Chapter 15 – Call Me A White Lotus Flower (in the same family of phrases as green tea *****)

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

The first thing I did after entering prison was to first ask my surrounding cell mates:

“Comrade, are you gay?”1

That person was unable to make sense of my words:


I explained:

“My meaning is, do you feel attraction to men or women?”

“Of course women.”

I let out a sigh of relief, then lied down on the pile of straw. For my first time being sent to prison, the thing I was most worried about was running into a gay guy. I felt frightened to the point of my butt clenching a little upon thinking about it. Being an innocent virgin young master for so many years, I didn’t want to lose my virginity through the opposite direction.

It was at this time that I heard that brother pensively say:

“But recently, I feel like it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman.”

With a whoosh, I sat up, got onto my feet, then walked several steps backwards until my back was to the wall.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before I was brought to a separate interrogation room. Contrary to what I expected, this room actually had the entire set of torture tools within it. Both of my hands were cuffed and suspended over my head while my legs were both weighed down by heavy iron balls. After a moment, Fang Lita walked in while wiping his sweat, then stood in front of me and sneered.

“All right, you have real skill, you indeed deserve to be called my sister’s hunting dog.”

I responded with a smile:

“Thank you for your praise.”

“I wasn’t ******* praising you!”

Fang Lita grabbed the whip on the table and lashed at my face. I didn’t avoid it, only thinking that there was a painful heat on my face and that it would probably swell up. Fang Lita still hadn’t vented his anger and lashed out again, this time at my stomach. Doing this caused my clothes to burst apart and I felt as if someone had just cut my stomach with a blade. When I lowered my head to take a look, I discovered that my stomach was dripping blood. I’m sure that my face also isn’t that good of a sight to look at either and I assume it’s already turned into something like a pig’s head.

Fang Lita pointed at me with the whip in his hand as if scolded:

“Talk, I dare you to talk! Lowly dipshit.”

I stared straight into his eyes, showed the most ridiculing expression I had ever made in my life and sneered:

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I don’t know how many times I got struck with the whip afterwards. The most painful part about all this was that on the basis of my true strength, no matter how much he struck me like this, I basically wasn’t injured by him since his strength was quite limited. I had to suppress my own natural defenses in order for his attacks to have some semblance of an effect. Panting as he looked at me, he threw the whip to the side and said:

“Now you should understand who the true master of Sky Star City really is, yes? Don’t think that just because my sister is covering for you that nothing will happen to you. If I want to kill you, all I need to do is just point at you. You even dare to make me lose face in front of a crowd of plebians, I feel that you’re truly tired of living. I’ll leave you with your dog life this time, so you better know how to be content.”

I deliberately put on a dying look.

Fang Lita watched me for a moment before coldly snorting:

“I really don’t understand how such a lowly one like you from West-Resisting City was able to cheat my sister’s trust. I reckon it’s because she’s a blind person. If she wasn’t blind, how could she even fancy such trash like you.”

As he spoke, he spat on my face and walked out.

The only person left in the room was me.

Sigh, not enough, Fang Lita. Even though I’ve suppressed my power, he hasn’t created many injuries.

Seems like I still need to personally act.

I beckoned with my finger and used an extremely basic ‘using magic power to grab things from afar’ to bring the key on the table into my hand. Then, I used it to open the cuffs. After a period of assessment, I estimated that it had been three to four hours since Fang Lita started creating a disturbance. I poked around the room before I finally settled upon a machete. I weighed it in my hand and felt that its weight was still permissible. Afterwards, I began waiting.

When I heard a burst of an uproar from the outside, I looked at the blade in my hand.


I guess I should consider this time as using my life to pick up a girl.

