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[Vol. 1] Chapter 9 – White King

The morning after a few days.

After having eaten breakfast, I was waiting for the doctor in this room.

“Good morning. I brought the doctor.”

Melissa entered the room followed by a doctor.

After the doctor removed the gauze and disinfected the cut he cut the thread with a pair of scissors.

He pulled the thread out with tweezers but I still tensed up at that point.

I almost closed my eyes unintentionally, but I had to endure it as the villain Carlo and somehow was able to stay calm.

It didn’t really hurt after all and just made a little shick sound.

“It’s such a big scar. What a shame”

While I was looking in the mirror Melissa standing on my side seemed to feel sorry for me.

It certainly is quite a big scar.

But I’m not particularly depressed because I wrote this setting of Carlo having a scar myself.

Rather, it’s kind of cool like a wanderer once feared by men.

At last, the gauze was removed and I felt relief above all.

I still have to continue to disinfect it for a while.

I decided to call F and train horseback riding afterward.

Even though Melissa is worried that I will fall again but I would be rather troubled if I’m not able to ride a horse.

“Is this Carlo-sama’s favourite horse? It’s excellent”

F raised his voice in admiration.

That’s right, you can’t find such a good horse anywhere else.

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The firm tightened muscles were coated in snow-white fur.

It has smart-looking eyes and was twice as big as other horses.

This was Carlo’s favourite horse, the white king.

White horses as the name suggests are said to originate from age-old legends.

To be honest I was a little scared but because I am Carlo I can’t hesitate here.

First I tried to pet its nose slowly.

Followed by that the white king nestles its head against me and behaves like a baby.

Isn’t that fellow rather cute?

I asked F to teach me the foundations so that I may never fall from the horse again.

Thanks to that I learned how to put on a saddle and how to affix the stirrups and harness carefully.

Thereupon I was able to get on smoothly like I thought this is author correction, right?!

Trot, gallop, anything that comes at me even battles on horseback seems to be possible now already.

Anyway, this white king is rather bright and is able to immediately read my intentions.

“As expected of Carlo-sama, you are skillful. If you don’t mind would you like to go on a long distance ride?”

“Then want to go hunt some kobolds?”

It’s not a bad experience to take advantage of this to try exterminating some monsters.

F and I left the mansion on horseback with some weapons.

In one hand F held an iron shield with the crest of the Imperial Knight Order on it and in his other he held a long sword, I myself had a ******* Sword in one hand.

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I stirred up white king a little to rush forward.

The surrounding scenery flows past me in no time and the autumn wind feels good.

What speed, what refreshment.

Is that the feeling of riding a large motorcycle?

Because they damage the fields kobold’s are disliked by the farmers.

Therefore the probability is high to encounter them in the fields, I, as the author, of course, know this.

“F, let’s go to the fields.”

I cross the poorly made bridge, a large tree lying across the Holmes river, and leave for the fields on the opposite bank.

I want to replace this bridge with a stone bridge later on.

Because that side of the river is close to the Reed forest I know that there was a setting in my novel where one encounters monsters frequently there.

I put a monster-filled forest near a town because it was convenient for my story but in reality, this kind of setting is rather annoying for the people living there.

They don’t know when they might get attacked while doing field work.

I feel responsible as the author.

I’m really sorry for troubling you because I thought the setting was convenient.

After we rode our horses for a while F discovered a small group of kobolds in a field of wheat.

“Carlo-sama, there. Their numbers are about five.”

“Okay, F, go around the right. We’ll do a pinch attack.”

I get on the white king and draw a semi-circular arc from the left and approach the group.

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I pulled the ******* Sword out of its sheath and held it in my hand.

F approached from the right-hand side.

When we approached them several Kobolds noticed us and raised their voices.

A Kobold’s head resembles a dog or a hyena but its body was nearly like that of a human’s.

They are able to wield weapons because their intelligence is closer to that of a human’s rather than a monkey’s and they seem to be able to hold simple conversations.

As an individual, they aren’t very strong but their propagative power is high and they tend to form and act in groups.

When they mutate they become High Kobold’s and are able to use magic and long-distance weapons so one has to be cautious.

Most of the Kobold’s weapons are clubs and spears made by cutting trees.

But several of them have a sword.

They probably got them when they attacked a traveler or a farmer and took their weapons.

Kobolds are harmful to fields and humans because they also are quick to increase in numbers they were designated as a subjugation class species.

If it’s a single individual then their monster rank is D but if they are in a group it’s C.

By the way, Monster Ranks are divided into the six ranks E to A and S.

An S ranked monster is of the disaster class and has to be subjugated on a national level, to subjugate an A class monster the military force is needed.

For B class it’s appropriate for several parties to collaborate and defeat it and for C class a single party is usually enough to deal with it.

For D class a single powerful person or an amateur group is enough and it is said that even a common person can take care of E class types.

Those Kobold’s numbering 5 are slightly below C class but it’s an easy victory for F and me.

Because we attacked at the same time the Kobolds who noticed us ran from right to left in utter confusion.

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I aimed for the nearest one of them by letting white king run past it and wielded my sword.


The Kobold fell down in response.

I immediately pulled white kings reins and slowly returned to the Kobold, sword in hand.

The Kobold brandished its sword and came straight at me, too.

This is the first time I am wielding a sword on top of a horse, the author correction is too strong here.

I calmly judged the Kobold’s sword strike, struck a gap and knocked it down with my sword.

You go, me.

While I knocked down two, F defeated three Kobolds.

“F, your abilities are just as I expected. With you being like this I’d have to ask you to participate in the sword fighting tournament.”

“Carlo-sama said that you don’t have any experience in fighting on top of a horse, but after seeing you fight like this it’s hard to believe.”

When I praised him, F praised me.

It’s nice to be recognized by a strong person.

Though this isn’t a power I worked hard for to acquire, even if I recently practiced for the sword fighting tournament.

Because Kobolds were a subjugation targets it would be profitable to cut off their ears and take them to the adventure guild, but I stopped myself from doing it this time.

Well, it wouldn’t earn me a great amount of money and I’m a feudal lord.

But talking about adventurers I yearn for that life.


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