicines to take and apply on the outside, alongside acupuncture. It should have a good effect!” said Doctor Li.

“Alright, then thank you, Doctor Li. This is just a sign of good will!” with that, I stuffed an envelope towards Doctor Li.

“Hehe, I’ll try my best, but no need for this. If you truly want to, then treat me to a meal after your father is treated!” Doctor Li refused. “The hospital has regulations, just do that if you want me to get fired.”

Hearing that, I smiled embarrassedly, it seems like I was affected by that status-focused doctor!

I smiled and put away the envelope, “Then I’ll be troubling you!”

“Don’t worry, I treat every patient seriously. What’s more, this one was one that the higher-ups had specifically mentioned!” said Doctor Li.

I drove towards school after leaving the hospital. When I turned into an alleyway, several black-clothed masked men rushed out in front and blocked the way.

Ever since someone had sent killers after me, my nerves became unusually sensitive, these people were clearly not good people. That’s why I thought that it shouldn’t be much of a problem even if I use my car to crash into them. Which good guy would mask themselves and block off a car on the streets.

That’s why, I didn’t decelerate at all and director rushed over.

However, an unbelievable thing happened afterwards. Just as my car was about to hit a masked man, that masked man suddenly reached out his hand and pushed my car, actually causing my car to stop! Although that person took a few steps backwards, he didn’t take any damage at all!

I am confident that I can do better than him, even to the point of not taking any steps back, but just who am I! I have superpowers that normal people cannot compared with! Yet, the person in front of me truly stopped my car!

What was even more unbelievable followed. Another man walked up and punched through the front window with a punch and grasped onto the door frame from within. With a strong pull, he was able to pull off the entire car door!

****, just who are these people. My car was modified, the glass was bulletproof, while the car door was something that armor-piercing rounds would have trouble with. He actually broke it just like that.

I was stunned, this was too shocking.

The other two black-clothed men also walked over and took my Bently apart, into a pile of scrap metal, in a few moments.

At this moment, a figure walked out from a Toyota nearby.

“Hehe, Liu Lei, don’t you have superpowers? I do want to see, are my cyborgs stronger, or is your superpowers more amazing!”

“Liu Kesheng! You’re still not dead!” I exclaimed. This person was actually Liu Kesheng, who had run away the other day!

“How can I die when you’re not dead yet! I need to watch you die!” Liu Kesheng laughed sinisterly.

“What’s this!” I asked, while pointed to the four black-clothed men.

“These are cyborgs, you can also think of them as clones, biochemical zombies or something like that. It doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you will be killed by them! Ahahahaha!” Liu Kesheng laughed maniacally.

“You have so much confidence that they can kill me?” I asked, while looking at the four humanoid, yet inhumane things.

“It’s not that I have the confidence. You saw just now that cars are easy stuff for them!” Liu Kesheng said pridefully. “Even if they can’t kill you, you can’t kill them!”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because! Hehe, listen carefully,” Liu Kesheng paused momentarily. “Because they have no life!”

No life? Just what are these things? When I saw Liu Kesheng that day, he was just one of Situ Liang’s dogs, he didn’t seem like he had much power?


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Chapter 123 – Decide yourself

****! Only then did I understand, this Fatty Wu did do it a bit too much.

I have heard stories of some people in the society used children to forcefully sell flowers, I didn’t think that Fatty Wu would have bumped into it so coincidentally.

“But speaking of which, it was truly sad for Fatty Wu! Beating up foreign political figures would be enough to send him to the court martial!” Zhong Yang continued. “It was fortunate that Fatty Wu did it with good intentions, since the People’s Liberation Army should be for the people! His old man is using his contacts, but he probably won’t be able to stay in the army!”

“This Fatty Wu is just impulsive!” Hearing that nothing major happened to Fatty Wu, I stopped worrying. Basically, this was just a misunderstanding.

“Okay, Zhong-ge, my ganba is in hospital. Let’s catch up another day!” I said.

“Alright, I have to go back too. My coworkers are all waiting for me downstairs!” Zhong Yang nodded and said.

After Zhong Yang left, I said to He Xiyuan, “Xiao Xi, which hospital is ganba staying at? We’ll go right now, you shouldn’t delay getting sickness treated! I know the hospital regulation nowadays, they won’t treat people before the people pay!”

“He’s at Yanjing City Third People’s Hospital,” He Xiyuan replied.