I closed my eyes and hacked at my arm with the blade. The resulting pain instantly assaulted my brain at lightning speed. Blood immediately began spurting out. Afterwards, I cut two deep gashes into my stomach, making blood flow out just the same and causing it to seem even more frightening than the injuries from the whip. I then cut myself 7 or 8 more times on places around my body before stopping in consideration for my life. I estimated that if I cut myself a couple more times, an accident would occur, so I quickly threw away the blade and locked myself back up. The key was, of course, placed back to its original place using the same magic. Once these actions were all done, I purposefully hung my head askew and made it seem as if I were unconscious.

It wasn’t long before I heard the sound of Fang Lita’s ‘clever child’ voice come from outside the door:

“Don’t worry sister, how could I dare do anything to him. All I did was teach him a little lesson. Relax, don’t worry——”

The door to the interrogation room flew open.

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An ear-piercing shriek came from Tila.

Following right after was Fang Thirteen’s anxious voice:

“What’s wrong? Is Jade fine?”

Tila replied with a trembling voice:

“Blood is every……blood is everywhere! Jade! Are you okay? Jade!”

I continued feigning to have fainted. Tila quickly went to test my breath, then let out a sigh of relief before turning around to answer Fang Thirteen:

“Sister Thirteen, there are blade wounds all over Jade’s body and it’s so deep that even bones can be clearly seen. There’s blood everywhere right now……I beg you, please save him. Otherwise it’ll be too late!”

Fang Lita roared at the bodyguards behind him:

“Who? Which one of you touched him? I clearly didn’t……”

Fang Thirteen spoke frostily:

“Send him to a doctor.”

Probably due to seeing such a gloomy expression appear on the ordinarily good-tempered Fang Thirteen’s face, one of the bodyguards behind Fang Lita instantly dashed over to the key and freed me. Then, he tore his clothes to create a bandage to staunch my bleeding before dashing out with me on his back. Clearly, he was going to send me to a doctor. Before leaving, I stealthily opened my eyes and saw Fang Lita attempt to explain it away:

“It really wasn’t me, sis, I simply whipped him several times, I didn’t cut him. I’m speaking the truth!”

Fang Thirteen slapped her own little brother’s face.

Fang Lita covered his cheek and stared at his own older sister in disbelief.

I laughed coldly in my mind, thinking ‘this is merely the first step’.

I’ll slowly disintegrate the trust between you two, slowly incite contradictions between you two, and slowly stir up the flames between you two.

I can be considered a villain, can’t I.

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As I made some small selfish calculations in my mind, I suddenly felt a peal of dizziness.

I’ve lost too much blood!

When I began losing consciousness, I couldn’t help but to curse myself in my heart.

That Fang Thirteen can’t see in any case, why the **** couldn’t you cut yourself a bit less!

But it was already too late.

When I woke up, I could smell a faint delicate fragrance in the air. After opening my eyes, I began feeling that this place seemed a bit familiar. One moment of careful pondering later, I recalled that this place appeared to be the view from Fang Thirteen’s bed. As for Fang Thirteen, she was reclining on her wheelchair right by the bedside. She appeared to not have slept for a long time. At this very moment, she was sleeping with her head facing upwards and looked very familiar doing so.

I moved a little and felt that I was bandaged from head to toe.

Searing pain ripped into me as if a blade was cutting my nerves one by one.

“Ouch ouch ouch……!”

As a person who never had to use the trick of inflicting physical pain on myself to gain sympathy from childhood until now and instead grew up like a prince, this pain really was excessive.

Fang Thirteen’s rest was very shallow. Upon hearing my voice, she suddenly sat upright and used both her hands to grope around until she bumped into me. Only then did she let out a sigh of relief. She softly placed her hand on me and asked:

“Are you okay?”

I weakly replied:

“I’m fine……how come I’m here?”

Fang Thirteen let out a sigh and spoke with a tone filled with self-blame:

“Sorry……it’s all because I didn’t think through it thoroughly. Even though I went to search for you the moment I woke up and heard of the news, I was still one step too late……I really am sorry.”


  1. The Chinese characters for ‘comrade’ can also mean homosexual, so I translated the second comrade into gay since that word can also mean happy. It’s hard to translate that into English.

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