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[Vol. 1] Chapter 1 – Reincarnated?

When I woke up I was lying on a bed.

I didn’t know where I was for an instant but I regained my memory right before I started panicking.

I see, I collided with a car and was brought to this hospital, right?

I noticed the bandage bound around my right hand and my head and on my right cheek was a big gauze due to my face rolling over the floor when I fell.

Ignoring the red light sign, I was hit by a car and I remember having been send flying through the sky.

I was lucky that I got away from that with just those injuries or rather that I’m still alive.

But with my hand like this, I can’t update my story.

I wonder if I can use a PC or my Smartphone in this Hospital.

Still, this hospital has a rather old-fashioned feel to it.

An antique, heavy atmosphere.

Right, this private room is rather large, isn’t it?

Mother you didn’t have to overdo it like this.

I’ve troubled you again, huh?

Or am I in such a serious condition?

Just when I thought about such things, ****, I really needed to go to the toilet.

Neither mom or a nurse were present, so what should I do?

Does this room have a toilet?

Even if I called someone I doubt they would hear it and I couldn’t find an emergency button.

I’m not even sure whether I’m able to stand up either.

When I tried to open my mouth wide to call someone because I didn’t know any better solution at that time – –

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Pain ran through my right cheek with the gauze on it.

The pain felt like someone pulling something out of me.

I wonder if they had to stitch it, I’d hate to have scars on my face.

But more importantly, I have to go to the toilet right now.

Then I noticed a bell on the small desk next to my bed, or rather why was there a bell?

I took it in my hand and rang it

Ting Ting – –

After a few minutes the door opened and a girl came in.

“Excuse me, I have to – -”

“You woke me up! I will be right back, I shall call Melissa-sama!”

That girl looked like she ran all the way here. Was she a nurse?

A little impatient but she was rather cute, wasn’t she?

To be honest, I was quite satisfied.

If I still were an elementary school student I would have wondered what those two lumps jumping around with a “Pyon Pyon” were.

I was able to put on a poker face though because I’m an adult.

……At least outwardly.

Well, a 22-year-old peeing all over the place would be a problem.

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I thought such things while I waited to distract myself, then I heard footsteps followed by someone entering the room.

A robust, busty aunty entered the room first.

Was this the head nurse?

The girl from a little while ago entered after her.

Rather than nurses they both look more like maids.

“Aah, you finally woke up.”

The head nurses eyes were filled with tears.

I appreciate that you are that happy, but I nearly can’t hold it anymore.

“Ehm, I’d like to go to the toilet.”

“Oh, I didn’t notice. Reina, fetch that.”

When I told her that the head nurse was surprised before she turned to the girl behind her and gave her instructions.

It can’t possibly be that…….

What the girl brought back was like I feared a urinal.

No, no, there’s no way I’ll use a urinal here.

While I was absorbed in my thoughts the head nurse pulled off my futon and started to remove the pants of my sleeping clothes.

No, no, no, no, I can’t possibly do it in front of girls, can I?!

“I’ll do it myself, okay?”

Though I said such things in a hurry the head nurse flat-out rejected it.

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“What are you saying? This is our duty, so please make yourself comfortable.”

It’s impossible for me to make myself comfortable in such a situation……However, I was at my limit so I had no time to argue.

I endured the humiliation and let it happen.

Aah, what’s with this treatment?

Turning my head away and careful not to meet their eyes……I relaxed.

They saw everything.

Even though my body felt relieved, my heart felt heavier.

After all was over I stared into the sky stunned.

The girl who seemed to be called Reina took away the urinal.

Even though I thought she was a pretty child, now it doesn’t matter anymore.

After having seen all that, it’s impossible to befriend her now.

On top of that, my time without a girlfriend equals my age.

I was really unhappy that my chance of raising flags with the pretty nurse in this hospital setting got broken during the first day of hospitalization.

There are no more hopes and dreams in this hospital.

“Excuse me”

While I was thinking such things I heard a man’s voice.

I started to pay more attention to the door and saw a middle-aged man standing there.

A Doctor?……But those clothes seem slightly strange, don’t they?

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He was thin, measured 175 centimeters in height and looked like a serious man wearing glasses.

He was wearing black clothes and a bow tie.

But the most eye-catching thing was his head.

How do I say this?……He’s sparkling.

His bald head that is.

It looked completely soft and smooth.

I had to seriously control myself not to stare at it.

“Thank Goodness. You woke up.”

The man lowered his head deeply.

No, if you do that it will be even more eye-catching.

I carelessly stared at him.

The moment when he rose his head he averted his eyes in a hurry.

Did he notice I stared at him?

“However, I was rather surprised when I heard you have fallen from your horse.”

He looked like a person one would have a hard time talking to.

He seemed like the serious, earnest type.

……Wait, eh?

Did he just say falling?

Falling, as in falling off a horse, falling?

I never rode on a horse before.

“Ehm, I was in a traffic accident……”

“Traffic? What does that mean?”

The both of us exchange confused looks then the head nurse sends us a rescue boat while we still stared at each other with question marks in our eyes.

“Pikaru-sama, Carlo-sama was injured and is still confused after just waking up.”

“I understand, I’m sorry for my rudeness, Carlo-sama.”

This man called Pikaru placed his hand on his chest and carefully lowered his head.

Mmm, what a splendid luster and shine.

……That’s not it!

What did you say?


That Carlo-sama?

Speaking of Pikaru I’m sure I also heard that name before.




Wasn’t Pikaru the name of Carlo’s butler?!

――The villain of my novel “Yuusha Tensei” Margrave Carlo di Medici.

Pikaru is his butler.

His administrative processing capacity was excellent and was a serious and faithful man, but his most outstanding feature was his head.

He is a pitiable character who was called “baldie, baldie” all the time by sharp-tongued Carlo, because of his stunningly bald head.

Of course, I named him like I did because of his appearance.

And now a person looking exactly like that character stands before me and calls me “Carlo-sama”.

I wonder if I grew crazy because of that accident.

If this really is the world of my novel is the head nurse like person Melissa?

Melissa is the head maid in Carlo’s castle.

She is a character that always supported Carlo and even when he was avoided and betrayed by everyone stayed with him until the end.

You might say she was a mother figure to Carlo.

I didn’t write a clear reason for that other than she helped out Carlo for a long time.

Now that I thought about it, she fits Melissa’s image perfectly.

That reminds me didn’t the girl from before say “I shall call Melissa-sama” a while ago?

I gathered my courage and called her as a test.

“E, ehm Melissa?”

“Oh my, Carlo-sama, you still recognize me!”

She put both her hands together in front of her chest and looked at me with an extremely joyful expression.

…Uwah, This person turned out to really be Melissa.

This is really the world of the novel I created “Yuusha Tensei”.

Of that, I was convinced.

But……What am I supposed to do now? !


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