“Alright, Chu Gao, stay here for first and talk about our cooperation with the new manager! Don’t worry, we’re all together. It’s fine as long as we benefit each other!” I said to Chu Gao. “Go back by yourself later, I have some business, so I’ll leave first!”

“No problem! Now I’m confident! So, your relationships are so powerful, it’ll be hard even if our company doesn’t want to be successful!” Chu Gao laughed.

“Don’t be too proud that early. Computer sales is just a small portion of our business. You also have to follow up on other projects!” I reminded.

“Understood boss, there’s no need for you to worry when I’m working!” Chu Gao chuckled.

“What not worry, didn’t I have to solve the issue this time!” I said.

It seems like you caused the trouble this time, Chu Gao thought to himself, but he still said, “That’s true, it was immediately dealt with when boss came!”

He Xiyuan and I walked out of Shuguang Corporation, and got on the Bentley.

“Ge, this car is really expensive, right?” He Xiyuan checked out the grand interior with interest.

This “ge” caused me to have various thoughts… I don’t know of this chick did it on purpose or not, but isn’t this baiting me to make a mistake!

“It’s not very expensive. When you get your driver license, Xiao Xi, older brother will give you a car!” I said.

“Oh…” He Xiyuan nodded, while excitement that could not be covered up flashed in her eyes. However, she still said, “Actually, never mind. If Yanyan-jie and them finds out, they will get angry…”

Hearing that, I felt a bit of joy. What does it have to do with Zhao Yanyan and co., did this chick feel guilty and thought too much into it?

Hehe, interesting!

“No problem, you are our good little sister!” I decided to tease her a bit.

“Oh…” Hearing me say that, He Xiyuan nodded in slight disappointment.

It seems like my prediction is correct, this chick might actually like me. However, why did she like me?

“At your age, you should study probably! Do you remember once promising me to come and find me at Huaxia University?” I changed the topic, otherwise, the atmosphere would get too ambiguous!

“I didn’t stop! I have been self-studying!” said He Xiyuan. “I will definitely get in!”

“That’s good! Older brother will give you a sportscar the day you get into university!” I said.

“Okay! It’s a promise!” He Xiyuan said happily, without any trace of the sadness just noe.

I thought to myself, this chick chances really quickly.

The car arrived at the Third People’s Hospital very soon. He Xiyuan and I got off and ran straight to the ward.

“Xiao Xi, where is ganba staying?” I asked.

“He’s staying on a bed in the corridor…” He Xiyuan said slightly embarrassedly.

“What! Staying in the corridor!” I exclaimed. “How can he stay in the corridor!”

“It’s summer now, so it isn’t so cold. Dad insists on staying there. What’s more, it’s also cheaper there!” He Xiyuan explained.

“Cheap! Why didn’t you stop him. It’s not like our family doesn’t have the money!” I said angrily.

He Xiyuan blushed again when I said “our family”. I couldn’t help but exclaim quietly, just what is this chick thinking all the time! Why are her thoughts so complicated!

What I didn’t think of at the time was that I already had so many wifeys at He Xiyuan’s age…

I quickly walked to the second floor, where the orthopedics wards were, and saw many beds in the corridor from afar.

“Ganna!” I saw ganma sitting beside a bed.

“Leilei!” ganma momentarily blanked, then said in surprise. “Why did you come? Did Xiao Xi find you? This kid, I told her already not to trouble your family…”

“Ganma, I met Xiao Xi coincidentally. Just what are you saying! I am your gan-son, we’re a family! How can I not care about ganba when he’s sick!” I said seriously. “Ganma, what you’re doing’s not right, do you not treat me as your son?”

“Of-Of course not! Ganma is very happy to be a son like you, but…” said ganma.

“It’s my idea!” ganba interrupted ganma. “Liu Lei, we’ve already troubled your family a lot, I don’t want to cause any more trouble for you family. What’s more, the surgery fees this time is very expensive…”

“Ganba! You’re my ganba, how can you call it troubling me! Your business is my business. Xiao Xi, go and call the doctor and move ganba to a high-class ward!” I said to He Xiyuan.

He Xiyuan naturally listened to me, so she already ran off before ganba said anything.

“Ai, just what is this for. From the way other people see it, our family is your family’s poor relatives! Other people couldn’t wait to avoid us, yet you’re so loyal! Ai, I had wanted to marry Xiao Xi to you, but you wouldn’t think my family’s Xiao Xi is worthy with your current conditions…” ganba blabbered.

