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Chapter 13 – The Following Bait Is For You

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Sigh, I thought that I would welcome the happiest days of my life in Sky Star City.

Who would’ve known that we would be attending to each other while crying silent tears, with this session of crying lasting an entire night.

Whenever I think about it, I feel like I’m losing face.

The main problem that I had was how to comfort her. If you wanted to comfort someone else, the best method definitely wasn’t to say “it’s okay”, “I’m here”, “don’t worry”, and other such empty words. The best and most effective method of comforting someone else was to expose your own scars and show it to them, to tell them that “you see, what I’ve gone through is much worse”. Thus, I had to fabricate a story for her to listen to.

That story was me and my “wife’s” happy and bittersweet romance. In that story, I played the role of the poor countryside boy Jade while my “wife” was the daughter of a rich family, Little Ya. Jade fell in love with Little Ya under a star-filled night. But Little Ya’s family didn’t want her to marry a man with a lower social status than theirs; they didn’t want her to marry a hunter. After the duo suffered setbacks after setbacks, they decided to elope and wandered into West-Resisting City, where they were met with even more sufferings. After collecting a sum of money with great difficulty in West-Resisting City, they wanted to use the opportunity to leave together to a more fertile region and enjoy life. But they never expected that they would be separated and never to meet ever again……

I have to say, Fang Thirteen soaked up this story like a sponge.

For the first half of the night, I was still thinking up ways to comfort her, while in the latter part of the night, she began thinking up ways to comfort me.

She told me small tales, leaned on my shoulder, and used all sorts of general truths to reassure me. In addition, she apologized; endless apologies flowed out of her mouth. She also mentioned several times that she was more than willing to marry me, but I didn’t jump at the opportunity every time it presented itself. If I were indeed an ordinary hunter, perhaps I would indeed man up and endure Fang Lita for Fang Thirteen, but to let me, the City Lord of West-Resisting City, do as such, it was naturally impossible.

Misery sure loves company.

I remember that a wise man once said, why do interesting girls need so many uninteresting relatives??

When the first light of dawn broke, only then did Fang Thirteen lie down to sleep. I helped tuck her in, closed the door, then silently withdrew. I was ineffably stimulated by not sleeping for an entire night with fanciful thoughts running wild in my mind. Yesterday, the scene of holding that warm, fragrant, soft body in my arms was still vivid in my mind. After I returned to my bedroom, I suddenly had a brazen thought.

Bring Fang Thirteen away from here.

Moon had also said that if we could rope in Fang Thirteen, then West-Resisting City’s overall strength would move one step further. This point that he made, I deeply believed to be true. When I first came to this city, I thought that the bond between Fang Thirteen and Fang Lita was unbreakable and that there were no other means apart from assassination. But at present time, it seems that this seam is actually already quite big, with all of it being covered up by Fang Thirteen’s self-sacrifice.

But I’m the most clear on the fact that a person’s desire is limitless.

Perhaps in the very beginning, Fang Lita truly was an ordinary, simple boy who would show consideration to his older sister.

But when Fang Thirteen relinquished a portion of her authority to him, he was unwilling to return it.

Later on, he began forcefully seizing power. From his own older sister’s hands, he began slowly taking power bit by bit.

Now, Fang Thirteen doesn’t even have a reliable bodyguard inside the City Lord’s mansion. The only maid she has is Tila, someone close to her. If Fang Lita wanted to kill her, it would be extremely easy. But even with the situation being so dire for her, Fang Lita still didn’t feel relieved and didn’t stay his hand. Rather, he began weakening Fang Thirteen’s position in his populace’s hearts. It was bad to the point of not hesitating to use some of Fang Thirteen’s favorable policies as a fuse.

Stupid pig.

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Without even a bit of ability, yet still desperately trying to climb higher. If such a person wasn’t a pig, then what was he?

I slowly began calculating in my mind and gradually arrived at a conclusion. The rift between the two is much bigger than I initially imagined, there will inevitably be a day where Fang Thirteen alone cannot maintain this sort of surface relationship. Last night, when Fang Lita charged into Fang Thirteen’s room half-insane, half-stupid, and shouted curses at her, Fang Thirteen didn’t resist. But what if these matters started occurring more and more?

Solely depending on their natural rate of development, the day they break off relations would take at least 8 years to arrive, if not 10 years.

But if there was someone to fan the flames?

I slowly tapped my fingers against the table, thoughts flying through my mind at light speed, and a plan gradually began forming in my mind.

After sleeping half the morning away, I got out of my bed with the time quickly becoming noon and applied my makeup once more. Yesterday evening, most of my makeup had actually already fallen off. Fortunately, Fang Thirteen can’t see. As long as I continued maintaining my tone of voice, I would be able to fool her. But I couldn’t do the same during the daytime since there are too many eyes within the City Lord’s mansion.

When I went to find Fang Thirteen, just as I expected, there was already someone in her room having an intimate discussion with her.

It was Sky Star City’s esteemed City Lord, Fang Lita.

I honestly really admired him. Yesterday night, he was still thinking of raping his sister, yet today, he’s able to come well-dressed and apologize. When I arrived, he appeared to have already been there for quite a while. After all, he had a brilliant smile on his face, with some tears remaining at the corner of his eyes. I suppose he had been crying for a while, waiting for his older sister to forgive him before smiling.

I reckon that after he returned, he became clear-headed and discovered something wrong.

Without Fang Thirteen’s protection, these 10 cities, to tell the truth, were just like pieces of meat thrown into the wilderness. In a blink of an eye, they would be eaten clean. Fang Lita’s train of thought was most likely still to recover authority from his sister gradually, but the process of it absolutely couldn’t be overhasty. This is also why he was scared awake when Fang Thirteen said “then your sister will die in front of you” as he was attempting to **** her.

In short, without Fang Thirteen, Fang Lita wasn’t worth jack.

As for Fang Thirteen’s “of course I’ll choose to forgive him”, this was all within my expectations.

Although she might have spoken about a lot to me last night, this was merely just our relationship going a step forward. It didn’t represent her relationship with Fang Lita going back several steps. She was, after all, the ultimate brocon who wouldn’t hesitate to treat herself as a bargaining chip to protect her younger brother. If she decided to give up upon meeting such a small setback, that would be looking down on her too much.

Fang Lita still held a faint animosity towards to me and gave me a bad look as he asked:

“Looking for my sister?”

Once Fang Thirteen knew that I had arrived, she was momentarily flustered and hastily straightened out her clothes before asking:

“What’s the matter?”

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I answered:

“Nothing much, it’s just that there’s a little something that I forgot to mention to you last night. It seems to be spreading outside that Fang Yuan’s Abyss City and Li De’s West-Resisting City seems to be on their way to surround us. These rumors have brought a severe influence to the livelihoods of some of the immigrants from West-Resisting City that are residing in Sky Star City. I suggest implementing a thorough investigation to discover those people who are suspicious and promptly isolate them for interrogation. Those who aren’t problematic, we should appear personally to cleanse their suspicion. Otherwise the hearts of the populace will be anxious once the trouble goes on for too long. I fear that something might happen.”

Hearing me bring up proper business, the shyness and embarrassment on Fang Thirteen’s face vanished without a trace and she once again recovered her calm appearance. She thought for a moment before she responded:

“Your words are reasonable. If we allow things to drag on, then the situation will be absolutely unfavorable to us. But Jade, you were originally from West-Resisting City, so you’re not suited to participate in this operation, we need to avoid arousing suspicions……”

Before Fang Thirteen finished her words, Fang Lita stood up excitedly and cried out:

“Let me go, sister!”

And that’s how you make the fish bite on the bait.


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