Chapter 120 – She Who Saw Her

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1603 words
Editor(s): Fire

Sola’s POV

With the clear skies seemingly welcoming us students, Aureitas Royal Magecraft Academy’s entrance ceremony has begun.

「Sola, over here!」
「It’s improper to be so loud, Lily.」
「Oh, pardon my manners.」

As I entered the auditorium, Lily and Urania — who had arrived earlier — called for me. While it isn’t as though I have no other acquaintances, it’s a fact that there are only a few people I can openly fraternize with when considering family status and competency, so I greatly appreciate their invitation.1

While we are a part of Class A, choosing the front row of the auditorium to sit at is quite bold of Lily.2 Looking around, there aren’t many people who are too happy about it. Which is a natural reaction. After all, ignoring me for a moment, a young lady who has never been seen in any tea parties and gatherings has sat on the frontmost row as though she owns the place.3

Although I must say, there is absolutely no one who would ostensibly grumble about it. While it seems that Lily has made some modifications to her academy uniform, the white cloak she wore over it symbolizes a relationship with the house of the white peer. Picking a fight with her who is clad in this is no different from picking a fight with the house of the white peer itself, so those who do not know of Lily’s identity would likely find it difficult to even simply lay a hand on her.

Those present in the entrance ceremony are only us, freshmen. This is due to the foundational principle that the students should be released from the fetters of their family and faction when within the academy, but as of current this foundational principle is merely used as a cover; and what’s more troublesome is that, taking advantage of the lack of observing guardians, there is no end to the factional disputes and forceful recruitment into factions.4

As our house of Ormos serves the royal family generation after generation, we are currently considered to be a part of His Highness the first prince’s faction. Although I must say, my father does not seem to have much interest in the faction we are affiliated to and my mother has told me that it’s fine to choose my own path in life.

As a noble, choosing to not have any affiliation is not a choice to be considered. While I have been given the freedom to choose my own path, if I put our family in consideration, I can say that choosing any faction other than the first prince’s is not an option.

『And as such…… In essence……』
『Which means to say…… As prestigious students of the academy……』
「Mn, sorry, I couldn’t help it……」

Vice-principal Rois’ long speech continues on. While I haven’t had the chance to attend evening parties since I haven’t had my debut yet; my mother — who has attended evening parties he had organized — had complained that he speaks too long each and every time, so I’m sure that he always does this.

Stealing a glance at the faculty seats, every professor had strained smiles on their faces, and the worst out of them has even started sailing off to the sea of dreams. Ahh, this is bad, now that I’m conscious of it, I’m getting a strong urge to let out a yawn myself.

『…… As so, this will be the end of my greetings. Everyone, I applaud your success from the bottom of my heart.』
『Oh, right. Thank you very much, vice-principal Rois. Continuing on, I would like to ask Principal Peram to give his opening greetings.』 
『Students, congratulations on your successful enrollment……』

With vice-principal Rois’ speech finally at its end, we moved on to Principal Peram’s address. Perhaps due to the vice principal’s extended driveling earlier, or perhaps he genuinely isn’t the type to speak much, the principal’s speech ended almost immediately. The professor acting as the program host had a relieved look as he was checking the time, so I’m sure that it’s the former.

I and the other freshmen similarly experienced an immediate relief as we were bracing ourselves beforehand. Lily next to me blatantly sighed in relief, so I can guess that she’s not used to these sort of events. Although a speech as long as that is probably impossible to encounter outside of this event.

『Thank you very much, Principal Peram. Continuing on, we will have the greetings of the first-year representative. Our top enrollee, the guest apprentice magician of the Iglesio household, Miss Lily!』
「Lily, do your best.」
「Yes, of course.」

As the principal’s speech ended, it was now time for the first year representative’s address. I’ve heard that the annual top passer of the class selection exams are the ones appointed as the representative but since the results of the etiquette and refinement exams are also put into consideration, the representative will generally be a son of a high-status noble.

While she does have the advantage of being supported by the house of Iglesio; in my opinion, Lily landing the top seat despite being a commoner is likely to be the result of extraordinary effort. Considering her abnormal talent in magic, she is certain to be a genius, if not an individual worth calling a prodigy.

As she confidently stood on the stage with elegant conduct, the students are surely viewing her with various different thoughts in mind. While I cannot turn around to affirm it, even I can’t help but hold faint feelings of envy and jealousy against her, so I can easily surmise the perception of these people that know nothing about her.

Although I must say, I can’t sense any animosity against Urania’s cheer from the students in the front row — those who had an unobstructed view of her tender smile. I must admit that even I got red in the face from her smile’s destructive capacity, so I can’t criticise them in any way.

『Greetings. As introduced earlier, I am Lily, a guest apprentice magician of the Iglesio household.』

Pausing there, Lily surveys the auditorium. While this was simply a greeting, after witnessing her flawless conduct and hearing her voice that is as clear as a bell, it’s unlikely for there to be anyone that would still belittle her for being a red folk with no family name.

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『I would like offer the principal and all the faculty members my heartfelt gratitude for this grand welcoming ceremony held for us first year students today…… Please excuse me for a moment.』

She abruptly halted her speech, took the magic tool to her hand, and began fiddling with something. Whatever is she doing in the midst of this prestigious freshman welcoming ceremony? About thirty seconds from then, she nodded in satisfaction and returned the magic tool to its pedestal.

『Thank you for your patience. As there was a slight malfunction with the magical tool, I took a few moments to repair it. Can the people in the back hear my voice? Right, it seems to be fine now.』

Did she perhaps just tune that magic tool during this short period of time? Certainly, the voice coming from the magic tool does sound clearer than it did earlier, and the occasional grating noise has disappeared; but how many people in this hall are even capable of doing this very same feat? I, at least, would not be able to.

Her eloquent speech and dignified appearance afterward have surely caught the hearts of many students. If that tuning was done in order to garner this exact reaction, would that mean she has the talent to lead people then?

『We have unlimited potential. I wholeheartedly believe that this academy offers the quality education that would assure us of that. And I will do my best to assure all of you that this is unmistakably true. As such, I would like to announce the implementation of a student council as I end my greetings here.』

And like so, she blew everybody away. In this academy, the independence of students is considered to be the greatest taboo. While nearly everybody sees this situation as despicable, no one was capable of changing it and there are many who profited from this outcome, resulting in the endorsement of this status quo.

The sight of her breaking the status quo while being the top passer overlapped with that of my ideal. The nobility was born for the sake of the common folk; this is the ideal of those who are clad in purple, the color of which is much deeper than that of blue blood.5 On this day, at this very moment, I found the one I wish to serve.

Author note: Incidentally, Vice Principal Rois is infamous among the nobility for his long-winded speeches.


  1. Lyly: That’s definitely an excuse, bet
    Silva: Oh right, I forgot this is in Sola’s POV
  2. Silva: I would sit in front row too if I want to seriously study. Sitting at the back is bad for education. Personal experience, mind.
    Fire: Middle row ftw
  3. Silva: Yea, screw you noble kids, if you don’t want to study, just sit at the back y’hear?
  4. Lyly: Hooray for meddling adults! Blech
  5. Lyly: Deeper than that of blue blood sounds awesome, but maybe that’s my inner emo rising from the crevices of my cringe locker
    Silva: and what does the raw actually say?
    Fire: To this day, Silva didn’t get an answer.

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