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“Yeeeah, I drank too much today”


My name is Ryosuke, a 22-year-old aspiring light novel author.

“Aspiring” because today was the release of my light novel’s first volume.

I always posted my own novels on free novel posting sites with the goal of “Becoming a writer”.

Although none of them gained a lot of popularity, however, my novel “Yuusha Tensei” (Hero Reincarnation) gained a lot of favorites and got rated as “good!” by the readers so, even though the novel was still in the middle of unfolding the publication was decided nevertheless and today was the release date for the first volume.


My first work to reach publication, „Yuusha Tensei”, is a standard fantasy story revolving around the high school student Kazuma who reincarnates into a different world, becomes the hero and finally defeats the Demon king (planned).

As for why such a cliché story became popular, I believe it’s because of the rivalry between the Villain and the Protagonist.

His name is Margrave Carlo di Medici.

He always posed a threat towards the hero and later became the Demon king’s subordinate because of various envy-driven conflicts with the Protagonist, but he later gets defeated by him and reforms himself (planned). He was that kind of character.


The me of the real world is a 22-year-old virgin who has a hard time disagreeing with people, so I dislike Carlo’s personality of looking down on weaker people.

Therefore he is the complete opposite from me. Broad-minded, arrogant, free spirited, unreasonably violent, extravagant without limits. I put my wildest delusions into Carlo.

Normally I tend to overlap with the Protagonist, but I write Carlo with just as much consideration.

For that reason, Carlo gained a lot of popularity which also connected to my novel’s popularity.

Half of the reader’s comments was about Carlo’s pros and cons.


“I feel kind of dizzy. I’ll never drink liquor again.”

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On the occasion of my first works publication anniversary, I had a dinner party with my editor, Sakiyama-san.

Sakiyama-san also praised Carlo as a good character.

He also said he looks forward to the future.

Even though I was happy being called “sensei” but it also was a little embarrassing.

(TN: Sensei means teacher normally, but is also used to address artists, doctors, and writers. It’s showing respect towards that person)


I drank the wine which got recommended and got drunk because I wasn’t used to it.

I usually don’t drink alcohol or spent much money.

At that time Sakiyama-san told me: „Sensei, you should better take a taxi on your way back, your feet are unsteady”, but because I thought it would be a waste I decided to walk home.


I thought about the future development of my novel while walking slightly unsteady.

From this point on Carlo finally, falls into the Demon king’s hands.

There are still a lot of things I want to let Carlo act out.

His opposition with the hero Kazuma grows more intense, being exposed to the world’s criticism he still doesn’t cease to commit his evil deeds leading his allies to betray him.

In a sense it’s cool.

I want to sell more book, make it more exciting and finish it in a good conclusion somehow. What kind of development would be good for that – -?


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While being absorbed in such thoughts I was walking forward.

Seems like I was drunker than I thought.

Suddenly I found myself crossing the street while the red light was lit up.


“It’s dangerous!”


After I heard that voice I pulled myself together.

Looking to the right I saw a car’s headlights approaching.

Ah – – Before I even noticed it I was flying in the sky.

I don’t want to die in an unpleasant place like this. There are still things I want to write about – -.



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