“Ganba, don’t say that! Xiao Xi is excellent, it’s not that I don’t think she’s worthy, it’s just that… Ai, this is my fault as well. I already have so many girlfriends, isn’t it causing Xiao Xi to suffer if you tell her to be with me!” I said awkwardly.

“Hehe, we should let Xiao Xi decide that by herself…” ganba said with a smile.

Decide herself? Why do I feel like I fell into a trap? ****, then I remembered, ganba’s leg was broken, but his brain is fine! I had only said that since I treated him as a patient, but his thoughts are clear…

Never mind, I’ll just let nature take its course. Since I do have a childhood engagement with He Xiyuan, my parents probably wouldn’t reject it. As for Zhao Yanyan’s side, she like’d this chick quite a lot then as well.

Not long later, the doctor arrived. When he saw us, he put on a very impatient expression, “What is it, isn’t there a nurse! What did you call me here for!”


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Chapter 122 – Fatty Wu got into trouble

“No!” He Xiyuan shook her head. “It’s my first day at work!” With that, she looked at the hands held together.

I immediately understood. I was still holding He Xiyuan’s hands tightly. Originally, I would often hold her hand, but she was younger then and I only treated her as a little sister. Now she had already become a big girl. Holding her hand now was a bit ambiguous. Although I was her gan-brother. I was not her true brother.

I quickly let go of my hands and smiled awkwardly, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” He Xiyuan shook her head a bit disappointedly. Then continued, “My dad’s leg had an issue again. He needed to come to Yanjing to get it treated. But then we got here and found out that we don’t have enough money at home, so I came out to work.”

“Why didn’t you call me!” Hearing that He-bobo, who is also my ganba got hospitalized and didn’t call me, I felt a bit unhappy in my heart.

“My dad said that he didn’t want to bother you guys anymore…” said He Xiyuan.

“How is this bothering! Our families already admitted each other as gan-families already, we should help each other when in trouble!” I said.

“Sorry…” He Xiyuan replied quietly when she saw that I got mad.

“Alright, don’t think about that now. Why did you come to work in Shuguang Corporation?” I asked.

“They were hiring office assistants here, and I thought that since Shuguang was a large corporation with good benefits, they shouldn’t trick people. That’s why I came. I didn’t think that…” He Xiyuan said in a troubled manner. “Thank you, Liu-dage, you saved me every time…”

I nodded, office assistants didn’t require too much of an educational background, they would normally just prepare tea, coffee, photocopies etc. However, I never would have thought that my, Liu Lei’s, gan-meimei would actually be bullied when she came to my company to work!

How did it go again? Enough is enough!

Fatty Zhang, it isn’t going to end up as simple as you being fired.

I called Uncle Zhao and explained the situation. I had already talked over it with Uncle Zhao beforehand, so he had already sent a new general manager from the headquarters to replace Fatty Zhang’s current position.

After Chu Gao beat up Fatty Zhang, he pulled him up and chucked him on the chair. Then Chu Gao said, “This fatty is too thick-skinned, I got so tired and only beat him up like this!”

Hearing that, I laughed. This Chu Gao is too hilarious. He’s complaining about being tired after beating someone up.

“Fatty Zhang, what else do you have to say? You used your power to bring your son into the company, allow him to use his powers to trouble customers. What’s worse is that you actually try to bully female employees in the company!” I looked at Fatty Zhang and said expressionlessly.

“You… So it’s you! You are Director Zhao’s son-in-law!” Fatty Zhang exclaimed after finally recognizing me. When Zhao Yanyan ended up in the hospital, he saw me once when he was going to the hospital with Zhao Junsheng to visit Zhao Yanyan.

“You don’t feel like you’re undeserving of the failure, right?” I asked.

Fatty Zhang nodded silently, then said, “I’ll resign!” Fatty Zhang thought to himself, since he did not stuff only a little money into his pockets these years, although he would lose both power and position, he would still be able to enjoy the second half of his life.

“Resign? I had planned to let you go originally, but it isn’t going to be so simple now!” I laughed coldly. “Do you think it’ll be fine after bullying my little sister?”

At this moment, Zhong Yang led a group of people in police uniform into the office.

“Zhong-ge, you came!” I said.

“Yeah, I brought the comrades from the economic investigation division over. It’s not really my business now, right?” Zhang Yang smiled.

“Originally it isn’t, but now it is. This fat *** committed attempted ****!” I said. Heh, now you’re pretty screwed, an economical crime with attempted ****. He will probably be imprisoned for at least thirty years, or even a lifetime.

I really hope that this fat *** was involved rather heavily in corruption, so he’ll be directly shot.

