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[Vol. 1] Chapter 2 – First Day

“Ehm, could you show me that mirror?”

“At once. Reina, bring the mirror over immediately.”

After Melissa-san asked her the pretty maid Reina brought over a mirror.

“Please have a look”

When I looked into the mirror Reina was holding a man wrapped up in bandages looked back at me.

The face in the mirror was completely different from my original face.

Blue eyes, brilliant blonde hair and a face with slightly impertinent but gentle features.

It perfectly aligns with the features I wrote for the villain Margrave Carlo de Medici in my novel “Yuusha Tensei”.

Like I thought, I became Carlo.


When suddenly pain ran through my right cheek I put my hand on it, it seems like Pikaru felt sorry for me.

“You got injured when you hit a stone after falling off the horse you were riding. It got stitched but unfortunately the doctors said that the scar will remain for the rest of your life.”

Even though I was the one who included the setting of Carlo having a big scar on the right cheek, but was it caused by this fall from a horse?

Because me, the author, didn’t specify the reasons, I didn’t know about this.

I thought it was wound from a fight but it turned out like this.

“To think a scar would remain on that handsome face. It’s such a shame.”

Melissa was shedding tears while looking at me.

That’s right, Carlo is a good-looking, handsome man.

His behavior was arrogant, selfish and unreasonably violent but because of his face and his strength he was really popular with the girls.

Of course, no girl will look is way anymore in the end (planned).

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However, Melissa is a really good person.

“Ehm, what year is it now?”

I asked Pikaru as a test.

“It is 194th year of the old calendar”

Pikaru answered my question with an apologetic face, because of my seemingly lost knowledge.

The hero reincarnates into this world and meets Carlo in the 199th year of the lunar calendar, that would be 5 years from now, huh?

Carlo will be 27 in 5 years so he is 22, like the real me, right now.

I wonder if that’s why I got put here.

“Why do you call it “the old calendar”?”

“Because it’s an old calendar we use since the ancient times approximately 200 years ago.”

Pikaru again answered me with a tepid look on his face.

But, that’s actually wrong.

After the hero defeated the Demon king and established a new country it was “the first year of the solar calendar”, before that the “old calendar” was used.

So the people of this world use the lunar calendar without knowing why it’s “old”.

I’m a little happy thinking that I’m the only person who knows the actual reason.

I’m the author after all.

Thinking that far, I noticed that this situation isn’t so simple.

This abnormal situation of an author reincarnating into the novel he himself wrote.

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I thought that I might have some cheat ability because I’m the author and all, but when I grasped the wooden fence of the bed it didn’t particularly break and when I stared at Reina I wasn’t able to see through her maid uniform either.

When I thought that I might not be able to return to my original world I suddenly felt a pang of pain in my chest.

I bet everyone is really worried.

In reality, it’s not like I had a girlfriend or a close friend, though.

Even in my company, I wasn’t particularly close to my co-workers. The only one left to worry about be would be my mother.

Ah, but there’s my bright younger brother who’s successful unlike me so it should be fine.


Unexpectedly even if I’m not there everything would be fine, right?

It’s a true tragedy.

“Will you leave me alone for a little?”

Feeling somewhat lonely I asked them to leave. To that, Melissa lowered her head.

“Certainly. I leave your drink here. Ring the bell if there is anything you need.”

After everyone left and I was alone I started to think.

I think there certainly are people who would grieve.

Especially the readers of “Yuusha Tensei”.

I, who posted my novel to free novel posting sites in order to “become a writer”, was never able to gain any popularity until I was able to make the readers happy with “Yuusha Tensei”.

Every time someone gave me a “good” rating or someone added me to their favorites it gave me the motivation to push on.

When Carlo gained popularity and people commented the pros and cons of him as a villain I was also excited about what to write next.

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Indeed, I got into an accident on the day the first volume was released and I reincarnated into the novel’s world.

Besides, the novel hasn’t been finished yet.

It will remain unfinished.

There was still a lot of material I thought about including.

There was still a lot of things I wanted to make Carlo do.

Now I can’t update it anymore either.

I wanted to make it even more interesting in the future.

As I thought about such things I started to cry.

I can’t write my novel anymore.

I’m not able to write an ending for “Yuusha Tensei”.

I already planned out the future development.

Carlo will get betrayed by his friends of the same party one after another.

Then Carlo, who fell into misanthropy because of this, is cheated into becoming the Demon king’s subordinate with flattery.

So his conflict with the hero escalates more and more using various traps to annoys him.

But after he directly confronts the hero he loses in the end.

Then for the first time, Carlo had a change of heart and starts to follow the hero adding his power to his forces leading to the Demon king’s defeat.

The Hero together with the princess, who was Carlo’s fiancée, those two build a new country.

Carlo was going to help in the creation of the country as a cabinet member.

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While I thought about the plot I made I realized again that it will never reach the world.

My first approved work.

For the first time in my life, I got praised by such a large number of people and was able to please them.

Isn’t it too sad that it had to end midway?

I can’t cry right now.

What should I, as the author of the story, do?

I’ll take the story of this world towards its ending myself.

That’s the only thing I’m able to do and isn’t that the reason for why I was sent here?

I made this world.

I’m the only one who knows what’s going to happen in this world from now on.

I’m the author, producer, the supervisor and the actor playing the villain Margrave Carlo de Medici at the same time.

I’ll play the role of the villain Carlo de Medici and will create an even more impressive, more interesting story.

There are still five years until the hero reincarnates and meets Carlo.

Meanwhile, I shall set up the best stage.

First of all, I have to become an attractive villain.

I’m ready to live in this world.

From this moment on I am just the villain Carlo de Medici.

I’ll become an excellent villain!


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