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Chapter 109 – It’s not My Fault to be this Handsome!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2217 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1394 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

After opening his eyes, Yaeger let out a turbid breath.

“There are still a few hours left. If everything goes well, I’ll ‌gain the strength to protect myself in reality.”

Now he was lacking only one crucial item.

Yaeger shook his head lightly and decided not to think about it for the time being.

He logged in to Swire Bank and saw that there were 10 million in the account.

At present, the price of relatively good real estate in Roc City was about 60,000 RMB per square meter so 10 million could buy a house of 150 to 160 square meters.

For Yaeger, who was always alone, this was an enormous space.

However, he did not intend to use the money to buy a house. Before he could protect himself, it was too risky to use a large sum of money.

“That said, I didn’t expect that Kahn was one of the protagonist NPCs.” Yaeger turned off the online banking app, leaned on the sofa, and closed his eyelids.

When the other party used the skills, he knew that this NPC was not simple, but it was completely unexpected that his identity was so special. If it wasn’t for the blue skill book, Yaeger would have just randomly shot him to death.

In that case, she may not ‌trigger subsequent quests.

“There’s quite a lot of work left.”

Except for him, only Rakshasa had the possibility of triggering this quest in the entire Cathay region.

In the previous incarnation, this questline was opened by [Mira].

It could be seen that this was limited to players in the closed beta. Yaeger couldn’t help thinking.

In fact, all of the top five players in the world were all closed beta players.

“This game has been very unfair right from the beginning.”

How could there be fairness in this world?

Yaeger stretched out and looked out the window, and immediately saw several young people with ugly faces looking around, as though they were searching for something.

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They should be Wenzel’s henchmen.

Yaeger closed the curtains. He had already decided not to leave this black internet cafe before he got the power to protect himself.

Otherwise, he’d be caught by Wenzel’s subordinates almost immediately.

If he was a normal-looking person, he might be able to avoid those gangsters by wearing a hat and changing his clothes.

Unfortunately, Yaeger was not normal looking. He was so handsome that he had no friends. Wherever he went, he was the brightest shining existence, which was nigh unforgettable.

The situation right now was blazing hot. Going out would be no different from getting arrested on sight.

He took a shower and then leaned on the sofa to rest after eating something.

He came out of the game in order to eliminate the Fatigue Value, so as not to affect the battle at night.

If you were forced to go offline after reaching the end, you would feel like crying to no end.

While Yaeger was resting, a clear voice rang from the apartment opposite the cheap hotel.

“Miss, the cashier said that he has never seen [Princess].” Snowy put the fried dishes on the table.

“If they had really met, he would have never forgotten it. After all, that person is so beautiful.” She added.

Nangong Rin picked up a mushroom: “‌Princess is so charming that anyone will be attracted to her. Snowy, do you think someone bought the game terminal for Princess?”

“Miss, you discovered a blind spot.” Snowy also sat down to eat. The two grew up together and their relationship was like that of sisters.

“Snowy, when did you become so funny?”

“I’ve always been funny,” Snowy said with a smile.

“Only ghosts will believe that. Tell me about the people in the mall‌. I’ll rule out any notable people.”

“I think… Oh, by the way, Yaeger was also present ‌and bought a terminal,” Snowy half narrowed her eyes, “Miss, you said he…”

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“It’s impossible. That guy is an orphan. We have already looked into all his friends. Besides, my Princess is so holy. How can she have a relationship with a man? Even friendship is impossible!”

Nangong Lin said firmly and forcefully.

“That’s right.” Snowy still felt a little suspicious, but since the eldest lady said no, it must be the case.

She listened to Nangong Lin.

“Well, if Sachiel Luo hadn’t been too idle while queuing to buy a terminal, she wouldn’t have met that bad guy!” Thinking of Yaeger, Nangong Lin was panting with rage.

From what she saw, Yaeger was simply a calamity; him being handsome was not enough, he even came out to show off!

He should just stay at home and stare at himself in the mirror till he dies!?

“Miss, there seems to be something wrong on the other side.” Suddenly, Snowy pressed the Bluetooth earphones.

“Those gangsters have come to pay a visit.”

“See. I told you being handsome is useless. Just a simple questioning and he’d be found.” Nangong Lin looked like she expected this.

Three uninvited guests came to the cheap hotel.

“I heard that this person lives here?” A young man with blond hair showed a picture of an extremely handsome boy to the landlord’s daughter.

The latter immediately recognized that the boy in the photo was Yaeger and her expression changed immediately. She felt that these people were up to no good, and they ‌did not come to Yaeger for good reason. She immediately panicked a little.

The blond youth noticed her change in expression and he immediately shouted: “Sure enough, he is here. Which room does he live in!?”

All gangsters had three common methods: 1) Frighten, 2) Glare, 3) Roar.

Most people couldn’t stand these three-pronged approaches.

Sure enough, the landlord’s daughter was terrified, but she still did not reveal Yaeger’s room number.

After the three gangsters made eye contact with each other, they immediately swarmed around.

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All they just needed was to check the registration information on the computer to know if Yaeger lived here.

“Stop it!” The landlord’s daughter hurriedly yelled, but it didn’t help. After the two hoodlums restrained her, the blond youth browsed the information and soon found Yaeger’s registration information.

“I found it. Let’s go up!”

The three of them went upstairs.

On the other side.

“Miss, do you want to help him?” Snowy asked.

“No. This guy has no sense of crisis at all.” Nangong Lin put down her chopsticks and said casually.

“Hehe, then I’ll ask Miss Sachiel Luo’s opinion.” Snowy gestured to call.

“No, don’t do that. I’ll save him! Dammit! Snowy, are you on my side or not?” Nangong Lin glared at her.

“You never planned on watching, did you?” Snowy smiled slightly as she was well aware of her mistress’ personality.

“If you don’t let him suffer a bit, he won’t remember the lesson.” Nangong Lin pouted. This 22-year-old woman was unexpectedly cute with such an expression.

“Hehe, I’ll ask someone to see the situation.” Snowy clicked on the Bluetooth earphone and told the younger brothers to go next door to help.


The blond youth kicked open the door and a gust of wind blew in immediately.

Seeing that there was no one inside, and that the window was opened, the blond youth immediately knew what was going on: “Fak you! That guy sneaked away!”

“What should we do? Wenzel has been chomping at our heels!” A gangster said with an unhappy expression.

“I don’t know!” The blond youth shouted.

“Forget it, let’s look for him nearby.” Another gangster said.

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“You guys don’t need to look for him anymore.” At this moment, more than a dozen black-clothed men suddenly appeared out of nowhere and surrounded them.

Immediately afterwards, a wave of shrill screams came from this floor.

“Miss, Yaeger is not in the room. He climbed the window ahead of time and slipped away.” Snowy said with a smile after receiving the report from her subordinates.

“That clever b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲.” Nangong Lin frowned, thinking that she couldn’t teach the other party a little lesson. “Forget it, ask people to look around and try to protect him as much as possible so ‌he won’t be caught and end up as a rich woman’s plaything.”

After finishing speaking, Nangong Lin looked at the clock and smiled faintly: Uh-huh, I will see my Princess again soon~


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