Chapter 121 – The Classroom Atmosphere

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1189 words
Editor(s): Fire

With the entrance ceremony done, the new students went back to their respective classrooms. Since Urania, Sola, and I are a part of Class A, we have the same classroom; but I got to the classroom late, since the principal called me after my speech, and was then showered with everybody’s attention.

「It’s the one from earlier.」「The one who said she’ll establish a student council.」「A red folk wearing a white cloak, unbelievable.」

I can hear whispering from my classmates. For now, it seems like I’ve successfully become the main target of gossip among the students, just as planned. I stealthily listened in as I headed to my seat and it looks like there’s a roughly even split between them talking about me being a red folk and about the student council’s establishment. Well, this class consists of mostly honor student-types, so it can’t be helped.

「Lily! What was that back then!?」
「It’s improper to raise your voice like that, Sola.」
「That’s not im-! MMm. You’re right, it seems that I was a bit too flustered.」

The instant I got to my seat, Sola sprung up on me and began slamming her hands on my desk.1 Seeing her awfully unladylike actions, I couldn’t help but chuckle.

「Sola, by earlier you mean?」
「The student council matter. Were you serious about that?」
「I had absolutely no intention of being witty or speaking nonsense in that sort of situation.」

I then showed a smile. The chatting around us suddenly stopped and I can sense that they’re focusing their attention on our conversation. I absolutely won’t go out of my way to lower my voice. It’s necessary to let them know that I’m not messing around.

「Though I call it a student council, for now it’s only limited to the first years. After all, implementing an academy-wide reform would need actual results to come first. Depending on the result for this year, then it would continue on for the next year as well.」
「You mean to say that the principal has hopes for your results as well?」
「Yes, I’ve been told as such.」

Now this one here is actual nonsense. The principal has absolutely no expectation from me. If it’s to get rid of the troubles currently in front of him, he wouldn’t ponder deeply about how things would affect the future. He should eventually, but that vice-principal is likely going to be annoying, and maintaining the status quo, for now, makes it easier for us to make our move. Still, this also applies to the vice principal, so he likely wouldn’t consider changing the status quo himself.

The building we’re in right now, the third academic building, is only attended by us, the newly-enrolled first-year students. The permission to establish a student council we’ve got from the principal is only limited to this third academic building, so I can’t pull in the upperclassmen which are the second and third year students.

It’s not as if different years never interact with each other, but since we go to a completely different building, there aren’t that many chances of getting in contact with the other years. After all, I really can’t expect to reform the higher years the way I am right now.

「In the meantime, I’ve managed to acquire a vacant room on the fourth floor to use as the student council room.」
「My! To think that you were granted a vacant room-…..」
「O~i! Take your seats!」

Sola seemed to have something more to say, but the professor entered the classroom before she could finish. Similar to the students, the professors of the academy are provided with uniforms. It’s a calming wine red robe and, as with our uniforms, holds the meaning that even the red folk are welcome to study magic.

「I’m Herman Wrease, I’ll be advising you Class A students from here on to the end of the year. You all are so-called elites that showed excellent results in your exams, but that’s merely by the standards outside of the academy! There’s even one of you that already caused a problem……」

Professor Herman then glared at me. His gaze is filled with hostility, but something of this level is nothing compared to the monsters at the 『Abyssal Forest』. It’s just a bit troublesome if our class’ advising professor is anti-reformation, so I really hope that he’s only angry about me acting on my own.

「No matter what high nobility your lineage hails, it’s all but irrelevant here. Your only evaluation is of how well you can use your magic and that will be your worth. If you don’t think you can keep up with this, then leave your seat immediately! By doing so, someone actually motivated could then take your place. That is all! This ends our meeting for today, but we will start our lectures from tomorrow on, so make sure to have a full rest!」

Leaving only those words, he swiftly left the classroom. The other students look pretty dumbfounded. Well obviously they would; after all, they’ve been applauded for being nobles up until now and they were just bluntly told that this means nothing here.

Still, the people of this class are special even among these sorts of nobles, since they awakened to magic. Whether it’s going to be authoritarianism or meritocratic here, the fact that they excel doesn’t really change.

「Urania, Sola, shall we go then?」
「Eh? Of course… Wait, where to?2
「I told you earlier that I’ve acquired a vacant room, haven’t I? Oh, that’s right, that other one as well.」

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Saying so, I looked around the classroom. Though I only saw it once at the exam, with that display of magic, he should have been assigned to this class as well.

「Are you maybe looking for me?」
「Aren’t you……」
「Oh, I’m amazed you know. Ah, forgive my manners, I haven’t introduced myself yet, haven’t I? You might already know, but my name is Lily.」
「I’m Teybert Bodwin. I don’t mind if you omit the official title and peerage. I am me, and my father is my father.」

As he said so, his smile was so beautiful that it would have been dangerous if I wasn’t a man in my past life.3

The principal’s permission won’t be enough to establish a student council. Naturally, people that would be assigned to the council duties are essential. If it’s only me and Urania, there’s absolutely no way in hell that we could keep things up. With that said, soliciting random people isn’t good too.

So I had my eyes on two people: Sola, who I personally know and has high capability as a sorcerer, and Teybert, who has pure unquestionable passion for magic that’s obvious even at first glance. If we still don’t have enough people to keep things going afloat, there’s no other choice but to gradually look for other members to invite.


  1. Lyly: Desk slamming, Sola is streamer/vtuber material, lol
  2. Lyly: Lol, Sola running on autopilot?
  3. Lyly: Iz a pretty boi

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