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[Vol. 1] Chapter 7 – Doji

After Marcus left, I had another salty dinner.

Afterwards, Reina came over when I was relaxing in my bedroom because I didn’t have anything better to do.

“The bath is ready. Do you want to enter?”

Oh yeah, the nobles of this country have the custom to take baths

I made this bath setting because I myself like taking baths.

It’s also easier to write Mufufu scenes when a bath-setting exist. (TN: Well, ya know Ecchi stuff.)

“I see, then I will do that.”

Together with Reina, I went to the bathroom.

Ooh, it’s huge!

Then, Reina helped me take off my clothes.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!!

“Re, Reina, that’s enough.”

“Don’t you need me to wash your back? “

No, no, no, is this an eroge? (TN: Adult games for those who don’t know)

The hurdle is too high for me, a virgin, to suddenly get my back washed by a 17-year-old.

I am not ready.

“I can wash it by myself just fine, so you don’t have to.”

I wanted to rip my hair out but I swallowed down those emotions and declined.

I feel like I broke an important flag all by myself.


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Despite being a little shaken I started to relax in the bathtub.

Okay, so what am I going to do from now on?

I was able to meet F, but should I start looking for my other allies?

As for the members of my party, there’s the masked mercenary “Akatsuki”.

His real identity is a mystery but he’d do anything for money.

Then there’s the dark elf warrior, Zarissh, who could do unjust acts without thinking twice about it.

I want to become friends with them as soon as possible.

Another member is farmer Doji, I think we are going to meet soon.

Then the talented person whom I’ll leave diplomacy to, the military’s schemer, Nals.

It would be great if I could meet such a talented individual soon.

Ah, I also have to find someone to teach me magic.

Princess Charlotte is another person I have to absolutely meet.

To win over Carlo King Franz Johann III. makes the princess his fiancée.

However, in the second part of the story, Carlo imprisons Johann III. with plans to become the king of Franz Kingdom himself.

Princess Charlotte who noticed Carlo’s plot asked the hero for help leading them to fall in love with each other which triggered the creation of a new country and the end of the story. (planned).

Since Carlo was already engaged to Charlotte at the beginning of the novel, I have to somehow get engaged to her within the five years before the hero arrives.

There are a lot of things I have to do.

I can’t leave anything out.

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Oh yeah, I have to indulge in alcohol and women, too.

Carlo was set to be a playboy.

I have to change girls like clothes and make them cry.

Doing Mufufu things with those girls.

Doing some naughty stuff with some older sisters.

That means I can’t stay a virgin forever.

That would be a serious problem, right?

It’s not like I want to do it but it can’t be helped role-wise.

Let’s note that as an immediately to solve problem.

I got fired up when I thought about such things.

After feeling a little dizzy in the bath I went back to my bedroom and just slept.

The next morning, the third day after my Reincarnation.

I took a walk around mansion’s vicinity.

I was asked if I want to take the guards with me, but I declined.

It is autumn and the sky seemed to have grown wider.

The color of the wheat ears on the nearby field seemed to have considerably changed.

Pikaru did say we had a good harvest this year.

Then I happened to meet a large man cutting firewood.

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He used a huge ax to cut it while wearing a straw hat.

He was 190 cm tall, he was both large vertically and horizontally.

His face looks really strict, but I knew that he had a gentle personality.

My companion Doji from my novel.

“Doji, you’re a really hard worker, aren’t you?”

“Aah, Carlo-sama, good morning. Are you feeling well again?”

Doji lowered his head while wiping off his sweat with a towel.

He’s the son of a peasant, currently 18 years old and working for Carlo.

He really respected Carlo and didn’t betray him until the very end (planned).

With is strength, he would even be a reliable fighting force if given an ax or a club.

He would play an active part as a party member.

“Yeah, I’m fine again. Is Doji busy after this? If you can I’d like you to come with me.”

“It’s fine. I can do my work later.”

I took Doji and walked to the top of the small hill a mansion was standing on.

The scenery from the top of the hill gave off a medieval feeling. (TN:a European medieval feeling to be exact)

At several farms, huge windmills could be seen turning.

In the distance, I could see Braham’s townscape with its chestnut-brown brick roofs.

It’s a remote local city but it’s the largest town in the Medici border territory.

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One could see the town spread around several hills.

The dome seen in the middle belongs to the Saint Perrier cathedral.

A Church following the teachings of the Light Religion and also the town’s symbol.

A road was leading to the town.

Because it wasn’t paved clouds of dust were blown upwards every time a horse carriage was driving over it.

The world I imagined when I wrote my novel spread out before me.

The townscape, the windmills, the farms, and the cathedral.

As I look at the scenery, ah, it’s no good, tears are coming out.

This is the world I made.

I wonder if it feels like this when your novel gets turned into an anime or a live action movie.

“Carlo-sama, what’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing. How many days does it take you to go to the capital Rue Ann, Doji?”

“Let’s see, if you have a fast horse 3 days, in a carriage 5 days and 7 days when you walk.”

It would take long, just as I thought.

Information transmission and marching speed are important.

If I improve the roads the distribution of goods will also become more active.

“That’s the Holmes River.”

A large river flows through the town’s east side.

It’s called Holmes River and has its origin in the Barbaross Mountain range located in the far north.

The Medici territory depends upon the Holmes River’s aquatic resources.

While it gives great blessings, it is also a double-edged sword that, once the riverbanks break down, will cause major flood damage.

My model was the Egyptian Nile.

The vast Reed forest spreads over the other side.

“How’s the Holmes River recently?”

“There does not seem to be any floods recently. It’s just that this area’s drainage is bad which causes trouble.”

I see, now that he mentions it, there’s a lot of damp ground around here.

This might interfere with further development.

Now that I think about it, there are a lot of big mansions lined up around here.

“Doji, do many rich people live on this town’s hill?”

“That’s right. Usually the rich live on the hill and the poor at the bottom of it.”

Together with Doji, I went down the hill.

It seems because I’m wearing a big gauze on my cheek and bandages around my head no one recognized me as Carlo.

The stores were lined up in the town and people were barking like dogs, trying to invite customers to their shop.

Housewives with shopping baskets hanging from their arms were walking around.

Unlike the quiet townscape, seen from the hill, here is where the common people live.

“Is it always this humid here? And isn’t the drainage a little too bad?”

“My house is close by, my mother always complains about the mold growing because of the water always flowing in.”

As I thought.

It’s obvious that this is connected to the bad drainage.

When I wrote my novel I didn’t even bother writing about things like drainage.

But it’s a serious matter if you actually live here.

This also needs improvement.

“I see, so how is living here?”

“Because the farmers had a good harvest we are able to live or lives without much trouble now and are pretty happy.”

Doji smiled joyfully.

I see, so they can effort to live without worry this year, huh?


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