Fatty Zhang understood that he was truly screwed today. However, what he didn’t understand was that how I found him. Thus, he asked without giving up, “Even if you are destroying me, you have me make me understand why, right?”

“Then I’ll tell you. Your son just had to harass my wife, Zhao Yanyan, and even shamelessly proclaimed himself as your son!” I said coldly.

“That *******!” Fatty Zhang said furiously. “If I knew that it would happen, I wouldn’t have let him come to the company to embarrass me!”

“But isn’t the main reason for my anger. I also started a company myself, it’s called New Century Corporation, I wonder if you, Director Zhang, have heard of it?” I asked with a smile.

“Ah! So it’s like that! I understand now! I was confused at the time, just why did Shuguang cooperate with a small company like yours. I thought that the higherups did not investigate properly, so I thought that you guys would have to put up with it even if I block you guys off for a few days. I didn’t think it was due to this! It seems like I was too careless! Damn disappointing Zhang Liguang!” Fatty Zhang sighed.

“Bring him away!” Zhong Yang waved his hand, causing several officers to escort Fatty Zhang away.

“Why did you hit him so hard, causing him to look like a pig head! After he enters the detainment center, those that don’t know would think that us, the police, beat him up. Aren’t you making him look bad!” Zhong Yang laughed.

“No probably, he’s thick-skinned. It’ll stop swelling after two days!” I smiled.

“Oh yeah, do you have news of Wu Tian recently?” I asked.

“Don’t mention it! Don’t you know? Wu Tian got into trouble!” Zhong Yang shook his head.

“Trouble? What trouble?” I asked in confusion.

“It was last mouth. There were a few foreigners arguing with a child from our country. Wu Tian saw it, and directly beat up the foreigners without saying anything!” Zhong Yang shook his head and said.

“Wu Tian didn’t do anything wrong to someone who was bullying a child from our country!” I said.

“If that’s really the case, then that’s true! The main thing is that it wasn’t like that after my investigation later! The foreigners came to site visit our country for business purposes! They are all important political people from other countries and have huge backgrounds!” Zhong Yang sighed.

“Say, Zhong Yang! What’s with you? Can foreigners be cocky just because they have a background? Are you still from China?” I said angrily.

“If they really bullied the kid, then I would stand up even if I was fired from the police department! The most important thing is that that’s not what happened at all. The foreigners did nothing. The kid held a batch of flowers and was insisting on the foreigner buying. Due to language barriers, they couldn’t communicate, and the translator wasn’t there either. The foreigner thought the kid gave him the flowers, and so wanted to leave. However, the kid just refused no matter what and pulled on that foreigner’s clothes. The foreigner returned the flower to the kid, but the kid still refused to let him leave. With no other way, the foreigner could only push the kid away! However, Fatty Wu didn’t know the situation before beating him up!” Zhong Yang smiled wryly.


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Chapter 121 – Stopped Supply

“No reason, the people that contacted me just revealed to me in a way that it was the decision of the higher-ups!” Chu Gao shook his head.

“The higherups’ decision!” I slammed the table and roared. “Don’t why have a contract, what right do they have to stop the supply!”

“Boss, don’t be angry first. How about we treat their higherups to a meal?” Chu Gao asked.

The reason I got angry was not because of them stopping the supply. IT was because Shuguang’s higherups actually took revenge for personal grudges using an official manner! I could already be sure that it was due to that Young Master Zhang, Zhang Liguang! What does he think Shuguang Corporation is? Something that belongs to his company?

“Treat my ***!” I said angrily. “Come with me to Shuguang Corporation’s Yanjing branch office. I do want to see just who dares to block us off! We have the contract, if it doesn’t work, then we’ll sue them!”

“Sue? Boss, we are just a small starting company…” Chu Gao hesitated.

“Hehe, if we sue Shuguang, then our company will immediately become famous. This might even be a chance!” I laughed.

Doing that wouldn’t be sinister of me. Shuguang is my company, since it already had a reputation, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with doing something that both hurt and benefited myself at the same time, right!

Actually, I also wanted to use this incident to give a warning to the directors of other branch companies, telling them not to do whatever they want because they had the power to.

As for this Zhang Liguang’s father. Hehe, I’ll treat him as an unfortunate sacrifice. No matter how capable he is, failing to teach his son properly and bringing his son to the company to use the company’s power for his own benefits was enough to fire him.

In the afternoon, I went to Shuguang Corporation’s headquarters in Yanjing city with Chu Gao.

