Chapter 14 – First Time In Prison

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Fang Thirteen was clearly unwilling to hand over this matter to Fang Lita.

Even if you were to think with your third leg, you would know what sort of mess Fang Lita would create out of nothing.

But the awkward problem arises; I’m out of question and Tila is definitely not suitable. Either Fang Thirteen goes to solve the problem or Fang Lita goes to solve the problem. Fang Lita evidently knew that he had to show himself off at this time, so he simply made an unreasonable scene while pretending to be naive as he pulled on Fang Thirteen’s hand and continuously whined:

“Sister! Don’t you believe in your younger brother?”

“I’m already not as willful as I was in the past, I know how to treat Sky Star City well.”

“Please let me try~~sister~~”

Fang Lita was originally decent looking, so him pulling on Fang Thirteen’s hand and continuously whining like a spoiled child was quite the scene. If Fang Thirteen was able to decline, then she wouldn’t be the currently-living-like-a-dog Fang Thirteen. Thus, Fang Thirteen inevitably chose to compromise and nodded in agreement. Fang Lita immediately disappeared like a wisp of smoke upon gaining approval, fearing that his older sister might go back on her word.

I wanted to laugh in my heart, but on the surface, I spoke with vexation:

“You shouldn’t have handed over the rights to this case to him. War is coming quickly, every operation currently should be given serious priority.”

Fang Thirteen softly responded:

“Don’t worry, A’ta understands the severity of the situation. Being confronted with grave difficulties is a suitable experience for the current him. I think that it’ll be a good deed for his growth.”

I acted as though I were reluctantly “accepting this reasoning”.

But what actually happened was all well within my expectations.

However, when it was just me and Fang Thirteen left, I stood by her side and felt her head with a bit of intimacy as I asked:

“Didn’t have a good sleep?”


Fang Thirteen softly cried out.

It would be a miracle if you actually slept well. We chatted until daybreak yesterday and you were even woken up early by Fang Lita to hear his tearful apology. No matter who was in your situation, they would also be lacking sleep. I carried her over to the bed and helped tuck her in. Then, I casually helped her tidy up her fringes and said:

“Sleep for a while longer, I’ll wake you up when the time comes.”

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Fang Thirteen smiled in return:

“Thank you.”

I said in my heart, sleep well.

If you don’t sleep, then the situation won’t spiral out of control.

While Fang Thirteen was sleeping, Fang Lita had excitedly brought his own guard to catch people. Regardless of whether or not the people committed a crime, he forcefully brought them to prison for interrogation without speaking a word of justification. More than half of the 127 people were instantly jailed without care for their feelings and without any explanations, causing the hearts of the populace to become alarmed.

Fang Lita clearly had no experience in these matters since he didn’t know that arresting so many people at once would create panic. To stop the panic from escalating further and clear his own fault, he hastily took a stand and declared that according to the results of his investigation, there were some moles hiding within the group that came from West-Resisting City. In my heart, I was clear as to how many moles there were; only one, me, who came to carefully create a disturbance.

Then who was the mole?

Fang Lita stated, ‘then there’s nothing I can do about it, today I will be arresting several of you to interrogate you, I wonder who will be so fortunate? 1, 2, 3, I choose you old man, I mean, not the old man, I mean that one, over there, that one, that one, and you are……hey! Just you left!’

Just like this, he spouted out bullshit all along the journey and finally determined several “moles”. Torture, forceful admittance, signatures, he displayed his set of skills very naturally and put on a play. I don’t know if it was for the purpose of retaliation, but the woman who won the lawsuit last time, Song Nai, was labelled as one of the moles that came from West-Resisting City.

While Fang Thirteen was sleeping, there were earth-shattering changes occurring outside.

But this was still insufficient.

This fanned flame wasn’t large enough, this spark of fire wasn’t ablaze yet.

Therefore, while Fang Lita was “publically interrogating” West-Resisting City’s “moles”, I wandered into the crowd to stand and watch.

Fang Lita was sitting high up on the stage with loose clothes covering his small stature. The more he assumed a solemn appearance, the more comical he appeared.

“Brazen wicked person, how come you aren’t quickly confessing? You’re part of the group that West-Resisting City’s Li De sent over to make inquiries about our situation, aren’t you? If it weren’t for this City Lord’s discerning eyes, I would have nearly been deceived by you all. You guys might be able to deceive other people, but you won’t be able to deceive me! To tell you guys the truth, I already knew long ago that there was something fishy about you all. If not for my sister being excessively lenient towards you all, I would have taken care of you all long ago!”

Several of the West-Resisting City’s people that came with me all shivered.

Treading on his own sister to rise up, this truly was a kind of skill.

Fang Lita heavily slammed the gavel down. Incidentally, this gavel was actually a new one since I slammed the last one into pieces.

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Fang Lita continued threatening:

“This City Lord advises you to confess a bit earlier. Coming over from the enemy side anyway is……cough. This way you’ll be able to avoid receiving more physical pain.”

Several West-Resisting City’s people looked at each other wearing sad expressions.

After being forcefully convicted of a crime you didn’t do, who would be willing to admit it?

Eventually, Song Nai, who was kneeling, got up and firmly said:

“We are innocent. Innocent people shouldn’t be forced to admit a crime they didn’t commit.”

Fang Lita slammed the gavel down again and swung several sheets of paper as he roared:

“Then take a look at your own signatures! Now that things have gotten to this point, you still wish to back out? It seems that I’ve been beating you too lightly. That West-Resisting City’s City Lord is a miserable wretch, so you all aren’t any good people either. Peh! Indeed, birds of a feather flock together. Come, help me relax their bones——”

I stepped forward, passing through the crowd, and loudly shouted:


Fang Lita looked over at me and wrinkled his brows:

“How come it’s you? What are you thinking of doing? I still haven’t come to find trouble with you, are you tired of living?

I shrugged my shoulders and responded:

“Whether I’m living or dead, doesn’t it all just depend on sir City Lord’s command? Sir City Lord can invert the truth with lies, so he surely can make the living turn into the dead with a word. Whatever Sir wants to do in the future, he won’t speak of any laws, he won’t speak of any reasons, he won’t speak of any evidence, all he needs to do is open his mouth and the matter will be dealt with.”

Fang Lita angrily shot off his chair and bellowed:

“You dare? Do you think that I won’t arrest you? Don’t think that you can do whatever you please just because you have my sister’s favor. Come, bring him away, I suspect that this person is also a mole from West-Resisting City!”


You’ve finally guessed correctly for once!

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I glanced at the crowd behind me and took a glance at everyone crawling on the floor. Suddenly, I casually wielded my hand like a blade and the clothing of a middle-aged man kneeling on the ground burst open, exposing a horrifying body riddled with bloody wounds. It frightened the crowd who were just there watching the spectacle and made them simultaneously take a step backwards, with the timid people already giving utterance to their fear.

I indifferently remarked:

“This is reason, this is law, this is evidence, and he even happens to have their signature. This is West-Resisting City’s mole. Even if there were no moles, he would create a mole. Next up is me, but I don’t regret my actions. Ever since I, Jade, have come to Sky Star City, I’ve considered myself as half of a Sky Star City’s person, so dying here is considered to be dying at my appointed place. I just hope that everybody can sober up a little, don’t be the sheep that follows the crowd.”

After I finished speaking, I was thrown into prison.


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