Chu Gao was very shocked when he saw the fanciness within the Bentley. He never would have thought that his life changed so much. He turned from an unknown student to the director of a company, and was even going to negotiate with Shuguang!

“I want to see the person in charge!” I said directly to the receptionist.

“Sir, do you have an appointment?” the receptionist asked.

“No, we are Shuguang’s business partners, New Century Corporation,” I said.

“Then, I can only help you ask our Director Zhang if he has time!” said the receptionist.

The receptionist made a call, then said to me after a while, “Sorry, Director Zhang is reviewing documents…”

Reviewing documents! Does he not know Shuguang’s employee regulations? Customers comes first! Which means that all tasks should have the customers as the priority! This Director Zhang actually used reviewing regulations as an excuse to refuse to meet the customers.

Chu Gao looked at me helplessly. He seems like he has been shut up before.

I smiled and said to Chu Gao, “Since he’s refusing to see us, then we’ll go up to find him!”

“Gentlemen, you can’t go up…” The receptionist quickly stopped us.

I took out a card from my wallet and handed it to the receptionist, “Headquarter inspection!”

The receptionist momentarily blanked after receiving the card. The hand she used to hand the card trembled a little. This was the card with the highest power from the headquarters, it provided the right to check the accounts and other things of any Shuguang branch. This was something she had been taught the first day she arrived at work. She didn’t think that she would see it for the first time after working for more than three years.

“Sorry sir, please wait a moment. Let me just note it down!” The receptionist said in a worked up manner, then swiped the card before returning it to me respectfully.

“C’mon, let’s go up now!” I said to Chu Gao.

Chu Gao looked at me in disbelief…

The interior of Shuguang Corporation the safest in the world. You required authority cards regardless of taking the elevator or opening a door. My card could do anything.

That was why not many people questioned us after Chu Gao and I got in. Shuguang Corporation was so large, there were several hundred people in the branch, it was impossible for everyone to know each other. That’s why the staff couldn’t help but use these cards to identity each other. Normal employees would only have the right to take the elevator, open their office and their cabinet.

“Why do you…” Chu Gao pointed at the card in my hand and asked weirdly. “Why do you have their card?”

“Oh? This? Hehe, Zhao Yanyan’s father is a high-level person at Shuguang Corporation’s headquarters. The card is for her, I just borrowed it!” I said with a smile.

“So that’s why! You scared me, I thought you were really from their headquarters!” said Chu Gao.

“What if I really am?” I asked.

“If you really are, then fire the general manager here! Just what sort of attitude is this!” Chu Gao said angrily.

When I arrived at the general manager’s office on the twelfth floor, I turned the handle. It was actually locked!

What the hell! Shuguang Corporation has clear regulations stating that offices are not allowed to be locked during office hours!

I did not bother with knocking. I directly swiped my card, causing the door to open.

“Who!” A voice yelled out from within.

At the time, I already pushed open the room door and saw a fatty making move on a female employee. The female employee’s clothes have already been ripped and was furiously resisting the fatty’s attacks.

“What are you doing!” I interrogated.

“Who are you, how did you enter? Hurry up and **** off, don’t ruin my business!” The fatty said in rage, and continued to attack that female employee as if no one else was there.

“Save me!” Seeing that someone entered, the female employee furiously resisted the fatty.

“Let her go!” I walked up and pushed the fatty away.

“Are you okay!” I looked at the girl being assaulted. Her uniform was already ripped. Thus, I said to Chu Gao, “Give her your coat!”

Chu Gao showed a “why me”, but he still took his coat off and handed it to me.

I helped the girl put on the coat. The girl brushed her messed up hair, then raised her head and exclaimed, “Liu-dage, it’s you!”

I carefully checked the girl beside me out. There was a very familiar feeling just now, but I didn’t look at her carefully.

It was actually He Xiyuan! I nearly couldn’t recognize her. They say that a girl changes a lot when she grows up. After not seeing her for a few years, she actually became even more beautiful, her body also became more voluptuous, turning her from a pretty girl to a mature young woman.

The anger in my heart burned even more. I sent a flying kick towards the fatty and swore, “******* fat ***, you actually dared to bully my, Liu Lei’s, little sister!”

The fat *** fell back from the chair and onto the floor. Chu Gao was already annoyed with this fat ***, so he no longer held back after seeing me make a move. He immediately rushed up and beat up the fat ***, causing the fat *** to turn even fatter.

“Why did you come to Yanjing city!” I held He Xiyuan’s hand and pulled her down to sit on the sofa. I’ll just leave that fat *** for Chu Gao to let his anger out on.

He Xiyuan did not say anything, and merely blushed. I was very confused, “Did that fat *** already…”


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Chapter 120 – Science and Technology Exhibition

“Let’s go to see what new products that are being exhibited at our company!” I said.

“Our company?” Zhao Yanyan asked in surprise.

“Shuguang Corporation!” I explained.

“Isn’t that yours?” asked Zhao Yanyan.

“What’s mine is yours! Dummy! What’s more, you also have shares in Shuguang Corporation!’ I patted Zhao Yanyan’s head and replied.

“He…” Zhao Yanyan happily leaned by my side.

When I passed by New Century Corporation’s counter, I saw Professor Dong explain something to a foreigner very excitedly, while Chu Gao was also busy here and there as the person in charge.

When Professor Dong saw me walk very, he introduced the foreigner to me very happily, “ This is Mr. Frederick from Italy!”

“Hello, Mr. Frederick, I am the technical consultant for New Century Corporation,” I reached out my hand friendily.

“Hello, it is very nice to meet you!” Frederick said using rigid Chinese.

“Xiao Liu, Mr. Frederick is very interested in our OCR recognition system. He wants to cooperate with us to develop one for Italian,” said Professor Dong in excitement.

Hearing that, I said to Mr. Frederick with a nod, “We can satisfy your request. It is very easy if it is just to recognize printed text because Italian only 21 letters in the Italian langue, but it would be a bit difficult if we had to recognize handwritten text. However, it isn’t impossible!”

“That’s great! If it’s possible, then let’s talk in detail after the exhibition ends!” Frederick said happily.

Professor Dong was very happy. He could be more excited when he saw that his research result was recognized.

I talked to Professor Dong for a bit, then left with Zhao Yanyan first.

“Look! That’s Shuguang Corporation’s counter!” Zhao Yanyan pointed to a large area at the center of the exhibition hall.

I smiled, as expected of Shuguang Corporation. Not only did they get the best spot, the size of it was also several times that of other people’s.

Shuguang Corporation was exhibiting several new CPU models and a new hard disk driver in terms of hardware, while the software includes Shuguang Office 2000 and several business softwares.

This was just a small portion of what Shuguang was introducing to the market this year.

“How is it, not bad, right!” I pointed to the Shuguang Office that was being run on the display machine.

“Not bad,” Zhao Yanyan said after a glance.

“What do you mean not bad? This is the most advance in the world!” I said.

“Do you think I don’t know? The next generation’s product is already in Shuguang’s lab. It just hasn’t been shown yet!” Zhao Yanyan glanced sideways at me and said. “I really don’t know how you developed my dad into a huge evil merchant!”

“Evil merchant? Hehe, we just don’t want to cause any scientific disasters. Things that are too advanced are not suitable for the current technological level,” I said.

“Tsk, whatever,” Zhao Yanyan decided not to argue with me.

Just as Zhao Yanyan and I were chatting, a voice interrupted us.

“Hello, beautiful lady, what do you think about our company’s products?” A young man wearing very stylish clothing walked over.

Our company? Zhao Yanyan momentarily blanked, then wanted to laugh, our company again!

“You are?” Zhao Yanyan asked.

“I am the marking manager of Shuguang Corporation’s Beijing branch, Zhang Liguang! I am pleased to serve this beautiful lady,” Although the young man said it in a very decent manner, the gaze that this Zhang Liguang looked towards Zhao Yanyan with was filled with lust.

Zhao Yanyan also noticed this, and shook her head in disgust, “No need, we’ll see for ourselves.”

“What? You don’t believe me?” With that, Zhang Liguang was about to grab hold of Zhao Yanyan. “Little girl, gege can give you a computer of the newest model!”

“What are you doing!” I walked up and pushed away Zhang Liguang’s lecherous claws.

Seeing that I spoke, Zhang Liguang stopped pretending to be well-mannered. He checked me out and said, “Who are you?”

“I’m her boyfriend,” I said.

“I didn’t ask you what’s your relationship with her. I’m asking what your identity is,” Zhang Liguang immediately added.

“I am New Century Corporation’s consultant,” I answered. I wanted to see what this gguy meant by that.

“New Century Corporation’s consultant! Heh, so amazing, but I’ve never heard of it!” Zhang Liguang laughed coldly. “Even a puny white collar dares to fight with me for a woman, I, Young Master Zhang, has never failed to get a woman!”

Hearing how cocky this guy sounds, I wondered, just how did this ******* join Shuguang Corporation? Thus, I asked, “What right does a puny marketing manager have to get cocky with me!”

“What happened, Young Master Zhang!” Another young man came over, he also dressed in a rather fake, but well-mannered way.

“Oh? It’s Young Master Yan! Your bro, I, got interested in this bird. How is it? Bro’s taste is pretty good, right!” Young Master Zhang said proudly.

“Not bad! She’s truly not bad! This bird looks pretty cute!” Young Master Yan nodded.

Seeing that the two of them were acting so supercilious and said whatever they wanted in front of Zhao Yanyan and I, I felt slightly enraged. However, since this was a public location and I represented New Century Corporation, there would be some consequences if I hit him. What’s more, since he was someone from Shuguang, I naturally had to treat it as an internal issue.

“Yanyan, let’s go, speaking with these sort of people is wasting our time!” I held Zhao Yanyan’s hand.

“Wait!” Young Master Yan immediately blocked my path. “This little girl, stop pretending, let’s be blunt, aren’t you with this brat for money? Although our Young Master Zhang is the market manager of Shuguang, his old man is the general manager of Shuguang Corporation’s branch office in Yanjing! Being with him is so much better than with this brat!”

So it was due to this! I was wondering how this sort of scum could get into Shuguang and become a department manager! So it was due to relationships.

Hearing Young Master Yan’s words, Zhao Yanyan nearly laughed out loud. However, Zhao Yanyan did have a good temper, so she didn’t’ get mad. She only said coldly, “I’m not interested.”

I casually pushed Young Master Yan to the side and said, “Do you hear that? My wife’s not interested!”

“New Century Corporation, right? Just wait, I’ll make it so that you cannot stay in Yanjing city! Heh! No computing companies dare to offend me, Young Master Zhang! Just wait for death!” Young Master Zhang said cockily.

I felt a sense of depression in my heart. Shuguang Corporation was an international corporation, but a general manager in a city actually became similar to a local tyrant, and his son actually treated this as something to get cocky about.

Shuguang Corporation was huge, it was unavoidable for it to walk onto this path. It seems like it was about time to deal with this.

“Boss, a problem came up with the computer sales department!” Chu Gao found me and said urgently.

“What’s the problem?” I asked.

“Shuguang Corporation’s Yanjing branch suddenly stopped the supply for us!” said Chu Gao.

“Stopped supply? Why!” I asked.


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Chapter 119 – The Competition with Meng Qingqing

“I told you, I don’t like you! Why are you still pestering me?” The girl said coldly.

“Heh, you’re still thinking about that brat, aren’t you? He went to enjoy his life, yet you’re waiting here dumbly! He has gone to Yanjing city for so long, has he looked for you!” The young man laughed coldly.

“It’s none of your business! I do what I like!” The girl was still not moved.

“What’s so bad about me! Why can’t you give me a chance! I have done so much for you, and even gone into jail!” said the young man.

“Did you do it for me? You were clearly harming other people!” The girl said in disgust.

“Heh! It’s fine that you don’t accept me right now! After that brat, Liu Lei, dies, let’s see what hopes you have left!” The young man said cockily.

“He won’t die! Dream on!” The girl said plainly.

“You’ll know very soon whether I’m dreaming or not! Hahaha! The young man laughed loudly.

After the girl left, a teenage boy came over, “Liang-ge, since she’s not giving you face at all, do you need me to get someone to…”

“Alright now, before the plan succeeds, you better not cause trouble for me! Did you forget how what brought your old man down?” said the young man.

“I really don’t know what’s good about that brat, Liu Lei, why do they all love him so much!” The teenage boy said angrily.

“Oh yeah, there’s news from Gotou Mitsuo. The research on the DNA medicine is nearly completed, we just have to hold it in a bit more, then we will be able to take revenge. Gotou Mitsuo already promise us that he will help us get the Japanese nationality!” said the young man.

“Thank you, Liang-ge!” The teenage boy said happily.

While I was very busy, Xu Qingwei brought me an extremely exciting news. The research on spaceship supporting spatial jumps have already been completed. It was already no worse than the spaceship the Animasians used to visit Earth last time. The spaceship had already entered the final testing phase.

It seems like I truly made the decision to put Xu Qingwei there. I wouldn’t never have thought that he truly had a huge effect. Even Sun Sikong praised him a lot.

Sun Sikong used an autopilot system along with a filming system to do a machine-controlled trial. He succeeded to fly out of the solar system, use spatial jumps multiple times, then flew back, causing Sun Sikong to be unusually happy.

Now, Sun Sikong was going to do the last fine-tuning before the spaceship would be able to fy with people within.

New Century Computer Store and Qingmeng Computer Store pretty much opened at the same time. Chu Gao never thought that the people form Shuguang Corporation responsible for attending to him were so enthusiastic, causing him to get a bit shocked.

Shuguang’s service attitude was already the best in the world since it was one of the policies I was completely insistent on. What’s more, since I told Uncle Zhao beforehand, Chu Gao was able to get a promotion price very easily.

Although Dell was not as famous as Shuguang, it was pretty much the same with Shuguang in terms of hardware. Most of the parts used were made by Shuguang, while the pre-installed operating system was Shuguang 98.

That’s why, Shuguang had a brand advantage over all. Yet, Dell’s branding wasn’t bad either, so it was all left down to Chu Gao’s sales methods.

As for Mengqing, they were clearly fighting back. Not only did they print a lot of pretty flyers to hand around school, they also gifted some accompanying equipment like mousepads, USB extension lines, earphones etc.

“Boss, do you think we should give some present or something?” asked Chu Gao.

“Since Mengqing is already giving these out, it’ll seem like we’re like sheep if we do the same. What’s more, the effects wouldn’t be too great either. I think we should come up with unique ideas! For example, we could do add some value into our services!” I replied. “For example, we could do something like having a free protective screen sticking service when they buy laptops!” I explained some of my experiences in my previous life, “Right now, the notebooks are pretty much just covered in one layer of paint. If they are not protected well, it is very easy for the color to come off. We can stay a transparent protective screen on it, making it look nice, while not affecting the usage!”

“As expected of boss! Why didn’t I think of it! This is a good idea! Let me go and prepare it!” said Chu Gao.

Since Professor Dong was able to get the funds, his research into OCR technology was put on track. In the meantime, I only gave the researchers a few tips as the honorary consultant. Most of it was completed by themselves. However, these few tips already had a key effect on the entire research.

“I already used our research project to apply to participate in the National Computing Scient and Technology Exhibition this time. I have a few invitations for the opening. How is it, are you interested in going together?” Professor Dong said with a smile.

“Me? That’s not so good, I’m just a consultant in name!” I said.

“What’s not good about it! Hehe, your suggestions had a key effect for our project! It could be said that you were of a huge important! Here’s two invitations, bring your girlfriend together next Friday!” Professor Dong handed two invitations to me.

“Alright!” I nodded and put away the invitations.

In the blink of an eye, the Computing Science and Technology Exhibition opening has arrived.

Zhao Yanyan and I arrived at the City’s Exhibition Center together. There was already a large number of cars parked at the entrance. Although economy cars made up the bulk of it, there were plenty of expensive cars as well. It seems that there were quite a few rich and powerful companies that came to enter the exhibition.

I held Zhao Yanyan’s hand and entered the exhibition hall. At this moment, it was already filled with guests from all around. Some of them were people that have entered the exhibition, but most of them were invited here to have a look. These people might very well become potential guests for the companies putting on an exhibition.

An employee from Su’s was introducing several digital cameras and filming equipment to the guests at Su’s Corporation’s counter. Under my secret support, Su’s was able to gain a lot of the leading technology in the digital industry. It was already no worse than any companies from other countries in the world.

There was a large poster of Su Yingzi behind the counter. She was smiling faintly as she held up the new DV. I couldn’t help to dumb out after seeing that.

“What, you miss Su-jiejie?” Seeing me like that, Zhao Yanyan asked with a smile.

“Mhmm, a little, we haven’t met in so long!” I sighed.

“Actually the money you have now is enough for us to spend through several lifetimes, you can tell Su-jiejie to not work so hard to earn money!” said Zhao Yanyan.

“Xiao Zi only likes acting, perhaps, when she’s tired of it, she will come back,” I shook my head. “If it wasn’t for Uncle Su, it would be hard for Xiao Zi to remain so pure in the entertainment industry.”

“Hubby, aren’t you even more amazing than Uncle Su? Who would dare to have any ideas about Su-jiejie since she became your woman!” Zhao Yanyan smiled.

“He, your hubby lays too much of a low profile. A kind person guys bullied!” I laughed.

“You’re kind? It’s pretty good if you don’t bully someone else,” Zhao Yanyan also laughed.


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